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I have been given Penicillin antibiotics to take 4 times a day for 10 days for a bacteria found in my urine test, but I also have a B12 blood test next week on Tuesday and I'm a little bit worried that the antibiotics will effect my B12 levels.

Does anyone know a way to maintain b12 levels while taking antibiotics ? I'm taking a B12 oral spray and a b12 complex capsule and I'm drinking coconut milk with fortified b12 everyday, also I'm using prebiotics 2 hours after taking the antibiotics.

Also does anyone know what a good b12 level is ? I got a b12 blood test in Thailand in July this year and it was 341.

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    Posted by Berylvt at 10/08/16 09:35:35

    Antibiotics will not effect your B12 levels. The B12 supplement you take is absorbed as usual.

    Your test results will come with the "normal Range" telling you whether your levels OK or not.

    More importantly the antibiotics will affect your microbiome. Taking probiotics should help this. But don't worry too much. Your microbiome will restore itself after a short time of eating properly once the antibiotics are finished. In any event it is very important that you treat the infection.

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