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I apologize if this is not in the right forum section, but I wasn't sure where to put it. I just wanted to address a problem I have while choosing a Vegan friendly place to eat. The problem is that my dad isn't really fond of anything 'different' to him, Asian food, Mexican food, Thai, anything that isn't very classic Steak and Potatoes American. I want to be able to eat at a type of restaurant we're all comfortable with. My mom is usually pretty good with anything though. It is a source of stress and sometimes argument when choosing a place to eat. Tonight we're supposed to go out to eat but I'm a bit nervous about what might happen. :/ What do I dooo.....

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    Posted by Kaari at 04/30/13 14:56:30

    Whenever I land in situations like these, I make sure to have a nice vegan lunch beforehand. In regular restaurants it is usually possible to order a customized dish, like a salad, pasta, pizza that is adjusted to your requirements. Just don't expect too much of it. Being flexible in a way like this while still sticking to your lifestyle is the best option I think. Good luck anyhow!

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    Posted by adairystatevegan at 04/30/13 15:23:59

    Thanks Kaari for your response. :) It really helps to talk to people in ways like this, because you know they'll understand and it's not foreign to them!

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    Posted by seanubs at 04/30/13 17:24:51

    My mom just recently started going out to restaurants with me with vegan options. I am just happy that my mom finally is accepting me for who I want to be.

    Family dinners are the worst. Especially my dad's side where they are a bunch of irish [censored]s. My mom's side I like better because all of them actually appreciate me for my diet. It takes alot of guts and effort and not many people know this. The ignorant people will never reach their true spiritual selves if they think in a one-sided view and I always try to see things in both perspectives.

    If it were me, I would not care what my dad eats. He is ignorant he will not be willing to go where I want to eat so thus there is no solving the problem. I would rather just not eat out with him. I hope society realizes vegan diets are way more better. I get too much crap about being vegan so I'd rather just embrace it and not care about others even how ignorant they are.

    If you can eat meat but I cant, then how is that fair? It isn't. So either your dad changes, or you don't go out to eat at some better healthier place. People that don't change really make me mad and my dad is one of the reasons why I hate how different I am from him because he is never willing to change or anything.

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    Posted by Jubileel at 10/08/13 15:13:36

    Research. I have food allergies - one of which is dairy- meaning if I'm told I need to eat out (vacation) I make a list of all the restaurants in the area that might have something I can eat. I then go to each of their websites and check out their menus. The chain restaurants are required to have ingredient menus now which is very helpful. However, the smaller ones, just write down two or three things you think you might be able to eat & then call them up to ask. It's a lot of work but it's not hard at all.

    Once you have the list of acceptable to you restaurants, show the list to your Dad. Explain the research you did & see, from that list, which one he would like to go to.

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    Posted by DC1346 at 10/09/13 21:18:35

    Try going to a Golden Corral or some other buffet restaurant. The Golden Corral has a reasonable vegan selection ... no soups unfortunately but you could enjoy a salad with salad oil and the hot buffet features sweet potatoes, red beans and rice and penne pasta that you could top with stir fried vegetables. For dessert, enjoy fresh fruit.

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