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Welcome All! Please sign-in and introduce yourself. Are you a vegetarian or vegan? Becoming one? Tell us a bit about yourself, share your story, express yourself. Then if you have questions, or want to get involved in veg*n discussions, explore the rest of the board!

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    Posted by webmaster at 05/03/07 12:21:30

    Webmaster Eric here....
    Hi everyone, here's a little about me...
    I've been vegetarian 20 years (this year) and vegan about 18 years.
    Before starting HappyCow in 1999, I worked as a massage therapist and also ESL teacher. I work on a number of websites, which you can check out if you like, here.
    If you haven't already been there, you can read the FULL HappyCow story, here.

    It would be great to hear from you all and learn a little about you, so please add your intro's here!
    peace, -eric

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    Posted by JENETICS at 05/06/07 08:46:17

    I've been Vegan for 5 yrs. and i feel great!
    My pastimes are Kung Fu and Food...Im a college student but i should be done soon!

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    Posted by FreakyVegan at 05/08/07 10:33:59


    My name is Jill and I've been vegetarian since 1993 and I've been sticking to a vegan diet for almost a year now after going vegan/veg for a couple of years. I have been involved in animal rescue/sanctuary for about 10 years now. And currently I have 7 furbabies...2 cats, 2 house rabbits, 2 guinea pigs and 1 chihuahua.
    My hopes are to eventually get to a mostly raw diet. But I haven't really started yet. I'm still working on eating enough fruits and veggies so I know it will be the hardest challenge I will ever face.
    Thanks for being here...

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    Posted by gmfielden at 05/08/07 12:24:34

    Hi hi,

    My name's Gene. first came upon this site as a hungry traveller who just wanted to find possibilities while on the road. Am from the Bay Area but have been living in Germany for the past year. My parents are vegetarian and raised me and my sister so as well. Have been vegan for five years now.

    Favourite vegetarian restaurant in Europe: Yellow Sunshine, in Berlin. I did the translation of the menu into English - if you happen to visit, feedback would be appreciated... thanks!

    Favourite city in Europe for vegetarians: Budapest. Strange but true. There are a multitude of places all over the city, and even two full vegan ones too. Best of the bunch is Napfényes Ízek (Sunny Flavours).

    Favourite vegetarian restaurant, period: Millenium in San Francisco. It's clichéd to pick that one, yeah, but I've never come across anything better. House-made soy ice cream induced transcendental experience.

    Happy eating!

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    Posted by CrispyOne at 05/08/07 12:38:32


    My name is Barb, and I'm a newbie to the vegan world...I've been sticking to the diet since March. I did it once before a couple of years ago but I relapsed while on vacation in London---I didn't know about this resource and there just weren't a lot of options that I found.

    I'm from Seattle and will be starting work at an animal welfare society this week. I have one furchild, a crazy wire-haired fox terrier.

    Animals and HappyCow rock!

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    Posted by randomvegetarian at 05/08/07 13:55:58

    Hi. 27, random. Vegetarian/vegan depending on who you ask (I eat honey). I don't have a problem with people eating meat, I'm not their keeper and it's not my responsibility to warn them against the 17 carcinogenic HCAs in cooked muscle (1), or any prion diseases, hormones, or other chemicals unless they ask. However, I do have a problem with the irresponsible scale of production and its effects. If the ocean was clean and underfished, I might consider eating raw fish once in a blue moon but it doesn't look like that will happen in my lifetime or even my grandchildren's lifetime.

    That being said, I don't miss eating mammals and birds at all. I don't even understand how I could have liked eating them every day as a child.


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    Posted by randomvegetarian at 05/08/07 13:57:29

    Oh yeah, this is my fourth year being vegetarian.

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    Posted by amilcic at 05/08/07 14:09:28

    Hi! I have reached a mostly vegetarian diet at this point, which has not been easy growing up with Croatian parents whose culinary tradition is meat with meat with a side of meat. I have one giant dog with a heart of gold in my family. My favourite restaurant is Vegetarian Haven on Baldwin Street in downtown Toronto.

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    Posted by rpbroz at 05/08/07 14:43:22

    Hi all,
    I have been living in El Salvador for now over 13 years. I have recently become involved in promoting tourism here in the smallest but friendliest country in Central America. Through my web broswing I have found no information for vegetarian restaurants in El Salvador, but I do know of a few that don't have web sites.
    So if you are thinking about traveling to El Salvador feel free to write to me at or check out my two web pages for El Salvador travel information. The Other El Salvador dot com has lost of useful travel information for specific information about Suchitoto El Salvador visit gaesuchitoto dot com, Suchitoto is a small colonial town many compare it to Antigua 20 years ago.
    Anyway glad to help out, if your coming look me up, always love meeting new people.
    Suchitoto, El Salvador

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    Posted by harrietdiane at 05/08/07 15:00:26

    Hello All,
    I've been a vegan for almost 5 yrs now and feel great! I live in the Los Angeles area. I try to live as greenly as possible and I am grateful to have been able to install solar power on my house.
    I started out for health reasons, but as I read I also became more and more of an ethical vegan. I am the lone veg in my household, but I'm hoping that someday that will change.
    I live with my 9 yr old som, A very spoiled yellow lab,and a pair of gansta' cats (litter mates and brothers) - It's like "hand over the catnip and no one will get hurt! But seriously, all of us, along with my boyfriend make for a very joyous and eclectic bunch.

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    Posted by staciejaye at 05/08/07 16:14:45

    I'm in Edmonton, Canada...I've been a vegan for 2.5 years and will never go back to eating carcass. I'm an animal rights activist and if I could do it full time and make enough money to live on, I would do it.
    I don't try to convert anyone to vegetarianism, however I am always SUPER happy to discuss my choices and why I made them with anyone who asks. The only thing I refuse to answer is: "How do you get enough to eat??"...come on people!!
    I've got 3 cats: Derby, Brisket & Shmigger...and they are my life!

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    Posted by Altotude at 05/08/07 17:37:07


    I'm Tracey. I live in Canberra, Australia. I've been vegetarian for 13 years and don't miss meat one bit, though I do sometimes miss the sauces and styles of food you can get with it. That's why I enjoy my local chinese and vietnamese mock-meat restuarants from time to time.

    Unfortunately we don't have many vegetarian restaurants here in Canberra. I wish we had more. It's annoying time after time to be confronted with the same situation - one or less choice, having to ask what's in food bla bla bla, especially when family insist on going to the same crap places to eat. Not enough to make me want to go back to my evil ways though. At least my friends are supportive and often look for places that will suit me better. A lot of people in Australia (I'm sure may other countries are the same) still don't understand what to feed me and restaurants in particular seem to think it's fine to offer veges and salad and nothing else. I like a good hearty meal as much as the next person. Give me a good nutloaf, chickpea stew, lentil bolognaise etc any day. Which is why it's sad that one of our premier vegetarian restaurants closed down last year. They were very popular, I guess they wer just over it.

    I have two gorgeous cats who have been with me for a long time and we are a happy little family. I love this website as it is a really good resource for us vegos and a great place to meet up and share ideas.

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    Posted by vegandiver at 05/08/07 18:46:55


    My Name is Adam, I've been vegan for 15 years now (since I was 8 y/o). I went vegan for ethical reasons because during a school lunch period I finally made the connection between the nugget and the chicken, thought for a quick minute and decided right then and there that I'd be vegan for the rest of my life. (still haven't changed!) I live in LA and love it because there is plenty of options for vegans around here.

    I'm a skydiver, surfer and bicyclist, so I'm living proof that being vegan makes you far from weak (what the doctors told me when I went vegan at 8...). I love cooking, so I hope you enjoy my additions to potlucks around town.

    I hope you all have a great day today.


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    Posted by Amanda at 05/08/07 20:10:47

    My name's Amanda and I've been vegetarian for 27 years and vegan for 8. I live in China with my husband and 3 kids, all vegan too. If anyone is travelling to China and needs any advice, please contact me. In Beijing we now have 22 vegetarian restaurants, which is quite an improvement on the 2 that were here when I arrived 18 years ago!

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    Posted by Terry B. at 05/08/07 21:28:18

    My name is Terry, thus my fantastically original user name, and I have been vegetarian since 1999, after many years of being "close". Originally from the US, my wife, a vegetarian of far more years than I and our son have recently relocated to Taipei, Taiwan from South Korea which, in terms of dietary concerns, is wonderful as Korea was, by far, the most difficult place we have ever lived and Taiwan is the easiest.

    I don't have that much of a story as to why I eat the way that I do. I grew up on a small farm which raised its own cattle and I was always acutely aware of where my food came from. Fast forward to nutrition courses in university and grad school and concerns for health/athletic performance and ethical reasons and I didn't have a reason to eat meat.

    I estimate that I am 95% vegan and will likely transition all the way inside of the next several months.

    This website has been a fantastic resource for me in my travels throughout the world and I am happy to see a discussion board operating on it.

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    Posted by Althea Randolf at 05/11/07 09:30:33

    Hi, I'm Althea, I've been Vegan for about eight years, and I'm loving every minute of it. I'm an artist and I love martial arts, dancing, the beach, and cooking. ^^

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    Posted by ausjay at 05/11/07 10:12:43

    Hello. I was born into a vegetarian family in India, so have been a veggie all my life!
    Tend to cook at home more often, occasionally eat outside. I have lived in quite a few countries in the past (US, Canada, NZ, Australia, now UK) - my favorite city for vegetarian eating out has to be Toronto.

    Look forward to interacting with y'all.

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    Posted by Tiare at 05/11/07 22:26:21

    Hi all,
    I've been a vegan for five years and feel great! my dog is vegan too. There are the vegan and vegetarian restaurant also in Japan. Recently such restaurant has increased. I really happy. I'm good at the creation cooking. I'm cooking for myself as much as possible when I'm in my home. I became a vegan for health. And I came to think about animal rights recently. However, it's very convenient. Happy Cow's always helped me when going on a trip. next time, I would like to be useful for you:)

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    Posted by Aloo at 05/12/07 10:45:27

    Hi there! I am from Melbourne, Australia and became vegetarian as a child 28 years ago. About 18 months ago I turned vegan in the same way as i had turned vegetarian, overnight.

    I have many reasons, intially just the idea of eating flesh, and my friends really disgusted me. As I got older and read more- as I am sure a lot of you can relate to, I could see more and more reasons why people should not eat carcasses, or support animal (to those meat eaters, my one liner to thier questions about why I am vegan is that I am against animal cruelty.)

    The reality is I am also an environmentalist and have felt for a long time that it's not healthy for the planet either, this exploitation of resources. Interesting to read that The United Nations has reported that animal agriculture accounts for 18% of greenhouse gases, which is MORE than automobiles.

    Intuitively, I have always felt it healthier to not eat meat and dairy. I noticed the effects of milk on my system, the sinus and headached, and even before I claimed to be vegan, I really didn't have much. The China Study has confirmed my feelings, and I suppose health is another reason for being vegan.

    I am an animal lover. Have 2 beautiful fur children of my own. They are both vegan dogs, and so healthy and young looking. The vet says they are soooo healthy, but we don't usually mention to them, for critism that they are vegan.

    I love having this resource, which I am tapping into as I am currently travelling. It's great to hear from other like minded people from around the world!

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    Posted by happyveg at 05/12/07 22:12:08


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    Posted by dconcidine at 05/13/07 15:10:50

    Hello my (hopefully) new friends.

    My name is Deanna and am a newbie vegetarian (or trying really hard to be). I hail originally from California, but have been on the East Coast for the last seven years. I have multiple furry children. My turning point was when I was making an anniversary dinner for my husband, Cornish Game Hen, when I saw it for what it really was. Freaked me out so badly I couldn't eat it or anything else that resembles the orignial "person". I would like to make the transition to Vegan, but keep slipping up. I have always been a fussy eater so it is hard for me to find foods I like.

    Wish me luck!

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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 05/21/07 19:02:41

    This is Johnny Sensible - living & working in Ho Chi Minh City - Viet Nam - vegan & veggie eating joints in abundance - come visit!

    Some Python for your pleasure!

    John Cleese & Eric Idle are vegetarians - Michael Palin eats body parts but we stil love him!

    Monty Python's Flying Circus - Series 1 - Episode 13 - from 1970

    Head Waiter (Michael Palin) Fine. I'm the head waiter. This is a vegetarian restaurant only, we serve no animal flesh of any kind. We're not only proud of that, we're smug about it. So if you were to come in here asking me to rip open a small defenseless chicken, so you could chew its skin and eat its intestines, then I'm afraid I'd have to ask you to leave.

