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How about including in the guide pubs/​restaurants that cater for vegetarians/​vegans? Here in the UK purely Veggie eating places can be thin on the ground but, a lot of places offer decent veggie/​vegan options.
Just a thought.

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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 06/20/07 04:05:24

    Hi Big Dave - please go ahead & add all of your favorites & review them also once Eric lists them - see the note right at the bottom of this page - - perhaps you could also mention which beers are vegan! If you really think that a place should be added just send it in & say why you recommend it. For myself I always take a good look at the kitchens of mixed menu places - if they are using one set of knives / cutting boards / pans I do not list them - if they really respect vegan / veggie diners I do - often you get places where one of the owners is vegan & one is not with separate food preparation areas. Living in Asia we are lucky - abundant pure vegan & veggy places.

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    Posted by webmaster at 06/20/07 09:02:43

    Hey BigDave,

    Yes, Johnnysensible is right. You may submit places that not 100% veg., but they ought to be over 70% veg, or located in an area where there are no other choices. ALSO, you can always add notes about these veg-friendly places on the notes page for the relevant city. (see the link "Read or add city travel & events notes for [city name]" at the top of each city listings page).
    Thanks, eric-webmaster

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    Posted by Stevie at 06/24/07 17:05:52

    Hiya Dave,

    There are already pubs listed. e.g. Bob Trollope's in Newcastle upon Tyne which has a menu of 100% vegetarian food. A shame they spoil it by selling non vegetarian beer.

    Keep well,

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    Posted by stef42678 at 06/25/07 01:28:35

    I love the restaurant feature. It would be great if all the favorite vegan/veggie restaurants had a direct link to the exact menu so you can for sure find the food you like.

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    Posted by Rafael at 12/03/07 20:48:15

    In the 80's I remember going regularly to a "Rajneesh themed" pub in North London, perhaps it was in Islington.

    I cannot remember the name now.

    Does anyone else remember it? Does it still exist. The raw & veggy food there was glorious.

    Most English towns have at least one veg-friendly place.

    We need a really enthusiastic "Brit" to list some of them.

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    Posted by SynthVegan at 12/04/07 12:48:28

    To be honest, I never noticed the "notes" option within each city... In fact, I know where it is now but find myself looking for it for a bit.

    Going back to what Dave said, I also think it would be good to list restaurants with Vegetarian/Vegan options or who have a Vegan night once a week for that matter. However, I don't think that these restaurants should be intertwined with the restaurants that are 70%+ Vegetarian. Maybe, and this is just an idea, the notes section can be moved to the top of the listings [i.e. like under the city] and change the name to something like "Other Restaurants with Vegetarian Options, Travel Notes, and Events."

    Also, I don't think it's necessary to have a review option for these places. It would just be nice to have their name, site, address, phone number, and maybe a brief description as to what they have that's Vegetarian [for instance McAlister's deli here has a Vegetarian menu (includes Veggie Chili); also, there are plenty of Indian restaurants here]. I know of several places here with Vegetarian/Vegan options, but they can't be added because they're not 70% or 30% for that matter.

    Webmaster, sorry to keep you busy with my suggestions, I just like helping! I think I'm going be quiescent regarding the suggestions for now ;)! TTYL!

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    Posted by webmaster at 12/11/07 16:15:35

    Hi SynthEBM -

    Firstly, no need to be sorry... I am very grateful for your suggestions. We're working on many new things here and are releasing many features in the next couple months.
    The city notes pages may already be used to post the places we don't include in the regular listing pages.
    Currently the link from cities reads:
    "See or post additional info on Vegetarian [city name]."
    If you have a better suggestion we can change it.

    Please keep the suggestions coming!

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