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I was wondering if anyone in the Santa Ana, CA area was going to have any kind of event for this upcoming World Farm Animals Day. If so, I would be interested in helping out!

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    Posted by The Veggie Cook at 08/27/09 15:59:15

    Hi, check out the website for World Farm Animals Day (sponsored by the wonderful FARM organization) if you are looking for events and activities for this event to take place in October.


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    Posted by Michael A. Weber at 08/28/09 09:18:49

    Hey- Michael from FARM here. Whether there is already an event happening in your area or not, we encourage folks to consider putting on their own events- even if that just means distributing some handouts.

    In addition to our standard, more family friendly handouts, we have created a new handout this year with the theme "Make the Connection. Check it out:

    If you're feeling feisty, we are also asking activists to consider larger, more dramatic events, such as cage-ins, die-ins, and acts of civil disobedience. More info available on our action center:

    Thanks for your interest! Any more questions? Feel free to email me outreach[at]

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