    He (John Cleese) No, no, no, no.

    Head Waiter (Michael Palin) Likewise if you were to ask us to slice the sides of a cow and serve it with small pieces of its liver ... (small tic developing, getting carried away) or indeed drain the life blood from a pig before cutting off one of its legs... or carve the living giblets from a sheep and serve them with the fresh brains, bowels, guts and spleen of a small rabbit... WE WOULDN'T DO IT. (reaction) Not for food anyway.

    She (Eric Idle) Quite frankly I'm against people who give vent to their loquacity by extraneous bombastic circumlocution. (they both look at her; pause) Oh I don't like that.

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    Posted by BabyDoc at 05/21/07 22:29:24

    Hey, my name is Rez. I've been a vegetarian for about 10 years and slowly "evolving" to vegan. I live in the Philly area, not the most vegetarian region in the world (people love their cheese steaks). I am the only veg in my family, the black sheep so to speak. I work in a profession where you would imagine a lot of people would see the light, I am a sub-specialty pediatrician, but alas compassion for human beings does not translate to compassion for all living creatures. I have two rescue dogs, Titan and Cleopatra, who are better people than most people I know. My hobbies are mountain biking, home brewing, it's a guy thing, and animal rights.

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    Posted by anyark at 05/27/07 08:48:20

    Hi Everyone,

    What a great site! I've been a vegetarian since '98 and also try to eat some raw and living foods, some of which I dehydrate. Living in Central Texas has made this a challenge, but more grocery stores and restaurants have veggie friendly food. When I visit my son in Dallas, I enjoy Whole Foods, and my daughter's town has a wonderful place (she and her family are vegetarians). Professionally, I'm an occupational therapist, who worked in psychiatry most of my career, and then in geriatric rehab in nursing homes. Now, I do core synchronism, a natural therapy, which I love. I have found that folks who initially made fun of my diet have come to enjoy what I cook and have realized that they, too, need to eat a more healthy diet. Fun to sit back and watch.......


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    Posted by Anisabellydance at 06/08/07 09:51:14

    I have been vegan for 10 months now and am so happy I made that decision. I did it for the animals! I live in Dallas and I do not know any vegans. : ( I am an executive assistant for an oil and gas company and I am a professional bellydancer. I LOVE this site!!! : )
    (a.k.a. Anisa)

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    Posted by Tofu at 06/10/07 00:22:11

    Hi I've been vegetarian all my life and becoming vegan. I like metal music.

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    Posted by Tofu at 06/10/07 00:23:15

    by the way check out my animalrights site

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    Posted by Jimilyn at 06/17/07 13:39:05

    Hi, I'm Jimilyn in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex area of north central Texas. I currently teach special education in an elementary school (have taught 1st, 2nd, and ESL previously). I have two furbabies (two 5-year old Papillons) named Ruby and Lily. My mom, two sisters (and their husbands and my two nephews), and my aunt all live within an hour of me. None of them want me to switch to being vegetarian. Sigh.

    I have been moving very slowly towards becoming vegetarian; however,I've been too disorganized and find myself being distracted when life gets too busy or stressful. I find myself slipping during those times.

    I know that I feel much better when I don't eat meat, which was the main reason I wanted to switch to a vegetarian improve my health. When I began reading more, I discovered how much more eco-friendly a vegetarian diet is.

    What I'd like to do this summer (I'm a teacher and have some time off), is to actually sit down and formulate a plan. Get some dishes and menus under my belt to replace that childhood "comfort food" that I always want to revert to when I'm super busy or stressed. If I can reorganize the kitchen, restock it, and get habits established, perhaps I'll have a better chance of success. But I also feel badly when my family gets together and I get all the long faces and pleas to please try the food they've made. We were raised to eat what we were given to eat...lots of years of habit to break. I know, I know all of the reasons and arguments and that I can eat whatever and however I choose. I don't want to have anyone make me feel guilty for being or not being a vegetarian. It's been about like changing religions or political parties...LOL! Fortunately, I can eat however I want at home since the furbabies don't care what I eat as long as I feed them. ;oD hehehe

    I'm glad to have The Happy Cow for support.

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    Posted by Tom at 07/11/07 04:09:05

    Greetings everyone, and thank you for all you do for the voiceless. A minimum of 90 lives per year are being saved by each and every one of us choosing a vegetarian lifestyle.
    An incredible positive impact. Every sticker, every pamphlet, every letter to the editor, every gentle conversation with others is having an impact, raising awareness and creating a more compassionate world.
    This is Tom writing from Bangor, Maine.
    I've been vegetarian for almost 14 years and vegan for the last 5 years. Definitely one of my greatest decisions in life. From day 1, back in late 1993, I wake up each morning feeling ecstatic that I'm no longer contributing to the brutalizing and killing of voiceless beings against their will, and am trying to do my part to gently raise awareness with others.
    Some favorite restaurants are...
    Caravan of dreams - NYC
    Susty's - Northwood, NH
    Little Lads - Portland, Maine & NYC
    Spiral Diner - Ft Worth, Tx
    Kalachandji's - Dallas, Tx
    Happy Buddha - Queens, Nyc
    Buddha's Delight - Boston
    People's food co-op (vegan breakfast buffet!)- San Diego, Ca
    Country Life - Keene, NH

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    Posted by subodh at 07/17/07 10:56:02

    Hi I am Subodh,a medical doctor vegan since birth!!.I am visiting Bangkok ,Thailand in July .Are thee good veg joints?I have gone thru the restaurant list.
    I wish any vegan/vegiterian person would show me around Bangkok.I am only interested in cultural aspect of Thailand (the typical gogo bars and sex shows are thus excluded)and would pay for a guided tour too.
    Is there anyone out there to hepl me?

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    Posted by ausjay at 07/29/07 16:51:22

    Subodh - just saw your query about vegetarian places in Bangkok. Hope my response isn't too late!
    I was in Bangkok couple of years ago, and survived my entire stay thanks to a wonderful restaurant, Dosa King.
    Address: 265/1 Sukhumvit Road Soi-19, opposite to Robinson Sukhumvit, Bangkok.
    (right in the heart of the city)

    Very highly recommended! Somehow they are not listed at happycow (this site).

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    Posted by ausjay at 07/29/07 16:53:44

    Also check out this site for more listings:

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    Posted by Vege007 at 07/31/07 21:59:07

    Hi All

    I am a newbie vegetarian though have had strong leanings for years. Vego for 2 weeks now and i am loving it. I feel like i am living my truth if that makes any sense. I love animals and mothernature and I do really love vegies and fruit! I look forward to getting to know you all.

    Warm regards

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    Posted by SentientXbeing at 08/05/07 01:48:25

    I'm Kimberly from Central, Fl!
    I first was brought in to the interest of being a vegetarian about a yr ago before my 21st birthday. I was already in to animal rights but then I saw tons of videos and photos, made me sick and extremely sad. I couldn't bear watching beautiful creatures being tortured for no reasons at all, some of my friends were shocked and my family was as well; they're all carnivores. I have tried to explain to them why I have chosen this lifestyle, they understand and support me, but I guess they'll never be passionate enough to want to live the way I do ~ not like i'm wanting to force them, i'm just surprised that my animal loving family and friends don't want to take the veg pledge. ;]
    I'm not vegetarian anymore, i'm vegan now, have been since the beginning of July pretty much. I thought it was going to be hard, actually, it wasn't that bad though. I found certain foods and found recipies; don't like them all of course but it's all trial and error!
    I'm not really a people person. I mean, it's not like I want to see them suffer or anything, but I seem to only find myself with the love of animals and the love of most people that I know. Strangers...well some can be nice but you just never know what their backgrounds are, especially if they eat meat. Blah. ;p
    I'm well, vegansexual now, haha. I was just straight and would be interested in any hot guy that came about but now I don't want to be involved with a carnivore in that "way." I would love to have a relationship with another vegan or vegetarian! And I would also love to find friends that are vegan/veg, I need more! ^.^
    I have a Myspace, it's If you have one, add me! :]

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    Posted by earlgrey at 08/12/07 09:26:21

    Hello from a village in UK.
    I've been vegetarian for 5 years. At home I'm almost vegan but it's not easy to completely avoid dairy products and eggs as ingredients when I'm with other people.

    The other day, my husband, a typical meat eater, agreed to give up meat once bacon in the freezer has gone! well...I had to promise to cut down on wine consumption. fair enough?

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    Posted by msmayz at 09/08/07 21:07:51

    Hi everyone. It's great to be here! I went vegetarian my last semester in college (January 2006) and went vegan one year later. But, in my heart I've been vegan since the day I was born. It's the most gratifying lifestyle, and it's such a huge part of my life.

    My fiancé and I are planning on opening a vegan restaurant in Charlotte, NC within the next 5 years. Will keep Happy Cow updated on our progress.

    I love music, foreign languages, reading, and exotic food and cultures. I devour (ha!) every book I can get my hands on about veganism, public health, whole foods, big food corporations, the sociology of American "nutrition," and USDA corruption. Huge fan of Marion Nestle, Joanne Stepaniak, Eric Schlosser, T. Colin Campbell, and Morgan Spurlock.

    Best wishes to you all!


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    Posted by dkingdesigndotcom at 09/10/07 20:37:55

    Greetings Everyone,

    we are young (below 36, :D!) vegan couples looking for places to stay during our across Canada trip.

    Please check out our TRAVEL post at this FORUM. Thank you for your time, :)!

    (We put our e-mail addy at the other posting.)

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    Posted by vesalius123 at 09/13/07 13:43:25

    Hi. Im vesalius123. I have been vegetarian since I was ten years old. I am american. I grew up on a farm so i have always been around animals. I hate hunting and all needless slaughter of animals. I love rowing, fencing, running and swing/jazz music.

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    Posted by Joe at 09/23/07 07:10:20

    Hello. I am a little new to this new paradigm. eating meat has become disgusting....I seem a PETA clip about the processing of meat animals.

    It opened my eyes. Please help me succeed in my new meat-free life.

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    Posted by veganlocoengineer at 09/26/07 23:34:41

    hello everyone. a little bit about me... i was vegetarian for 17yrs before i read 'vegan freak
    being vegan in a non vegan world. to say it was
    life changing would be an understatement! consequently ive been eating vegan for the last
    year and a half. i also have the claim to fame of being new zealand's only vegan locomotive engineer (train driver) and im damn proud of it too!!! i dont call myself 'vegan' cos im still wearing leather shoes bought years ago. the way
    i see it i buy shoes once every 7 or so years but eat at least 4 times a day, every day. i am making a difference, as is anybody who eschews consuming animal products of any form, at any time. anyway, peace and love to u all xxx

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    Posted by actionman at 10/17/07 12:00:26

    Hello everbody...
    Very cool to find a site where people with similar views talk...
    I have been a vegetarian for over 5 years and a vegan for around a year.
    The main reason I went veggie is the extreme cruelty and neglect in the animal industry...Everything nowadays comes down to making an extra dollar so animals are always going to get a harsh time for more profit.
    No matter if you eat meat or not, it is very difficult to defend such a disgusting industry that shows absolutely no compassion..
    Well done on the great site!
    Peace and love to you all...

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    Posted by Stig at 10/26/07 21:26:42

    A fine website.

    I joined today.

    I will contribute regularly.

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    Posted by SynthVegan at 11/16/07 10:02:10

    Hello! I'm so happy to join a site filled with so many like-minded people! I've been a Vegetarian [now Vegan] for most of my life. Vegetarianism, for me, began when I was merely four years old [against the will of my family, who continued to try to force me to eat meat]. At this time I became cognizant of the actual source of meat and couldn't bear the thought of eating another living being. At this age [including now], I didn't see a difference between all living beings beyond aesthetic characteristics.

    Of course as I've aged and became aware of the world and the terrible things that occur within it, the reason for my choice evolved to include other issues, eventually leaning me towards Veganism. These issues include animal rights, vivisection, health, and other compassionate reasons.

    I'm extremely interested in music, as I listen to EBM, Industrial, Dark Electro, Noise, Synthpop, and many other similar genres. If anyone is interested in talking more, send me a message. Again, I'm so glad that I'm part of such a wonderful group of people!

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    Posted by The Vegan at 11/03/07 02:09:06

    Hi everyone. I have been on this site for a while but I am just now introducing myself. I have been a vegan for 19 years. I live in the Los Angeles area and I LOVE this site!!!

