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Hi I am John Northam
I watched a video on my facebook feed
It was cows being dumped from a truck into a chopper ripping them apart
I do not know what slaughterhouse it is or anything i could not watch it all
I decided to go look up PETA and watch videos
I joined a few facebook groups but I got tired of waiting for them to add me and searched fot groups and found the happy cow
I seen the various topic areas and they interested me
I thought alot about animals
poor animals in zoos in cages
poor animals being raised and tortured for slaughter
poor animals being forced to perform in circuses
I used to work in a chicken plant God knows what went on in the kill room or the hatchery we was not allowed to see
Native Americans teach everything is our brother and sister
Is this how we should treat our brother and sister.
Wiccans teach the law of karma and harm none
Are we making bad karma doing this and folling the harm none rule.
I study many religions Christianity, Wicca, Buddhism, Hinduism
They all say in one way or another do not harm
I read many self help books and health books and alot of them have said being vegan is healthier
I watched the cowspiracy on youtube its good for the enviroment as well
I am not sure where to start tho
Should i slowly do this.
what about my chihuahua can i get him on a vegan diet
I live in hamilton alabama and not many Vegan stuff that i know of are around
we got a walmart enyone shop there
any advice would be great

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 02/05/16 07:45:54

    The answers to all your questions can be found by a search on this site or any of the thousands of other vegan sites.

    You can also check out my Profile and my website...

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    Posted by JohnWilliamNortham at 02/05/16 10:56:32

    Ok, Thankyou i will checkout your website. I will search too I bet i can tyoe vegan for beginners and find something.

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    Posted by TalkinBoutPractice at 02/05/16 17:42:39

    Sounds like a tough place to be a Vegan. I would start with looking up Vegan cheeses, milks, and meat substitutes and where you can find those items. those should help you enjoy your new meals.

    you might get sick because your gut will need time to get rid of the rancid meat in your colon and I would also start JUICING to speed this process. Do Cleanses (beets for your liver) but do your best to make them enjoyable.

    search: vegan cheeses, sauces, egg substitutes, omega 3 sources, protein and iron sources.

    That is my best advice for the moment.

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    Posted by La_diavolo at 02/07/16 04:14:03

    You know you have plenty of videos on YouTube about vegan lifestyle and you can find a lots of recipes of healthy and tasty food. Cheers !

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    Posted by LilacHippy at 02/07/16 19:40:34

    I don't know your area but look up your state in the search box of this site and see what places are about. Vegan food is everywhere if you look hard enough. You might want to start cutting out a few things at a time if you are going from a full meat diet to a vegan one, if you can bear to do it like that. At the same time, use social media to learn about veganism and how to live a vegan lifestyle of which there are so many amazing vegan YouTubers. Start with Vegan Gains, Plant Based News, The Vegan Activist and The Friendly Activist, or just put vegan in to YouTube and choose your own people to follow. Good luck! It's great that you've made the emotional connection and environmental connection. Another one to follow is Gary Yourofsky, watch his best speech and also watch Earthlings. Best of luck this is an excellent decision that you are making.

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    Posted by Woodoo at 02/09/16 08:07:25

    If you like reading I recommend you a book "the story of warrior breatharian" jericho sunfire ) the man tells his experience of eating :)

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    Posted by Robinwomb at 02/10/16 02:44:56

    Here is some information about what you can find vegan at Walmart:

    In case the link doesn't work, google "vegan at Walmart". you'd be surprised at how much you can find there. Beans should be a staple, and whole grains (think brown rice, oats, barley, wheat berries, spelt, quinoa, etc). And of course fruits and vegetables. A little fat in the diet is important too, such as avocados, nuts/seeds, olives, nut/seed/peanut butter. Leafy greens are great for salads, soups, casseroles, smoothies. One of my favorites is making whole wheat spaghetti, and adding some cooked spinach, mushroom, and a vegan homemade gravy.

    Breakfast can be as simple as toast (Ezekiel bread is vegan, but homemade bread is the best) with beans on top, or oatmeal and a sprinkle of walnuts and berries/banana. Soups are cheap, versatile, and easy to make batches of for lunches for the work week.

    I would reccomend the book "Becoming Vegan: The Complete Guide to Adopting a Healthy Plant-Based Diet". You can find it on Amazon here:

    That book was a lifesaver for me when I went vegan five years ago overnight from omni. It is VERY comprehensive and uses science. It encompasses all of the different ways people eat vegan and does not promote one way over another (for example all raw versus starch based versus fat free etc). Worth a read!

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    Posted by BeaC at 03/14/16 04:01:00

    Are you already a vegetarian or are you moving from a meat diet to veganism?

    A lot of people would say to go fully vegan from one day to another. Each person has a way that works for them. Personally, i believe that if you simply go from a big meat-eater to vegan from one day to another, there are more changes to giving up, either in short or long term. I'm not saying that it is what happens in all cases, if you are complete motivated and/or you have support around you may achieve to go vegan from one day to another and stay like that your entire life. But for me, personally,only, i was not able to go fully vegan from one day to another.
    If you find yourself in the same position (considering to go vegan but not feeling fully prepared yet), here are my tips:

    1. Start by establish a goal that is significant bur doable for you.

    Personally i started by reducing my meat/fish consumption to one meal per week and stopped the consumption of eggs and dairy at home (but continuing to eat some products with them when i eat out).
    The important thing is do not fall in the mistake of just decide "reducing meat". Instead, establish a measurable goal and stick to it (don't start "stretching" it, so to speak)

    2. Take in consideration YOUR current food preferences

    Just make vegan versions of your current favorite foods. For instances, if you love hotdogs, simply eat vegan hotdogs, don't start by a vegan raw diet or something like that. Personally, I had tried some vegan food before and i was convinced that it was not for me, when in fact the problem was being "too healthy". I have now discovered vegan lasanha, vegan bakery, vegan burgers...and i'm a happy person xD)

    3. Get proper information about nutrition on a vegan diet and monitor your nutrition in the begin.

    A vegan diet can give you everything you need but if you don't get informed you may finish by not getting enough calories or nutrients and feel week - NOT because the vegan diet but simply because your specific diet. I saw a lot of people giving up on vegan diets and claiming that the problem is with veganism, when it was simply their personal diet So, if you feel bad after a couple of days in a vegan diet, don't give up, simply analise your nutrition and change some things. I would recommend in the beginning to check your nutrition using this app
    and see the youtube channel Unnatural vegan. he is super friendly to new/potential vegans and provides a lot of serious information about diet (contrary to a lot of people in the internet that are just spreading misinformation about crazy diets, cleanses, health miracles...)

    4. Explore the online community
    If you are in this journey alone without the support of friends and family, it may help to rely on websites, youtubers and bloggers to keep yourself motivated. I would recommend the youtuber Unnatural Vegan.

    Links recomendation:
    animal rights:
    about carnism:

    Hope this was useful and that my English is ok enough to you can understand it :p

    (I started as a flexitarian 4 months ago and i'm now a vegetarian, mainly vegan, planning to go fully vegan in the next couple of months. )

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 03/14/16 04:39:21

    I stopped shopping at Wal-Mart years ago, when I learned of their anti-union activities, their clever ways of not paying fair wages in the US and around the world, and their slave-labor factories in China (where the Wal-Mart manufacturing headquarters are).

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