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Hello Happy Cow,

Firstly, what a wonderful website, Happy Cow Mobile Phone Application, community and service provide. For that, Thank You!

I have a question if I may in relation to why you offer donation options to your website?

My understanding, thus far, is that you offer a variety of store items to include apparel, receive funds through advertisements on your website and, offer a mobile application at a cost in extension to your website (which is wonderful by the way).

To this I ask myself why the donation and to where or whom benefits from this?
There at some point would be an excess for profit once you collaborate all of the aforementioned into one basket.

Am I mistaken in thinking that you would be an in profit organisation?
If so and you are positively using the donations in weaker sectors in need of support for people, animals or to better spread "the word" then, could you please guide to me where this information can be located, if at all?

Warm regards,

PS. If any member/s could shed some light that would be wunderbar.

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    Posted by FRUITnVEG at 12/24/13 01:15:03

    Sorry I should have mentioned that I have read the "Feed The Cow" information page but, I just can't fathom how with a member based community of currently 53,868 worldwide that donations would be required at this level of such a successful and growing business venture...

    Don’t get me wrong, I support 100% what Happy Cow conveys and I apologise if I come across obtuse, as I don't mean to be unsupportive but, in light of people actually seeing a benefit outside of Happy Cow from their donations or, if the Happy Cow application (for e.g.) was free then, I could possibly understand it more.

    To this I am fully aware we are a minority demographic (Vegan, etcetera), should support the movement full heartedly and that it hasn’t the ease of mainstream backing like it’s opposing counterparts but, still it should all be within reason.

    Maybe outline a donation “counter” on your website with a target goal chart of sorts for up and coming outreaches and / events which you plan to do and, once the additional target is met then an end result goal has also been achieved! It would have to be transparent and it would also be more worthy donating for in my opinion – being able to see where and how our hard earned pennies are making positive contributions and cause of effect.

    Just a suggestion and my opinion.


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    Posted by webmaster at 12/24/13 09:30:06

    Hello FNV,

    Firstly, to be clear, HappyCow is not 501C and does not ask for "donations". We are non-profit in that we're in this to provide the best service possible. All money that comes in goes right back into supporting the maintenance and growth of the site.

    While we're happy for people to "Give Funds" & contribute to the costs of running the site, the truth is these are few and we receive only a trickle of $5-$10 gifts each month, with occasional gifts which exceed that.

    We currently have 13 people working on the site part time in addition to Diana and myself who are full-time, 7 days a week. Programmers are also very expensive and we've yet to find any volunteers who have been reliable in contributing in that area.

    The funds received from phone apps, sponsored listings, advertisers, Google ads, and give funds together just allows us to be where we are and in my view the site is growing much too slowly. We've considered taking on investors, but prefer not to give away equity at this time. If you or anyone else has ideas for bringing in revenue to help expand/improve the website, please contact us using the contact form.

    Thank you, Eric

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    Posted by FRUITnVEG at 12/25/13 00:31:15

    Hi Eric,

    Thank you kindly for your reply and helping to elaborate exactly how “Happy Cow” donations are distributed.
    I feel it an important topic and one which if anything could further encourage donations to your business from within the “Happy Cow” community.
    Like I mentioned above, I was by no means trying to bring down your integrity, only air questions in the forum you provide within the “Happy Cow” community, for that intended purpose.

    In proposal of my idea on introducing some sort of donation counter to encourage funds which would offer a visible target goal then, once achieved the donating community will be able to see how they’re contributions have made a positive impact on cause and effect. Thus continuous motivation for contributions for such worthy causes may have a more progressive outcome and, one that is visualised by all.
    I personally don’t think it is motivational for people to give money for reasons of maintaining someone else’s website but, I also do understand that this is a community based forum where working together we WILL achieve the end result and, this is why supporting such Forums, Websites, Communities, Charities, Individuals or a particular group is so important.
    So for that I do commend you as it is one more thing that you are doing which I am not!

    With all this being said I would like to please reinstate that I am only airing my suggestions to improve on something which I believe in strongly and I have only good moral intentions. I would love nothing more than to see and, even more, BE A PART OF, such websites as this to become as (and if not more) successful than all the mainstream junk which is forced upon us the day we are born.

    In offer my apologies for any misinterpretation which may have been a result of my post.

    I hope that my endeavour in posting my thoughts and idea has maybe answers or sparked interest to other members and even, non-members of this community.
    If anyone has any thoughts, suggestions or further input to my suggestion then, it would be brilliant to have this included and see others opinions.

    Warm regards as always.


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