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    Posted by peasonearth at 11/03/07 09:15:02

    I went vegan about 4 years ago and never looked back. Not one regret, not one meat craving, no problem at all. This is a great site and I hope to meet like-minded people.

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    Posted by juliej at 11/14/07 09:29:20

    Hello. I have been vegetarian for 3 years now but before that I never really ate meat beforehand (sometimnes white) as I love animals. I became veggie as I cant stand seeing animals suffer. Like in America we have factory farms here in the Uk too its heartbreaking and calious. I live in Plymouth, southwest England with my partner kev and our cat Winston. Nice to meet you all. I think this is a great site and found the resturants guide very helpful. Thank you very much xx

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    Posted by happy-gal at 11/02/07 05:11:46

    Hi Everybody! :)
    I have been a vegetarian for 5yrs. I am currently a medical laboratory technologist, studying to be a natural nutritionist and hope to teach people the benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle.
    My hubby and I share our home with 3 retired racing greyhounds and 5 kitties. We are also involved in the rehabilitation of orphaned wildlife, and in an organization that fights for the very existence of wildlife rehabber (since our provincial government appears to be phasing us out).
    I try to live green but have room for improvement.
    Well, that's about it...that's me! :-)

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    Posted by AlmostVeggie at 12/04/07 15:57:34

    Hello! My name is Louisa and I'm currently residing in St. Paul, MN. I've been a vegetarian off and on for 2 years and I'm trying to stick to it for good this time. I first became a vegetarian for the health benefits and such, but then a friend of mine sent me a bunch of undercover investigations of meat factories and slaughter houses and I became really ill and then decided to not eat animals because I love them so.

    I joined HappyCow because I'm disabled and don't have a lot of friends. I live with my boyfriend and he works a lot so I am here all by myself. Glad to meet you all!!

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    Posted by MyVegChefMayra at 12/06/07 00:33:06

    My name is Chef Mayra I live in Las vegas, Nevada
    Well this my part as why I am vegeterian.

    I cook Vegan and Vegeterian with A Caribbean and SouthWest flair.. However, if I must serve meat to clients well.. I have to charge more and serve organic Only..

    However, once they know my style.....
    The Vegeterian menus come OUT and meals are prepared Chef Mayra style (wink wink)
    I love when I see my clients learning and making their own choices.
    I just cook and let them explore their Cuisine posibilities. At the end they like my choices..
    I am a private Chef with a Veggie Style :-)

    The main reason for becoming vegetarian is self preservation. The consumption of animal products causes the pH of the body to become acidic, leading to cellular degeneration and the onslaught of disease. This has been confirmed in hundreds of scientific studies. An acidic pH in the body is the primary precurser to all disease. When you choose a vegetarian lifestyle, you not only help yourself, but you help the planet as well.

    And that is the message I pass along with My Cooking and cuisine.//
    I say " healthy Food Has Flavor"
    I serve animal... but at the end! :-) I finish educating and serving other choices..
    Results? well.. The clients still Happy and they say .. WOW Chef I think I have lost weight"
    OO well really?
    Thank you .. and Merry Christmas to all from the Caribbean Chef in Las Vegas, Nevada

  • auungbong's avatar
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    Posted by auungbong at 12/15/07 22:50:58


    My father started buying morningstar burgers and I thought he was just weird.. this was about 2 years ago. I started eating them but stil ate meat for the remainder of my foodd intake. I became a vegetarian (can go vegan for weekends on end) for about 5 months now (July 07). I used to work at a restaurant and was cutting up pounds of meat when I realized this is disgusting and cruel. I also wanted to maintain a better lifestyle as well as maintaing my weight since I am, as well as most of you, are health conscious (spelt wrong, i know). Going to the cafeteria in my college really opened my eyes up on how close minded people really are. I was able to let my college know that ... chicken nuggets, wings, french fries, hamburgers....and that small salad stand is not healthy and does not allow vegetarians/vegans to exercise their diet.

    Well... enough of that, Happy holidays

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    Posted by spaneu at 01/15/08 20:40:44

    HI folks. Kim here. I've been veg for 30 years. I rescue LOTS of dogs and cats and get them well and neutered. I was a triathlete for several years and did races all over the US. I have bad arthritis now, though, in my butt, and am getting it in my knee.
    I live in northern Mississippi right now, but am trying to sell my house. I've lived in Boulder, Memphis, Madison (Wi), El Paso (only 1 yr.-it was awful) and Atlanta (that was the longest) with summer jobs in Maine and Florida.
    I'm looking at Arizona next. I'd love to get a REALLY big house and live in it with other folks, as I don't want to be married. Or maybe I'll buy a set of small cabins together and rent them out. wheeee!

  • Soyabean's avatar
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    Posted by Soyabean at 01/21/08 11:27:37

    Hello, I'm a newbie here. Been veggie (and sometimes vegan) most of my life, trying to make an effort to chat to more like-minded people online :)

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    Posted by No1_Vegan_Goddess at 01/27/08 02:49:46


    I'm from sunny Califrnia and I began my vegan path in 1992.
    I love chatting with like-minded individuals and meeting great people!!
    I love art, music and beauty and I wish everyone here: Peace, Love, Health, Wealth and Prosperity forever...

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    Posted by katinjap at 01/27/08 23:47:29

    I'm Kat and I'm a kiwi, but I live in Japan teaching English (suprise suprise) to high school kids. Lots of them have no idea what a vegetarian is, or why on earth someone would choose to be vege... I am loving it though and feel happy to have been making this commitment for 3 years now. Next step: vegan.

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    Posted by JillianaXJawbreaker at 01/28/08 00:34:07

    Hi =] I'm Jilliana. I'm 16 years old and have been a vegetarian for almost 5 years. I love animals. My pets are my family, and I wouldn't want anything to happen to them or any other living creature. I'm somewhere between vegetarian and vegan mostly because I grew up with people who are allergic to dairy. I'll take soy over dairy every chance I get. I'm a dancer and I want to go to college for classical ballet, so my diet is very important!

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    Posted by DC Vegan at 02/04/08 16:35:05

    I'm Danielle, in Washington, DC, vegetarian since January 2002, and vegan for much of that time. It's the best decision I've ever made in my life. I'm almost 40, agnostic, and childfree (except for an elderly cat who likes potatoes).

    I have interests too diverse to mention here.

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    Posted by PDXVeganFamily at 02/12/08 22:31:14

    Hi, we are a vegan family (Mom & Dad and daughter & doggie :)) living in Portland, Oregon. We have been vegan for two years, but vegetarian for 13 years. We strive to everyday go out of our way to help the earth even in one small way. We feel VERY lucky to have Food Fight grocery in our town (100% ALL VEGAN GROCERY STORE- Check them out online if you don't live in the PDX area, their shipping prices are not bad!) and as well as many people who are open and understanding to the vegan lifestyle. We love HappyCow and how we can 'map' out our road trips to ensure we never go hungry!

    P.S. If anyone is reading this and thinking they would love to be vegan, but can't give up cheese, or ice cream or whatever, trust me it will be the best feeling in the world. For along time I didn't know what I would eat if I did not eat cheese, and now I am so disgusted with cheese it makes me sick to think I use to eat it. Please take a moment to think about the horrible conditions in dairy farms, and if that isn't enough, please google 'milk letter'
    Thanks for reading! :)

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    Posted by piyush at 02/14/08 03:23:17

    hi aall,
    'm Piyush saying hello to everyone.

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    Posted by teri velardi at 02/21/08 18:18:27

    Hi All

    Just stumbled accross Happy Cow and found it to be really cool. I have been vegan since 1992. We took in unwanted farm animals for a while but are now pretty full. Mostly goats and chickens.

    My husband and I own and operate a vegan wholesale bakery. We sell to health food stores and some cafes. We are small but growing.
    Has anyone every heard of Taralles? They are an Italian baked snack. We make them vegan and organic and they sell like crazy in the health food stores. Visit our web site.
    We are homeschoolers and have homeschooled 3 children. We are currently on our youngest the older 2 are adults now.
    I love nature study and journal nature when ever I can. We use nature study as part of science for our homeschool.


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    Posted by whole1 at 02/29/08 21:53:14

    Have just joined Happy Cow on their website. I have owned and operated an organic bakery in South Carolina for about 4 years, been on TV several times and wrote a cookbook, "The Whole Grains Cookbook" 2 years ago. I just recently moved my operations to North Central Florida to be near my family, who are all aging now. My two sons have always been homeschooled and are now 16 and 17 and are ready to fly the coop! They say they are just tired of "rolling in the dough" Ha! Ha! I have been a single mom for almost 2 years now and am quite content in my own skin. I have used the Happy Cow website many times to find good places to eat when traveling and also to see where all the good health food stores are when in different areas. Believe me when I say if my family were not in this area I would never have brought my bakery to this particular location as there is not much here but the old "meat and 3" kind of restarurants and one small health food store in Keystone Heights, 20 miles away that I actually found on Happy Cow! Are there any other healthy eaters in this area of Florida? Sure would like to know.

  • coolguy_2518's avatar
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    Posted by coolguy_2518 at 03/02/08 04:14:44

    Hi, my name is Jay from Bangkok, Thailand. I've been a vegetarian for thirteen years and I'm sure I will be for the rest of my life. I supply and export meat substitute. The brand is called "Vegievegie". We have vegie burger, vegie chicken, vegie hotdog, etc. Our products are certified and 100% suitable for vegans. We are looking for an importer, distributor around the world. Please kindly take a look at for more details.

    business email:

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    Posted by SacredVow at 03/02/08 18:09:34

    Hi everyone... I'm in the same area as whole1-- and there actually aren't too many people like us there (believe it or not). I've been a vegetarian for coming up on 8 years now and am trying to get my business started-- a vegetarian wedding planning service.


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    Posted by VeggieMind at 03/04/08 11:15:58

    Hi, all you green guys! :)

    Here are two positive and inspired souls, by the name Nina and Jonas, who wishes to change the attitudes in the world by using our engaged minds and hearts to improve the being of vegetarianism and ecology, and we call this project Eco-Vegetarianism. We also drives a recipe-site with close to 2000 vegetarian- and veganrecipe.

    For the moment we can only offer an "about us"-page for our international visitors. But please feel free to visit and send us a regard there to support us, we would appreciate that very much!

    Best regards / Jonas & Nina
    VeggieMind - for an eco-vegetarian world!

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    Posted by halfpintpixie at 03/04/08 11:40:44


    Just popping in to say "Hi". I've been vegan for the past 3 or so years, veggie about 7 years. Living in Ireland on the west coast, with hubbie and 16 month old daughter, both also vegan.

    We used to travel lots and lots, hopefully we will again once the little sprite is bigger. Happycow has facilitated our meals in foreign locations on many, many occasions so thanks for that! At the moment, I'm involved in rearing herself & cooking as many vegan meals as I have time for, so, all in all I'm happy :)

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    Posted by blackrose at 03/25/08 21:34:55

    Hello everyone Great to be here iv been vego for most of my life im not saying how many years that is haha Iv allways been in to animal rights. I love to laugh alot meeting people is great Im not much good at chin wagging Well see you all soon

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    Posted by dragonfruit at 04/25/08 22:22:26

    Hi. New to this wonderful site. I have been vegetaraian almost forty years (38) and remember being told I would die if I didn't eat meat. There were no vegetarian anythings... Even food coops stocked only a few items... For trail mix we would shell raw peanuts, add raw sunflower seeds (they were already shelled. Whew!)and add raisins... That was trail mix!

    I'm a horticulturist/fruit breeder... with three avocado "patents"! (Don't get scared off!) I have two veggie boy teens... and a worm pile that eats my garbage faster than I can feed it!

    Peace to us! gray

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    Posted by Jackie at 04/26/08 14:30:46

    Hi everyone my name is |Jackie I live in Essex in United Kingdom and ive been veggie for20 years and would never go back, I love animals! I would really like to hear from anybody worldwide for friendly chat either by computer or snailmail, I work part time and im interested in wildlife, reading, theatre, films, music, travel etc please drop me a line at my email address soonregards Jackie

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    Posted by joker111481 at 05/05/08 11:01:35

    Hello everyone! My name is Tina and I just found this website today while searching for vegetarian recipes. I cut the red meat, poultry and pork out of my diet for health and environmental reasons. I eat an almost completely veg diet-I do eat eggs and dairy though, but only organic, free range antibiotic/hormone free products. I also occasionally eat some salmon or tuna for the omega 3's.

    I love meeting new people, especially those that have similar diets and I'm always looking for more vegetarian and vegan recipes to add to my collection. I love tofu recipes especially, I love soy foods!

