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Hi everybody,
I would like to meet more vegans and vegetarians in South Africa, especially in Johannesburg, and socialize more and more with vegans (and less and less with meat-eaters). I am a bit alone in my vegan lifestyle as I only have one or two vegetarian friends and all the rest are carnists who like driving me bananas. ;(
If you live in Gauteng, especially Johannesburg, please let me know.

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    Posted by That_Lara_Girl at 01/14/16 07:57:13

    Hi Wolfmoon!

    So glad to hear we have some more Gauteng peeps on here... I'm from Pretoria, but constantly find myself in Johannesburg. I'm in an ongoing struggle to switch from vegetarian to vegan. Most of the time I manage, but as you know, Gauteng isn't the most veg-friendly place on earth. Would love to also connect with other vegans.

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    Posted by Wolfmoon at 02/25/16 10:28:48

    Ahah, now I found your message! I was not notified I had a reply. Or was I? Can't remember lol I wonder where are the other vegans/vegetarians.

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