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Hey everybody!
I'm curious. Is there any expat vegan in Prague (Europe/Czech rep)?
Or at least close to Prague?

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    Posted by happycowgirl at 05/25/15 08:19:53

    There is a vegan in Prague who follows me on Twitter. I'll be so jealous if u get to meet her in person. She seems amazing!! Her Twitter is @Vegan_Prague

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    Posted by CacaoSue at 05/25/15 10:19:21

    Thanks! Good to know. I guess she's not also here :-(.
    Because I dont have Twitter...

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    Posted by CacaoSue at 06/04/15 10:17:03

    well, any other expat vegan in Czech?

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    Posted by figgie104 at 06/04/15 17:39:48

    Did you try the person on Twitter?

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    Posted by Alyannkar at 06/11/15 15:00:43

    I will be traveling through Prague for a couple weeks in July and am a vegan]

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