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    Posted by mothersson2002 at 05/06/08 15:48:10

    Ohg I have been looking for more foods with omegas for my teen son. Thankfully, its becoming a big trend right now and is found in many vegetarian products! Its fortified in many cereals such as some types of Total and Newman's brands. There is omegas in hemp products which is more available now in health stores and can be ordered in most cases if not in stack. Many veg supplements such as oils and powders have omegas. Flax seeds also are high in omegas.

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    Posted by babydeviluk at 09/10/08 08:40:40

    Hello all

    I have been vegetarian for three half years and proud of it I make the right decision...I did think of being vegan but I think I need to be vegetarian for abit longer then I can try vegan but I know It is going to be alot harder and different

    Nice to meeting you all :)

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    Posted by mardi at 09/10/08 19:57:16

    Hi All,
    My name is Mardi Wong. I'm from Indonesia. I have been vegetarian about 10 years. Now, I have blog named Please feel free to visit us. I'm here to learn more thing about vegetarian/vegan from all of you. It's nice to meet you all here. Thanks.

    Best Regards / Mardi Wong

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    Posted by BenjiKid at 11/02/08 21:31:19

    Hey everyone!

    My name is Benji. I'm from North Carolina and I haven't been vegetarian nearly as long as most of you. I have only been vegetarian since April of this year. I'm here to learn more about the vegetarian/vegan lifestyle and to meet other people who practice it!

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    Posted by iezje at 11/11/08 05:15:13

    hello all
    I'm iris from the Netherlands. I'm married and I'm 30 years old.
    Because of foodallergies we are both mostly vegetarian (I'm allergic to nuts and as it seems also for soy) but we eat as much of our food ecological and biologic dynamic. Even our meat is like that. And we try to eat local so not buying anything not made in the EU or Netherlands.
    We also try to buy only slave free chocolat (tony's chonellies) when ever this can (our wallet is not that fat)
    We started doing this like 2 years ago when we started to realise that the way we were living was killing the world. We have reduced our electricity bill with 5 % this year and we have green power green gass to cook on, energy saving lightbulbs in all lamps and are trying to reduce as much as possible

  • holeepassion's avatar
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    Posted by holeepassion at 11/27/08 18:20:40

    Hi vegan/vegetarian brothers/sisters

    I am Alexson, single Asian male, spiritual seeker from Australia. Ihave been a full vegetarian for nearly 8 years now. I practice meditation which requires vegetarian diets with no eggs.

    I have been reading about the advance of global warming, with a big percentage of contributions from the meat industry.

    If we are cautious, we need to adhere to the Scientists' claims that we only have a few years to handle this issue before it gets back to the point of no return. The ice is melting quickly and there are islands sinking too.

    I think we need to act really fast, and that the green efforts through green energy etc etc may not be strong enough actions to protect us against the chain reactions of the global warming. Hence, I think spreading the message of vegetarianism, is very important. I am interested on getting together to spread the message across the globe.

    I think one of the ways to do this would be to educate the workers/farmers who are involved in animal farming. I think we need to get straight to the root, apart from educating the general masses.

    I am creating a website for everyone who wants to brainstorm ideas to do this. Let's get together and a better Earth fast. This is my website:

    Hope to see you there with ideas and support to spread this urgent message.

    Thank you

    God bless

    PS: please vote on my poll for reasons why you have become a vegetarian. Great to know your stories to encourage others too. Thank you

  • mzinsser's avatar
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    Posted by mzinsser at 12/01/08 17:46:27

    Name is Marissa. I have been really into eating a clean healthy diet along with exercising for awhile now. I love how I feel when I am at my optimum health. I have started to steer towards vegetarian eating. I eat meat (chicken fish) every now and then. I am actually looking to find a business partner to open up a Vegetarian restuarant in my city. I have years of experience as a waitress & bartender in many different atmospheres. I have a lengthy background in customer service and catering. I also have experience with web & graphic design. Not to mention I love to cook! I am told by my friends I am an excellent cook and I love cooking healthy! I read up on what is good for our bodies and am continually learning. Would love the opprotunity to put my passion into something that I think would truly be beneficial to people.

  • petulant's avatar
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    Posted by petulant at 01/11/09 08:45:27

    Elo all, have just joined. Im Petulant, 26, f from sunny and exotic Bham. Im a vegetarian but am slowly trying to become vegan. Am incredibly undisciplined however so will gladly welcome all the support / kicks up the backside to keep me off the cheese. Have just found this site since biting the bullet and getting a pc. Am keen to find other non animal munchers to talk too. Well, not much else to say thats of any interest about me so I will leave my regards and look forward to speaking soon.

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    Posted by adam95 at 01/22/09 16:19:09

    uh... okay. I'm Christian, and i'm from the Imperial Valley in California. I have been a vegetarianh for 2 years and a vegan for a year now. (currently vegan.) I enjoy meeting new people. I also love to stand up for the animals.

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    Posted by Rachel4Peace at 01/25/09 08:48:13

    Hello everyone! I'm Rachel and I'm 20years old. I just turned VEGAN a few weeks ago, and I must say I feel so much better about myself! I've always been an animal lover and up until a couple of weeks ago have called myself a hypocrite for my meat,dairy-eating lifestyle. There are so many substitutes out there now, why eat the real thing??? But newhooo, I'm glad I found this website and can now connect with people that share my views!!!

    love and peace,

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    Posted by Brainy at 01/25/09 12:07:00

    I'm Brainy. I am going to be 20 soon. I've been a vegetarian for a while now. I love animals. I find it upsetting to eat animals so it made sense!

    So... Lets free the animals!

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    Posted by gosky at 02/08/09 23:45:35

    I 'm gosky....Vegetariany in Bangkok..for almost 15 years....enjoy with all kinds of veggie and cooking(surely!!)...glad to khow everybody here...
    Peace is everywhere!!

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    Posted by Fast Willie Jackson at 04/12/09 12:39:26

    Hi, all.

    I'm Fast Willie Jackson. I'm fast. Although I'm still a carnivore, I enjoy eating at vegetarian restaurants. I used to think vegetarian food was bland and boring, but with some of these places I've been to, I'm glad to find out I was wrong. My mom is a vegetarian, and it kinda sucks that she doesn't really eat much when we go out. I'd like to change that.

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    Posted by NovemberBlut at 04/25/09 09:20:31

    hello world:)
    I'm Daria, i'm turning 24 in couple of weeks, and i'm vegan who dreams about opening little vegan restaurant and delivery. i'm trying to get masters on my two universities, i adore cooking and inventing recipes and collecting good ones. my biggest passions are travelling and Art in all its forms. i'm music addict, movies junkie and bookworm :)
    kind regards from the heart of the Europe!

  • pedrox's avatar
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    Posted by pedrox at 04/27/09 00:42:04

    My name is Pedro.
    I've been a vegetarian for 4 years now. I sometimes flirt with veganism. I'm not really religious but i am not atheist either. My interest revolve on reading, lit, politics, art, music, etc. I am planning to become school librarian. i'm from california. i adores libraries and animals(cats and penguins).

    nice to meet you all.

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    Posted by pacific at 06/15/09 15:07:48

    Hello, all!

    We live in Hollywood, South Florida, and would love to meet a local vegetarian/vegan couple or family for outings to parks, museums, and movies. We're both longtime vegetarians (aspiring to veganism), and we have a 10-year-old son. If you type "33020" into the zip code field on, you can see our photos and find out more about us. Our user name is "vegetariancouple." You don't have to be a member of Kupple to view our profile, but probably have to join to contact us through that site. (No, it's not a swinger site, and it's not our intention to advertise for them, but it is free to join.) Even if you aren't local, we'd love to hear from you if, after you check out our Kupple profile, you see that you have more in common with us than vegetarianism alone. Send an introduction to: vegetariancouple(the at symbol)yahoo. We're looking forward to making some great new friends!

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    Posted by Maeverlene at 04/29/09 12:30:42

    Hello everyone!
    I'm Maeve, from Dublin, Ireland :)
    Have been a vegetarian 3 years now.. I'm looking to improve my kitchen skills so very interested in healthy veggie recipes / cooking tips.
    Loving the site so far

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    Posted by m0nkeymafia at 05/01/09 08:33:01

    Hi, I'm Dan from Scotland. I've been vegetarian all my life as my parents are vegetarian too. I've signed up so that I can find veggie places to eat on my round the world trip. You can see where I'm going at

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    Posted by Bronwethiel at 05/01/09 10:12:27

    Hello! I'm Nicole from Virginia, in the US. I've been a lacto-ovo=vegetarian for a year and a half...and I have vegan days as well, though I'm not vegan yet. I've signed up so that I can find vegetarian places to eat, and maybe get tips on ordering vegetarian/vegan food!


  • Chris O's avatar
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    Posted by Chris O at 05/25/09 04:06:09

    Hello there!
    I'm Chris and I've been vegan for 13 or 14 years (Veggie for a few years prior to that)
    I found happy cow while looking for vegan places to eat while visiting Vancouver (gonna be ther from 1st -14th June so if anyone has any recommendations or would like to meet up, that would be great!) and I think I'll be getting info for all future trips and holidays.
    I'm lucky enough to have a job looking after trees and I enjoy rinding my mountain bike around Derbyshire (UK)!
    Feel free to say Hi!

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    Posted by V_Jo at 05/27/09 00:47:06

    I'm Jo, and I'm seventeen. I've been vegetarian since early November, so nearly seven months, and vegan since May 1st - not very long. But I'm happy that I've started trying to make a difference :)

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    Posted by rebekah014 at 05/29/09 19:49:57

    My name is Rebekah I live in a small town in Oklahoma I first became interested in vegetarian cooking when I came across acopy of Vegetarain Times in Wal-Mart. Since then I have been ineterested in the vegetarian lifestyle it is hard for me there are not that many vegetarians where I live and it is hard to find a community that can offer support for a vegeterian diet. I like the way I feel when I eat veggies and less meat I feel alive and energized and would like to meet more vegetarians who live in Oklahoma

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    Posted by NaturalNut at 05/30/09 11:32:49

    Hello! My name is Jennifer. I have recently started eating mostly vegan. I only eat vegetarian when I'm dining with family, and it's difficult to make an entree vegan. I have made the lifestyle change because I have done so much damage to my body, in the past. I'd like to reverse the damange done, and live a long, happy life! I'm hoping to learn about vegan food products and suppliers, vegan restaurant in the area, and swap recipes! It would also be nice to make some vegan friends to dine with!

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    Posted by turbogirl at 06/16/09 21:21:50

    Hi! my name is Nilda from Puerto Rico. I speak spanish and little english. I'm the only vegan in the house and I am working with my kids making there transition to a vegetarian. I give free vegetarian class in puerto rico.I hope make some new friends here.

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    Posted by Veggie_noob at 07/14/09 04:57:40

    Hello, my name is Josef From Auckland, New Zealand. i am a physiotherapy student/musician. i am very new to the world of vegetarianism. Coming from 23 years of a lifestyle where i ate a lot of meat i am finding it difficult but i am determined. i am not surrounded by any vegetarians so i appreciate any pointers anyone can give me. I am hoping this works out for the best and my reasons are mainly for Animal Rights, but also because i believe it will bring me to a healthier, more fulfilled life. Pleasure to meet yall. Love this site!!

  • Veg-Grinder's avatar
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    Posted by Veg-Grinder at 07/29/09 09:26:04

    Hello everybody!! My name's Barbara,I'm 20 and I'm an animal rights activist,vegan since 2 years and a half and vegetarian since 4 years and a half. I live in South Italy, in Bari, and I study languages (English and French) at university! I'm the vocalist in a crossover band and I love cooking vegan recipes, listening to music and reading and -first of all-.. I love animals!
    I hope to find a lot of people with which I can share ideas, thoughts etc :)
    Kisses to you all!

