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Some countries have sites listing vegan-friendly products available in the shops eg. isitvegan.info in the UK and Peta in the USA. A link from each country page to these would be very useful.

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    Posted by webmaster at 06/20/07 08:51:34

    Hi Laura,

    Yes, isitvegan.info is very cool. It's a huge database that must have taken tons of work to create. I don't know of a site like that for the US, but it would be helpful... just not something we can take on here at HappyCow at the moment.

    Thanks for the idea though.
    -eric (webmaster)

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    Posted by stef42678 at 06/25/07 01:27:17

    I love the new product features on the site, and it is a great resource of things to look for the next time I go shopping.

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