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Suggestion 1 - have Hong Kong as a sub-category of Asia - it takes some intense lateral thinking to find it by first going through China. Hong Kong can be given its officla current name of Hong Kong SAR - this strategy is good until 2047. Next suggestion - split Hong Kong into 3 areas - 1) Hong Kong Island 2) Kowloon 3) New Territories. This will make navigation of HappyCow much easier. Involve me in this. I believe that there are 70+ veggy restaurants in Hong Kong - many of which will opt for FRIEND /​ paid listings if they see more business coming from their listing.

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    Posted by Chia at 06/05/07 12:42:40

    Hey JohnnySensible, What does the "SAR" stand for? I hadn't heard of that before. I thought the Brits had returned Hong Kong to China? Was there a few times in the early 90s but wasn't a vegetarian yet back then... but I would love to have all vegetarian dim sum anytime (non exists in Southern California). Bye.

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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 06/05/07 21:04:56

    Hello Chia - full name is - Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China - see - returned to China yes - but with 50 years of "one country, two systems" policy - come & visit again soon! There must be 70+ veggy places here in Hong Kong - most are "ovo" but there is plenty of choice for vegan's. When are you next in Ho Chi Minh City? - Y's. - John

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    Posted by Stevie at 06/24/07 17:01:33

    Hiya guys,

    Just following the last posting I made on the question of El Salvador; surely listing Hong Kong under China is correct? If looking for somewhere and unable to find it listed then why not use the search facilty?

    Keep well all,

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    Posted by Stig at 10/28/07 02:02:32

    Good moves!

    Today you have made some great changes to the Hong Kong section of HappyCow!

    Having the 4 main areas separate is just perfect.

    You guys have made my life so much easier.

    Yippee & thank you so much!

    Now I will add a few more good places that I know of.

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