  • DrunkenCatLady's avatar
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    Posted by DrunkenCatLady at 08/06/09 08:45:48

    Hi. My name is Aino, I'm 25, F, and I've been vegetarian for almost 25 years. I have plans to go travel the world so I would love to have some friends, about my own age, who can guide me and spend time with me all over the world :) So people, no matter where you live, please contact me :) I can give you my MSN Messenger addres in order to chat :P Hugs

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    Posted by stormy_dawn at 08/06/09 13:06:09

    Hi! My name is Stormy, 19 F from Tx. I haven't been a vegetarian for very long. I made the attempt to switch to vegan about a year ago, but lost so much weight, I had to stop. It's really hard to be a vegan in a small west Texas town... No one understands why I'm doing what I'm doing.... There also aren't alot of choices of things to eat. So it's been kind of hard going, I'm making the attempt again, stopped eating meat 2 months ago and am slowly weeding out my milk products. Any Advice or support would be SOOOOOooo welcome lol

  • draeyk's avatar
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    Posted by draeyk at 08/09/09 01:23:01

    so interesting to see the variety of folk here.

    im draeyk, vegan for 20 years was veggi for three months and couldnt justify it in my mind so went the whole hog... pardon the pun! anyway im a self taught chef and live in london now. ive a wee blog at will give you an intro on my approach.

    im now involved in developing local food networks and improving food/growing opportunities for kids and disadvantaged groups. we just opened another community vegan cafe that i should probably list here:)

    happy to chat or introduce folk to london. xxx

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    Posted by happykat27 at 08/17/09 13:19:17

    hi! i'm kat. i live in nyc, write (A LOT), play field hockey, and am a pescatarian, though i strive to become a vegan when i leave home next year for college. like stormy dawn said, it's hard to do it at home when i'm eating with my meat-eating family. i don't blame them though; everyone has different opinions and values.

    ummm... it's really hot where i am. some sort of heat warning. but i'm glad that i found this website! none of my friends undertand this sort of stuff.

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    Posted by Phil X at 08/18/09 08:49:57

    Hi everyone,

    I'm Phil. I live in the UK although I've done a far bit of moving around and lived in a few different US states and Germany for a short time.

    I am a vegan and have been for about 4 years now, vegetarian prior to that.

    I am a musician - vocalist and guitarist in a band.

    Hope to connect with some more like minded people :)

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    Posted by kellymarie at 08/18/09 14:33:54

    Hi all,my name is kellymarie,i have been vegetarian for for 4 years.I thought i would just say hello and i hope to make some new friends :-) x

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    Posted by adilip at 08/19/09 02:07:26

    Hi all,
    This is ADilip, from India and a lacto-vegetarian since generations.
    I'm a structural engineer by profession, practicing in central India.
    Let us interact with each other and work for this great cause of spreading vegetarianism.

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    Posted by Steffi Giraffe at 09/02/09 12:12:04

    Hi everyone.

    I'm Steffi and I joined this forum because I don't know many other vegetarians/vegans. I've been vegetarian since I was 9, and became vegan four years ago - and have never regretted it!

    I live near London, UK, with my gorgeous rescue Staffie, Pixie.

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    Posted by Kogami at 09/09/09 11:12:52

    Hi people.

    I'm Jon, I am 24 and just decided to go vegitarian 2 days ago. I am in school for Computer repair. It is going ok so far, just my friends are annoying me about eating meat. lol

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    Posted by veggie.mau at 09/11/09 22:27:54

    I'm Maureen, and I've been a vegetarian for two years,,.. yes Im still a little bit of a newbie! I've also been vegan for three months, which I found both challenging and rewarding. I mean who doesnt like a good challenge?? Mind you; its only a challenge if one thinks of it that way. To me, vegan is a life change. It really teaches you a lot, espcially whats in food. Not to mention religous reasons.
    | am living a few minutes outside of Calgary, which is in Canada for those of you who may not be familer. I find being a vegetarian keeps me disaplined.. as odd as that may sound. I really look forward to meeting new people and possibly meeting new people!

  • excdnpara's avatar
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    Posted by excdnpara at 10/17/09 20:54:42

    Yo! New to site. I have been vegan for over a year and vegetarian for six. It's funny how you can change over the years. I actually grew up on the farm eating anything that moved! But today I am grateful for being a vegan and to try and have some compassion for all living beings.
    Have a good one!

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    Posted by ashleyism1 at 10/17/09 21:56:44

    Hi Im Ashley, Im very new to this. I saw a video that creeped me out. I decided to make some changes in my life.. any help would be greatly appreciated :)

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    Posted by TheWenster at 10/18/09 01:05:32

    I've been an ovo-lacto vegetarian for about 11 years now. I became a vegetarian after an epiphany while spending a Chinese New Year's at a San Francisco Buddhist temple. The Masters at the temple were great.

    I found this site very very helpful in my travels; so, I want to contribute any of my knowledge to fellow vegheads.
    Talk to y'all soon.

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    Posted by Eugene Nyunt. at 10/18/09 09:50:17

    Hi, I'm Eugene from London (England); I've been a vegetarian since my teens and a vegan for the past few months. Finally completely got rid of very occasional eggs after delving into proper nutrition a bit more, and am feeling clear-headed and healthy. I have a link in my profile to a JustGiving page, so check it out if you have the time.

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    Posted by ThunderHeart at 10/18/09 20:34:13

    Hi. I'm ThunderHeart. I'm a vegetarian and very happy to have found this site.

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    Posted by animalsrule at 11/22/09 17:50:58

    My name is Noah Cunningham and I have been a vegetarian my whole life. I live in Campton NH and I go to CES and I went to Bodhi Tree Montessori school for kindy and preschool. I have been with Happy Cow since April of 09 and I love donating and fundraising.

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    Posted by Clariss at 12/31/09 19:29:43

    Hi everyone!
    My name is Clara and I'm 17. I've been vegetarian for over two years and vegan for just a few months, but I can highly recommend it to everyone:). I come from Prague, Europe, but at this moment, I attend a high school in AR, US.
    Being vegan seemed hard for me at the beginning, because I live in a small city and am the only one on a veg diet in my family(and at school, too:/). After a few weeks, however, everyone started to accept my decision and I'm very happy for making it now. It was definately worth it:).

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    Posted by New2Veg at 12/08/09 08:15:11

    My name is Louisa, 25 and from Minnesota. I've recently decided to be a vegetarian because frankly, I love animals. And if I love animals so much, why would I want to eat them?

  • XMandyX's avatar
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    Posted by XMandyX at 01/03/10 12:12:05

    Hi everyone!My name is Mandy and I've been vegan for a year and a half and vegetarian 7 years prior to that. I plan on one day owning a vegan cake decorating shop... so if that ever happens... come check it out!

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    Posted by fatty_vegan at 01/04/10 21:13:33

    Hi! I'm Marty. I'm a 22 year old girl who just became a vegan 4 days ago. its hard! but i'm excited for how much better my body is going to look and feel. :)

  • kill_cristina's avatar
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    Posted by kill_cristina at 01/07/10 19:02:01

    My name is Cristina. I've been vegetarian for 6 years and recently became Vegan. I'm glad to have found this site and I hope it proves helpful!!

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    Posted by Leandra at 01/17/10 20:35:28

    HI everyone! Just joined the group. I have been a vegetarian for about 15 years now and just started to try to become vegan. But its hard to do. So I need help! :) I have been involved in animal rights for over 20 years now too. I am a big nerd lol Love to read that is. Thanks


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    Posted by bcoffthegrid at 01/27/10 23:42:16

    Hello everyone,

    I've been a vegetarian for 10 years or more now and have never missed eating meat. I would however like to become vegan, like many of you, but need to find a good substitute for cheese. My dream is to set up a homestead off the grid and have a beautiful organic garden including a variety of herbs and fruit and nut trees if possible. I would like to be self-sufficient.

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    Posted by AJLonesome at 03/01/10 19:05:12

    Hi, I'm AJ, and I've only become vegetarian recently. I've had vegetarian leanings for a while now off and on, but I had an experience after which I knew I'd never put another piece of factory-farmed meat in my mouth again. Which, where I live, means no meat. Or none I know of. And I'm very happy with that.

    My husband enthusiastically joined me in my vegetarian pursuit, and we have a very happy home with our sweet little Yorkshire terrier. I am a speech-language pathologist in a private practice working with people of all ages experiencing various types of communication/swallowing impairments.

    As I'm new to this community, I know that I have much to learn, and am seeking tips - especially where it concerns food for our dog and non-food animal purchases that we are ignorant of.
    Thanks so much, and I'm glad to be a part of this community!

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    Posted by Ryman at 02/07/10 05:33:54

    I'm Ryan, Scottish and 24 years old. I volunteer in a veggie cafe whenever possible and I also design and sell AR/Veggie clothes online. (I'll add the link below if anyone would like to have a look). I've also been a vegan for around about a year now too.

    Peace & beers

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    Posted by Natalie R. at 02/07/10 09:13:36

    Hi I'm Natalie, 16 and vegetarian for 3 years. I'm so excited to become vegan when I go off to college; This site is helpful in deciding a vegan-friendly location for college, which is great. Thanks Happy Cow for this awesome veg community!

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    Posted by Gibbons1234 at 03/04/10 11:01:26

    Hi, my names Tyler.
    I'm 19 and became a vegetarian almost two years ago because my best friend turned girlfriend opened my eyes to it. It's really an enlightening and fulfilling life style change. The only thing is we have recently split up and its making me feel well, well everyones broken up before but it just seems so much worse because I dont feel like anyones going to understand this part of my life as well as many others. Anyway I joined in order to gain a sense of belonging and give myself something to do other than grieve. I dont knw if any one actually reads these but its nice to get it off my chest.
    Thanks - Tyler

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    Posted by batski at 04/01/10 08:55:10

    Hi everyone!

    I'm Paul from Stockholm, Sweden. I've been a vegan for 16 years now.

    I became a vegan for the animals' sake, but since then I've learned that a vegan life-style is also great for the environment and for your health and that veganism at a larger scale would also play a significant role in wiping out famine in the world.

    I'm crazy about music and I love travelling. I also enjoy photography and film.

    It's always nice to meet other vegans/animal rights advocates from around the world. I think we rock! :)
    Rock on!

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    Posted by laurakate7 at 06/02/10 00:02:01

    This is the first time i've ever posted anything on any type of forum, but there's a first time for everything right?
    My name's laura, I'm living in Sydney at the moment whilst finishing uni but i'm hoping to move down to melbourne once I graduate
    Been vegetarian for about 7 months now, not long at all but i'm loving it and I feel so much better. I dont eat eggs either, or milk or butter but i'm still clinging to cheese and yoghurt.. i'll probably give them up eventually and go vegan but small steps are better than none :)

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    Posted by OLY at 06/21/10 04:21:27

    Hello! I'm Olya, I'm 19 and im new raw! I'm so happy what i'm here. i'm looking for new friends who likes natural food like i do. I would love to find a good man who vegan or raw like me. thank you! =)

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    Posted by Doyle at 06/22/10 06:48:43

    Greetings. My name is Doyle and one might say that I am an accidental vegan.
    My family has been associated with Beef and Pork farming for a couple of generations. When it came time for me to become head of the farm, well it all stopped. It felt more like a concentration camp than a business. My intent was to become a lacto-Ova vegetarian and ended up Vegan.
    The family was not happy with this so I went back to being a consumer of animals. This has made me so ill. Until I spent months as a Vegan I never knew how ill I felt. Now back on path and developing a drive-thru Vegan fast-food joint. My wife and I have been learning through trail and error. Creating Vegan replacements for the American Cheese Burger and the Texas Staple of Chicken fried steak and Gravy. All done vegan style.

  • maggie moody's avatar
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    Posted by maggie moody at 06/22/10 15:53:31

    Hi my name is Maggie and i am a new vegetarian, although i have regularly included a few vegetarian dishes in my meals. I returned to college this year and wrote a term paper on vegetarianism, before I had finished I had stopped eating meat. My 13 year old grandson is living with us and he has become vegetarian also. We are still working on my husband. I am always looking for new recipes especially for a 13 year old who plays basketball and runs track.

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    Posted by soulfulbodymind at 06/30/10 06:16:16

    My name is Ali. I was a part-time vegan for about a year and full-time vegan for about a month. Before, I ate fish or chicken like once a week. Now, I consume no meat or dairy products. I feel this is the way we were meant to eat. I am glad to be a part of this community and look forward to reflecting wisdom.

    - Ali

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    Posted by NobodyToo at 07/01/10 12:26:06

    Just joined the site--I'm Alexa.
    I decided to become a vegetarian this summer after visiting a Whaling Museum in New Bedford, MA. I know it might seem odd, but the experience mortified me, and I didn't want to eat meat after that. I live in an area scarce on vegetarians, and I'm definitely the only one in my family. So, I'd love to get to know some fellow vegetarians, because my family certainly won't want to listen to me talk about it. :p
    Currently lacto-ovo.

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    Posted by AndyT at 07/02/10 05:25:05

    Hello, great site here!

    My name's Andy, I'm 40, married, have 2 kids and am living in Hannover, Germany. I have been vegetarian for 20 years and am now vegan since 6 months. I am truly awed to meet so many friendly people in one place and will certainly come here more often.

    Best regards,

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    Posted by cookies and cream at 07/23/10 07:06:39

    i'm cookies, from the UAE and i just finished my 4 weeks as a veggie :). i'm ten ( eleven this month ). none of my family are veggies and they are all meat junkies :(. this website is amazing! finally i relate to someone.

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    Posted by mammapanda at 08/21/10 05:19:48

    I'm Natali, 21 year old girl in Sweden.
    I'm vegan and have been vegetarian for a couple of years.
    I really wanna meet new friends in other countries!
    I'm a singer, I play guitar and write my own songs.
    Also I live in Gothenburg with my two cats in a small apartment.
    I'm a sucker for love and secretly wish for a vegan boyfriend who speak english haha.

    Take care and thanks!

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    Posted by jennwith2ns at 08/28/10 17:44:28

    Hi I'm Jenn from California. I am currently a Pescatarian (I eat seafood very rarely) and slowly moving over to vegetarianism completely. It's been a slow, rewarding process for me.

  • AndrewF's avatar
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    Posted by AndrewF at 08/30/10 04:41:12


    I'm Andrew and I've been a vegan for just over two years now. I had been vegan for a month before then to raise money for charity, and from that experience I realised how easy it was and how logical its arguments were. Guess it always stayed in my head even when I went back to meat-eating. Then one day during the summer after I'd graduated from secondary school I woke up and realised I wanted to be vegan that day... and every day since then I've felt the same!

    I'm studying in Bordeaux for the next year so if there are any local veg*ns who would be kind enough to offer me any advice in terms of places to eat/shop/hang out generally I'd gratefully accept it. I'm also interested in spending some of my time directly helping animals here so if you know of any animal rights/welfare organisations here please let me know.

    J'étudie à Bordeaux pour l'année prochaine donc s'il y a de végéta*iens locaux qui voudraient me donner des conseils en ce qui concerne les places à manger/faire les courses/passer les temps je les recevrais avec gratitude. Je m'intéresse aussi à aider directement les animaux ici pour l'année donc si vous connaissez des organisations des droits ou du bien-etre des animaux locales, est-ce que vous pourriez les m'informer?



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    Posted by Jescam at 09/12/10 06:31:16


    My name is Jessica and I have been a vegetarian my whole life, brought up a veggie with my veggie family.
    HappyCow is a great site to find veggie friendly places when travelling, I always try a few out.
    I enjoy cycling, reading a good travel novel, cooking (although I am not the greatest) and watching a film.

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    Posted by ukpaul at 12/21/10 05:11:59

    Hi everyone,

    My name's Paul from London, UK, currently working on becoming a complete vegetarian. At home I only eat vegetarian food but find difficult choices whilst eating out 'on the move'. I'm grateful to have found a forum full of like minded spirits and look forward to completing my transition to full vegetarian any time now. Look forward to connecting with others in this forum and would like to commend all those who have already made that transition.
    namaste . .

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    Posted by totse at 10/05/10 06:32:07

    Hey there my name is Eric Cloptan and I am very enthusiastic about being a vegetarian, I just need you guys to help me make the switch!

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    Posted by Vegetarian Lifestyle at 10/24/10 08:18:34

    Hi all!! It's great to be a part of this forum & hear other people's problems, concerns & solutions.

    I'm vegetarian & have been for the past 10 years. I'm extremely proud & I believe anyone can go veg if their desire to do that. Living in your optimal health is important, isn't it? That's something a Vegetarian Lifestyle can provide.

    I have launched a NEW Vegetarian website as I'm dedicated to improving the experience and lifestyle of new or existing vegetarians.

    You can get your FREE monthly newsletter, A Vegetarian Lifestyle at:

    I look forward to some great fun & involvement with happy cow.

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    Posted by Coruscating at 10/24/10 11:46:17

    Hi there,

    Name's Laura. I'm 19 and live near Toronto, Canada. I have been a vegetarian and passionate animal rights activist for three years. I don't consume milk and some cheeses, and avoid animal ingredients. Slowly but surely I will adopt the vegan lifestyle.
    I plan becoming a Journalist and Creative Non-Fiction Writer. My goal is to inform, and with the money I gain from these experiences, I dream of opening a no cage-no kill shelter and sanctuary.

    I look forward to meeting everyone.

    Take care.

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    Posted by Lil Sprout at 10/25/10 12:17:10

    Hi Everyone,

    I joined Happy Cow about a week ago and I find this place and the people here just AMAZING! I tried Vegan a little over 2 yrs ago but didn't do so well with it so I decided maybe Vegetarian was the way for me to go. Now I'm flip-flopping between Vegan meals and Vegetarian meals so.....guess you could say I'm Bi-Veg LOL.

    Anyway....point is....I'm trying to cut out as much of anything that has to do with the suffering of animals. Just this weekend I decided to give almond milk a try. Love it! I can't do soy due to helth reasons but I think Almond milk will now be my milk of choice.

    No one in my household is Veg/Veggie so it can be a little difficult at mealtimes. But so far I've managed and don't plan to go back to eating meat EVER! I don't have anyone to discuss veg things with so this place is a great comfort to me. Anyone wishing to message me, please feel free. Would love to hear from like-minded souls.

    Peace to all,
    Lil Sprout

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    Posted by Heidi B. at 11/15/10 07:52:28

    Hello everyone! I'm Heidi and have been receiving the HappyCow newsletter for quite some time but have yet to particpate in the community, so here I am :))
    My passions include travel (mainly Europe), singing/music, Nordic walking, spiritual development, natural health, and foreign languages.
    I have gone through various stages/phases of vegetarianism and I am currently a raw foodist for breakfast, lunch and snacks in between, and then either vegan or vegetarian for dinner. So far, it's working -- also usually include a salad at dinner time.
    Looking forward to contributing to the "community".

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    Posted by Ayurveda Healing at 12/31/10 03:48:37

    hello friends I am Dr Ravi Paneri. Born in a family of six generations of famous Ayurvedic doctors (he, being the sixth generation),
    He grew up in a world where his forefathers had set the bar high in regard to caring for the health and well being of their patients.

    Surrounded by the highest caliber of Ayurvedic science in practice at the renouned Sharma Clinic Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
    Dr. Ravi started his apprenticeship in Ayurvedic medicines at the age of twelve.

    At this age young boys interests are cricket or baseball but this extra ordinary boy was assisting his famous Father, Dr. Mukesh B. Paneri with passion and dedication towards the work, hardly seen in a boy at the age of twelve.
    It was this persistence and commitment which kept him on this same track for the next decade.

    With zeal and enthusiasm to learn more, Dr. Ravi felt the immense necessity to reach out to those in need and help them fight the deadly diseases of this age.

    He wanted to help the people all around the world to cure their ailments by natural organic medicines that leave no side effects.

    He could see from the results of his forefather's work and the results in their patient's recovery that the medicines were working without any side effects, unlike other genres of medicine

    All the years of apprenticeship under his Father Dr. Mukesh Paneri and Grandfather Rajvaidya (Royal medical practitioner).Dr. Ravi learned the science of how to prepare herbal, organic Ayurvedic medicines and apply them.
    By continuously improving the formulas the medicines have a unique effects and are made in a unique manner, which cannot be learned nor copied but must be handed down in a suitable succession approach in the form of the old vedic guru (teacher) - shishya (student).

    During his teen years, while learning Ayurveda, he observed the significance of herb's plantation, hence, Dr. Ravi not only learned how to make the medicines but also learned organic farming at the Clinic's herbal farm.

    Adding to his personal grooming in the active daily Clinic Dr. Ravi completed five years of study at Saurashtra University which is well known and rated as 4star University.

    Living his dream, of helping others across the world and adding to his practical experience of many years, Dr. Ravi Paneri has visited major parts of Europe, the Middle East and UK, South Africa to meet and study patients.
    Also patients travel to the Sharma Clinic in Ahmedabad for consultations ,advice, medicines and cures.

    Dr. Ravi feels if he can share what he has learned with others we can turn the tide against crippling diseases by natural organic medicines with no side effects

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    Posted by SandyStar at 02/11/11 10:16:32

    Hello everybody!

    I'm Sandy and I'm ovo-lacto vegetarian for almost 10 years!
    I'm living in Macau for 3 months now and enjoying the food here!

    Hope to meet people like me from Macau/Hong Kong or all around the world ;)

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    Posted by SandyStar at 02/11/11 10:29:39

    Hope one day I can be vegan!

    Altought I already don't use animal made clothing.

    I just need to put aside dairy and eggs :P

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    Posted by alecia at 03/12/11 17:37:41

    Hello All.I'm Alecia and I've been a vegetarian for the last month and I feel great. I decided today to becaome a vegan. My decision to choose such a lifestyle was influenced by the book Skinny Bitch and I am currently reading The China Study. If anyone can offer recipes, sugestions, or friendly advice please feel free to offer.

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    Posted by Salerk at 03/18/11 15:01:08

    Hello, Im Ritchie. Ive been Veg for 2 years and decided to swap to a Vegan life style, I came here looking to meet new people as going vegan I can see as a very hard change because of everything thats going to change in life, including relationships

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    Posted by Double Dare at 05/08/11 12:26:53

    English male, athiest, republican, engineer by profession, vegan for over 20 years and now well into middle age with it. Reasonably well travelled within Europe and beyond. Look forward to the day when England is once again a fully independent sovereign nation and we can tell our imperial masters in Brussels to feck off and the segregationist ideology of 'multiculturalism' has been flushed down the toilet where it belongs.

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    Posted by anne108 at 05/13/11 12:50:37

    Hi, Im Anne from Holland.Im vedic vegetarian almost 20 years, my kids are vegetarian as well, since they are born
    My dream is --to find a close friendship here with people for whom veggie lifestyle is normal.I have some cute friends in Holand, but when we come to point about food, we feel great minus in our relationship.They want me to eat the same food as they eat...but i wish they could understand vegetarianism, compassion and humanity a bit i hope to find here sincere spiritual veggie husband as well...that could be great!

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    Posted by shaneveeg at 05/16/11 20:11:45

    My name is Shane. I've been vegetarian most years since 1994, and vegan since 2006.

    I'd been looking for a ways that I could make my professional work follow the ideals that I follow in my personal choices.

    I've been designing and putting together websites as a hobby since 1995 and professionally for the last few years. But I found that occasionally a client that the company I worked with had a business that used animals in some way, and they wanted a website to help promote their business. I felt a lot of conflict knowing that if I did my work well, that business would do better, and more animals would suffer.

    So, recently I decided that I no longer would work to promote businesses that profit from animal suffering. I left the small company I was working with and formed my own company at to cater to ethical businesses that do not profit from animal suffering.

    I feel much better already. And I strive to help other vegans change their professions to be in harmony with their personal beliefs.

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    Posted by zubora at 05/18/11 06:34:36

    Hi all,
    Pleased to be joining a community of like-minded people. ^^

    I've been a vegetarian for about the last 10 years, with stints of going fully vegan. Someday I'm determined to go vegan and stick with it, but I haven't managed to do so quite yet.

    I'm from the US but have been living in Holland for the last 11 years.

    I'm really pleased to see that the number of veggie-friendly restaurants that I can find when I travel has slowly been increasing. And I'm very grateful for the HappyCow site - without it I would have such a harder time finding a good place to eat when I travel!

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    Posted by AndyT at 05/27/11 04:23:11


    welcome to the forum!
    I was vegetarian for 20 years and went vegan a year and a half ago. Try it out fully - it's the way to go. What things die you miss most when on a vegan diet - maybe we can give you some tips?

    Best regards,

  • coffeejunkie's avatar
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    Posted by coffeejunkie at 06/09/11 17:12:26

    H! I'm new here. I lost a lot of weight in the past few months and have since made a decision to keep that weight off and live healthy.
    One of the biggest changes in my life is eating veggies and fruits...that's why I'm learn more and stay consistent. I have been encouraging my loved ones to make a healthy switch. Hope to gain more friends and learn from you guys. Thanks!

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    Posted by Carol Jones at 05/31/11 00:08:48

    Hi my name is Carol, I am from Marin County, Calif. I am a certified Nutritionist and so was my mother. I am now studying Ayurveda Wisdom,the Science of Life, and raw food as well. I do not believe there is just one type of eating for everyone. I am also a fitness trainer and a hairstylist and mother of 4 adult children who are repulsed at the sight of fast food. I just started a raw food business and am working on the final packaging. I am 58 and look in early 40's. I believe age is a frame of mind and it shows on me, I love life love to prepare food and am teaching my 24yr old twins to prepare good food as well

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    Posted by NinaJezabel at 06/15/11 06:29:42

    Hi I'm Nina, been Vegan for nearly 9 years, was Veggie from age 7 as I grew up on a farm and decided I didnt want to eat my friends( the parents flipped). I am currently studying history and a fetish performer.

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    Posted by fop21 at 06/25/11 16:00:54

    My name is Erica and I currently live in North Vancouver, BC, Canada. I am proud to say I am vegetarian and have been for 13 years. I love to try vegetarian/vegan restaurants/cafe's when I travel. It was not difficult for me at all to give up meat, and I have never liked seafood. I am looking forward to meeting new people here and learning about new veggie/vegan food & restaurants/cafe's from around the world.

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    Posted by ania0307 at 07/08/11 16:07:22

    Hi everyone :)
    My name is Ania and I have been vegan since June 10th 2011 :) I live in county Durham in the UK but originally I am from Poland :) I live with my (still meat eating...i'm working on it) husband and 2 amazing kittys Basil 9 month old siamese and George 3 year old rescue cat. I am against any type of cruelty to animals and I actively support Peta. I love healthy eating and I;m very much interested in nutrition and fitness. Plus I do love my photography haha .
    I'm really happy I found this place :)

  • vegosandra's avatar
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    Posted by vegosandra at 08/01/11 15:17:09

    my name is Sandra and I'm a vegetarian (have been for about 4 years I think) who tries to eat mostly vegan food. I'm new at happycow but I already love it. So much good information and interesting people!
    I love animals of all kinds, and I have a little dog (well, not that little).
    I currently study economics at the university.
    That's all the basic information about me :)
    Looking forward to chat with you all here at this awesome forum!

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    Posted by trinak1 at 08/02/11 19:33:00

    Hi everyone, I became a vegetarian on Memorial Day 2011. Seems like it was the right time. I always had a tilt towards discarding meat in my diet but never quite made the full transition. I was overcome one evening seeing a video that made an incredible impact on me. I will no longer partake in consuming animals that have been made to suffer by human beings. I have never felt better in my life. The whole chat/message board thing is a little strange to me (as a "40 something"..), but I am looking forward to connecting to others who have also embraced the vegetarian/vegan lifestyle. :)

  • jshep21's avatar
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    Posted by jshep21 at 08/06/11 03:52:13

    Hi all!

    Can't wait to become familiar with this website. I'm vegetarian mainly because vegs are my preferred thing to eat. I do like salmon and most fishes, but the cost is prohibitive. My best investment this year was joining a CSA.

    With my Omega Juicer I've really come to like "green drinks", what my daughter refers to as swamp water.

    See you all around the forum.

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    Posted by kaylene at 08/13/11 06:25:40

    Hi, this website seems much about modern well being. Is there a place where I can try to find vegan roommates. I have two/three rooms that I can sublet and I'm willing to barter the sunroom for some help each week. I'm living foods.

  • TracyReichelderfer's avatar
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    Posted by TracyReichelderfer at 09/04/11 18:55:55

    Hello friend!
    My name is Tracy and I have been a vegetarian for a little over 1 yr. now.

    I am a full-time, stay-at-home wife and mom.
    Loves to cook and bake. I like to work with recipes and make them vegan/vegetarian. I enjoy the challenge of it. ^_^

    I also enjoy getting outside if the weather is nice and doing any kind of yard work or working in my garden during the summer months and exercising to my heart's content.

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    Posted by 4mula1 at 09/04/11 19:13:42

    my name is gary been vegan over 30 years, any indycar or f1 fans here?...

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    Posted by ccahalan at 09/07/11 08:13:25

    I'm excited to read the FULL Happy Cow story. Can somebody please tell me how to share a link,I thought I saw the "share a link" prompt somehwere, like review a restaurant, but I want to share an online link to rawfoodist and semiraw recipes? ok maybe you just post it here:
    I am a lifelong minus a disgusting 2year rebellion which is long past, vegetarian, almost vegan. I don't know what will happen in terms of the veganism when I finally live in a personal residence apart from my extended family, but it is coming up soon so I will see what I find to be compassionate, (are free-range eggs compassionate and sustainable or not?) healthful, socially workable choices in baking with eggs and dairy (same question with the organic, is it safe on the cow and the environment, is that cow happy?) I also am a 60-70% rawfoodist, I think (some of the things I "guess" are raw and because of the same energized feeling I get while eating them assume that they are, or mostly). Oh and I'm a yoga-teacher-in-training to be by the spring and same with skating coach-training this year, I have had little kid summer jobs up until now age29. So this year is a waking up for me livelihood-wise and diet-wise. You all are very interesting, and I bet learn a lot from eachother.

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    Posted by Mollie-Evelyn at 09/16/11 23:53:44

    hey everyone,
    ovo-lacto vegetarian-ish.
    since, last month LOL.
    i have to eat meat like every week,
    as i had the brilliant idea of cutting out meat
    while studying to become a chef.
    although the only place i eat meat is in classes.
    so that explains the 'ish'

    anyone from nz here!?

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    Posted by MaliceForAlice at 12/22/11 20:16:41

    Hey! My name is Amberlynn or Amber. I am seventeen and I'm mostly a vegetarian, but the second that January first comes around, I'm going to be 100% vegetarian. (: And this site is beautiful and I thought there would be so much to learn from everyone.

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    Posted by LilTriBug at 01/27/12 08:05:26

    I'm a vegetarian, but I will still each chicken or tuna now and then. I'm learning about vegan. I'd love to share more about a product I really like - SHAKEOLOGY- if anyone is interested. Good nutrition & health is very important to me and I believe whole foods are best. I'm a triatlete and runner, christian, wife & busy mom. SHAKEOLOGY is a big part of my life now and I take it everywhere I go. Because I'm a Triathlete, I need a good protein supplement. Find out more about me on my blog. Let's chat!


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    Posted by TMC at 01/29/12 18:28:23

    Hi all, I thought I had been a vegetarian since the year of 1999, then it was brought to my attention about animal rennet in cheese.

    I have been on a quest ever since I got the news this month January 2012. In my search I have found that many things that are "vegetarian friendly" really are not.

    I am upset and frustrated, and think that it should be mandatory for labals to list the true ingredience rather than hiding them under things like tallow, and detrose.

    I joined the sight to become more educated on vegetarianism. Blessings :)

  • MattTravel's avatar
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    Posted by MattTravel at 01/30/12 02:20:20

    Hi everyone,

    Matt here, I'm an avid traveller and am lucky enough to be sent around the world to blog about my experiences. I haven't found being vegetarian to be too difficult, though I know how difficult it can be for some - especially when flying.

    Being on the internet a lot though, I obviously come across other blogs etc and hope to share some of the things I've picked up along the way while travelling. If you're interested - has a few tips to get you started.

    it was from this blog, I learnt the trick of packing some snacks and treats in my own bag, as airlines are still somewhat slow in producing good tasting vegetarian meals (I've been given a vacuum-sealed apple before on an 8 hour flight...)

    Just bare in mind you may need to check what you're allowed to bring into the country of your destination. So just pack enough, as you will likely need to finish it before you can even get off the plane, or throw it away - and that's just wasteful.

    Anyone else had a few upsetting travel encounters due to their choice in diet?

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    Posted by IBeeJen at 01/31/12 07:55:52

    Hi all.
    I've been vegetarian since 99. I went vegan towards the end of 2010.
    I'm a wildlife/nature photographer with a travel blog where I speak about the challenges and rewards of traveling while living a vegan lifestyle (
    I find Happy Cow to be a constant tool for me on my travels. :)

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    Posted by KatieLove at 05/14/12 09:08:17

    Hi there everyone! I'm still kinda new to this whole thing and loving it so far. 2 weeks ago I watched Earthlings and that was about it for me. I just wantto connect with more people. It's driving me nuts dealing with my husband who is trying to make me feel guilty for going vegan.

    Anyways hope to talk to everyone soon.

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    Posted by PreciousLisa at 05/16/12 07:47:05

    Hey everyone! I turned vegetarian at the age of 5 when a friends mum joked about having their pet lamb and chickens on the dinner plate, when I said Id never eat them she explained thats what I was eating when I had .. And .... And .... And I was devastated - I didn't really understand it all before that. I was veg for 22 years and turned vegan about a year and a half ago when I was shown the truth behind the dairy industry - since then life's just amazing. I feel super healthy and I'm continuously finding something new! I feel like I finally found the missing pieces to my life , to who i am and I feel at peace . Can't explain but hope you get that. Love to all :)

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    Posted by purefree at 05/21/12 09:47:13

    Hello all! My name is Candace. I have just committed myself to the vegetarian lifestyle after watching an amazing documentary called "Forks Over Knives". I was so blown away by the overwhelming amount of data that proves animal meat and dairy product are not good for the human body. I know that I will most likely have some non-fat milk, or some half and half in my coffee, in the next couple weeks, but I will try my hardest to find alternatives. So far, coconut milk has been my favorite! I also am a big fish fan, I love sushi! Please give me some feedback on anything really, I'm going into this pretty blindly and I'd love a little help here and there. :) Thank you!

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    Posted by sandyshores at 05/21/12 15:13:12

    Greetings from The Bahamas!
    Well I have just began my journey into becoming a Vegetarian,its a bit overwhelming on where to start and what all I can use to make recipes ,I have found some information quite incredible concerning by products of animals in everyday use of what we wear,drink,skin products and food aside from the meat itself I mean.Ive been reading and trying to contain it all can be a challenge cause I have health issues that limit me from enjoying life.I began Atkins a month ago and this is what began my mind turning away from meat.I had to stop that diet plan and go on a veggie plan along with exercise which I walk when I can if my joints allow me to make the effort.
    2 weeks into Atkins I had tired of eating so much protein meats and the side effects. I decided I would get a turkey and bake it so it'll last a few days..well it thawed out below in the fridge & when I seen all that blood draining I began heaving!! Actually I got food poisoning from it..I figured it was rather old and frozen a long while.. I was sick all last week with stomach cramps and vomiting..sorry to be so graphic but Im just letting you know how I came to the decision to change my eating lifestyle. I have seen the videos of what happens to these animals although I cant say I will watch anymore as I have a very sensitive tummy to the viewing of these,its better when I read what goes Im new to this,I would love any tips,any info that can help me on my way.I am looking to lose alot of weight as well..I gained the 70lbs I lost before my surgery in 2010 to have a hysterectomy and remove cancer..I have quite a few friends and family here in Abaco that are Vegans. In the meantime I will be reading and asking questions on your site...

    Sunny Dayz,


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    Posted by groovychick at 05/23/12 09:46:40

    Hey gang! I'm Camille, I'm seventeen years old and I'm vegan. I have only been vegan about a year but I totally wish that I would have done it earlier man. I live in my own outdated hippie world. I really dig rock/pop music from the 1960's and 1970s.(The Beatles are my favourite.)Also I like disco and 1970s punk music (back when punk was not fake.)I play the guitar, love to cook vegan food (mostly Indian and Middle Eastern food.), and I am learning to speak Farsi. I think this is totally far out how you are getting to know everyone. Have a super groovy day everyone! Peace and love man!

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    Posted by Bibbit at 05/25/12 15:20:12

    My name is Bibbit and I am a college student in Minneapolis, MN. I recently decided to become a vegetarian due to the fact that I never really liked meat and I researched that vegetarian diets are often healthier. Of course, I also love animals. Who couldn't love those adorable creatures! I am blogging about my new advegtures on check it out!

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    Posted by adorablekittens at 05/27/12 21:51:23

    Hey everyone! I'm new here, and currently a vegetarian. I have been vegan in the past, and cook and bake vegan dishes, however if I'm eating out, I try not to stress if something has dairy or eggs in it. Anyone, I'm new to the Los angeles area and looking for foodie friends so hit me up if your interested!

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    Posted by tanideepavalinawaz93 at 06/13/12 16:01:29

    hi :) i'm deepavali. am vegan and love food, and really excited over my discovery of this site :D

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    Posted by animal2415 at 06/16/12 14:22:37

    Hi all,
    I recently became vegetarian and am working my way to vegan (through lots of research).
    I must say, the resistance I face from people around me is quite shocking. Some say I am going through a phase, everyone asks me how do I get protein? And others say things like 'I understand you giving up red meat, but why have you given up fish?'.
    Does anyone else face this stupidity. I am getting tired of trying to justify my decision.
    My answer is now something like'well thats ok if you do not understand my decision, you don't have to, don't you worry about it'. :-)

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    Posted by Lil Sprout at 06/20/12 07:50:41

    Welcome animal2415! Congrats on your commitment to the animals, the environment, and to a NEW YOU! From what I understand and from my own personal experiences, you will forever be asked tons of questions about being vegan. I look at it as a GREAT NEW OPPORTUNITY to plant a little seed by passing on just tiny tid-bits of information or a short, sweet personal note about why I made the conscious decision to become a vegan. If it only just makes people think for a few minutes about it......that's better than them never having been exposed to the truth. Who knows, maybe something I say to someone today may be the catapult they need to finally take the plunge to GO VEGAN themselves. :-)

    Stay Strong - Stay Vegan!
    Lil Sprout

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    Posted by HomemadeLevity at 06/27/12 06:33:07

    Hi All! I've been a vegan for the last 7 years or so, going from vegetarian to vegan because of the health benefits and my love of animals. I'm a personal chef, sometimes irreverent blogger and wine enthusiast. I love sharing vegan recipes and promoting awareness of healthy eating. I look forward to connecting with you! Cheers, Sara / Homemade Levity

  • ztokarski's avatar
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    Posted by ztokarski at 07/09/12 13:33:48

    Hello all,

    Im Zack and I am a strict vegetarian. I do not eat animals, eggs or dairy but I am not a vegan. I live in Maryland with 2 large wonderful dogs. I love to cook and eat. If anyone is interested in trading recipes I'm game.

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    Posted by beth40something at 07/09/12 21:17:07

    Hi name is Beth and I am leaning green (which is fairly new to me) and nearly vegetarian (it's a process)...due to the health benefit of limiting or eliminating meat. This will probably lead to a Vegan lifestyle for me...It all started when I started selling Arbonne products (health/wellness) that are vegan and gluten free..with no animal testing or renderings. The company sparked an interest in me that has led to needed changes. Looking to connect with people that share in desiring a healthy lifestyle.

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    Posted by 40 year old vegan at 07/12/12 15:24:49

    Hi my name is Karen...and I am a 2 1/2 week old vegan! So far so good but I would love input and direction from veteran vegans! I started a fb "groups page" if anyone would like to stop by with any useful information or pick up on some tips that I've been sharing!

    Cheers everyone!

  • darinacarter's avatar
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    Posted by darinacarter at 07/31/12 04:19:31

    Hello Friends,

    I am Darina Carter and presently living in United States. I am a vegetarian and don't eat egg,meat.

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    Posted by JasminBrett at 08/02/12 01:16:16

    Hi, I'm Jasmin from Batemans Bay Australia, and I'm a happy vegan! Nice to see you all!!!!

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    Posted by CultofKale at 08/04/12 18:49:39

    Hi everyone!

    I'm Erica and I'm vegan. I have been vegan for 6 years now and vegetarian for nearly 15 years.

    I joined Happy Cow originally because I noticed some errors on some local places and wanted to make sure people could find them. I just realized there was a forum here and I'm pretty excited! Hope to meet some more folks soon!

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    Posted by saskia48 at 08/25/12 00:55:27

    Hello, I've been veggie since 1984 and am trying to go vegan. I moved to the east of England last year; I know there are other veggies around but haven't found them yet so I'm feeling ever so slightly isolated... I'm surrounded by meat eaters!

  • TheApfelkern's avatar
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    Posted by TheApfelkern at 08/26/12 04:21:22

    Hello everybody,
    I've been a vegan for 2 1/2 years, and a vegetarian for about 9 years.
    (the "Apfelkern" in my nickname means "apple seed")

    When I was 8, we went to Northern Germany during the holidays where I saw young bulls. My father told me that they would get slaughtered for their meat. (He wasn't a vegetarian).
    I was quite shocked, because I had never realized that before... animals have to be killed if someone wants to eat meat. I had always eaten rather fish/sausages/meat (actually it's the same, isn't it?) infrequently, and I stopped it. (Great choice). :)
    Greetings to you all.

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    Posted by fashionista502 at 08/29/12 14:32:56

    Hi everyone my name is Alicia and I've been vegetarian for 2 weeks now and joined Happy Cow today.I just don't understand how one can love one animal and eat the other.They all are living beings and they all deserve to live no matter what the species.I just can't stand how the poor animals are treated.i will be a vegetarian for the rest of my life.

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    Posted by CLRtraveller at 08/29/12 15:29:10

    I'm Laura, based in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. I've been a vegan since 1997 (after attending an American Vegan Society conference) and was a lacto-pesca-vegetarian since 1986. I gave up dairy after a consultation with a macrobiotic expert. I travel a lot and never go hungry, because I carry my own snacks, and I can always rely on Happycow to suggest a veg eatery or health food store. I've had some good airplane meals too; you just have to request a special meal when booking your flight. I take notes and photos almost everywhere I eat, so I can write a happycow or tripadvisor review later. Thanks, Eric et al.

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    Posted by baban78 at 08/30/12 06:15:22

    Hi everyone my name is Ioan Draniciar and I've been a vegetarian for about 5 years now and I am on my way to become vegan pretty soon I hope. The only thing that is stopping me is my laziness to learn and adapt to vegan cooking.

    I know I just introduced myself and it's a little bit selfish to ask for a favor but I recently launched a book on Kindle called "How I Became Vegetarian" and I run a 5 day free promotion. If anyone would care to grab a free copy and leave an honest review, I would really appreciate it. Here's the link to my book:

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    Posted by greenpeace at 09/03/12 09:54:32

    I am a vegan, a happy vegan!
    I am a waitor, a happy waitor who works in a vegan hut!
    Remember to drop in Tai Wan Brother 7 Vegan Hut when you are in Shanghai. We are ready to welcome you home!!

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    Posted by cipperu at 09/05/12 12:41:34

    Yes i'm vegan....

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    Posted by KENNY CHYE at 09/06/12 09:23:45

    My name is Kenny.I am chef of Veggie House Vegetarian Restaurant Las Vegas.I became VEGETARIAN last December.I used to have 3 restaurant in San Diego.When after moved to Vegas,I did wh0lesale food business.Because of the business,my cholesterol is very high all time.(eat,eat...)I am very happy in Veggie House so I can cook so much of good food to all of you.When You visit Las Vegas ,stop by Veggie House.see ya

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    Posted by Adena at 10/10/12 08:09:17

    Hi everyone, I'm Adena. I've been vegan for ten years last month. My main hobbies are powerlifting and gardening. I have two dogs and a rabbit. If there's anything else you'd like to know, just ask!

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    Posted by DavidJackson at 12/21/12 15:58:07

    My name is David, i am 45 and seriously overweight with IBS and GERD. I am now a fan of Raw food eating and vegetarianism.
    I hope to learn alot and make friends here.
    I also have Aspergers and feel this will help me enormously.
    Thank you.

  • veganguy131313's avatar
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    Posted by veganguy131313 at 12/26/12 13:20:24

    Hey whats up everyone? My name is jake i've been vegan for over 2 years I live in Arizona. Just looking for more people to talk to who live in my area.

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    Posted by Cascadian at 12/28/12 00:55:10

    Hello All!

    I just rediscovered this thread and promptly decided that I'd like to start welcoming the new folks! Here's my own quick intro: Vegan for 21-ish years now - 3 vegan kids & now a vasectomy - Single & Looking - Love Travel & Nature - Daydreaming of long-term &/or seasonal vagabonding, perhaps in a Prius RV!

    What else would you like to know?

  • Longdrive's avatar
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    Posted by Longdrive at 12/29/12 14:28:57

    Happy New Year everyone! I'm Ivan. New to this country (mid-Wales) and this site. Feeling somewhat trapped by a rain storm which has lasted three weeks with respites totalling only five hours. The local dam has burst, rain crashes on my windows, and Pusskin my calico cat sleeps soundly and grows fatter by the day. Hoping to eventually meet some local new friends living outside of Wales' shame – the annual exploitation and slaughter of millions of lambs. Anyone out there who enjoys the gym., hill walking, golf, vegan food, company? I used to think that I was happy with my own company but am finally re-considering!

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    Posted by Cbellamy at 01/10/13 20:52:13

    I've been vegan for 10 days and am enjoying it fully. I'm blogging about my journey @ I work at Whole Foods which is a perfect resource for this lifestyle.

    I have a lot to learn as a vegan, but I'm really stoked to do so. Here's to a vegan 2013!

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    Posted by jmarie123 at 01/11/13 07:42:31

    hi everyone! im jessica from montreal and im relatively new to veganism. it would be nice to meet others who are vegetarian or vegan who share the same viewpoints:)

  • Kate7059's avatar
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    Posted by Kate7059 at 01/21/13 05:55:53

    Hi, everyone. I am new to this site. I was going on and someone on that site recommended this site. I was vegetarian the first part of 2012 and then I had a couple of slip-ups; I ate chicken a couple of times, a hamburger in the summer, and turkey at Thanksgiving but I am committed to being fully vegan in 2013.

    I am currently following Dr. McDougall's Starch Solution diet plan.

    I would love to hear from anyone who has struggled with sticking to a vegan diet or has tried the McDougall diets.

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    Posted by RiceBunny96 at 01/22/13 12:45:35

    Hi !
    Well I'm a 16 years old teenager and right now I'm pretty confused..
    I used to never really taught about what I eat and what I was putting in my body but I was a curious child since the very beginning and I was often wondering where does this meat, veggies come from? why am I eating this and not this? I don't like this so I don't eat this can be applied to what I love too..I love animals. That's why I didn't eat the meat from the animals I loved. But I always felt guilty when I was putting meat in my mouth. And around three years ago I started to stop eating meat for a period of one-two months per year. And started from last year, I started to eat meat once a week then down to once a month. Then I started to really become curious about meat and my reactions..because to others I was..weird. The more I searched, the more confused I was. Then I came accross some speech about was a new word to me..VEGAN. It rang in my head and listening to all these people..really opened my eyes. Their speech just pierced my heart and blew my mind. My world changed. I started to search more and more..Then I came accross "Earthlings"..My world was already collapsing but this was realy eye-opening..I've never seen this world so clearly..I felt like a blind person able to see for the very fisrt see the real world. The illusions..the blinder on my eyes fell off..before I could realise it..I knew that I won't be the same person I used to be..I cannot fool myself anymore..I cannot ignore their cries, fears, tears, pain, hatred, love, lives...their being anymore.. I wanted to shout..I wanted to yell the truth...I wnted the world to see what I saw, what I've heard ..How I felt and feel now.
    So many thing are going on behind our backs or even though they're right before our eyes..we often prefer to ignore them. I don't want to anymore. But I'm still, dead body for me. Just its smell, its view freaks me out, disgust me. My normality is no more like "everybody". I'm now different.. well I always was (my childhood wasn't like the others) but now I cannot hide it. I don't want to. It would only brings me more pain. So many things going on in this world and I know that I may not be able to help solve most of them but just cutting meat, putting dead bodies in my body makes me feel better being a ..I've always hated human..always taught that we were the weirdest and foolish living being (nazism,sexism,facism,specisisme,wars, creating "differences" between our own kind) but never was I so..affraid,so hateful towards US. But I don't think I can call myself a true Vegan ..because even though I can't eat meat or dairy products or hen's periods or bee's vomit..I still wear silk..and maybe still wears some other animal products. It makes me feel horrible, yet I can't stop. I don't want to eat meat because now we're in an era in which we don't need meat to's more an habit, the convenience and the taste that makes us eat meat..Are these reasonnable reasons to kill someone? It would have been alright I guess if we respect them at least. I mean before, the indians used to eat their flesh, use their skin and bones but afterwards always pray for them and thanks them by rituals for their sacrifices. Now, look at what we're doing..talking about them like they were meant for their lives were ours..It would have been alright I guess if we kill them from our own hands..not paying someone to do this horrible job and always asking for more but never facing them right in the eyes and ignoring their suffrance..Torturing them, treating them like they're too dumb to feel pain, love, fear, sadness..See how I'm confused !I was raised like everybody ! ignoring the fact that we were herbivores, giving me no choices,giving their flesh to "feed" me, to make me "grow up"..if I knew that from the beginning, if I knew what it really implied when you buy dairy products, what's going on behing what's on my plate..I wouldn't be so addicted to their suffrance..It's hard to quit dairy profuct (even thought I'm intolerant) and most of all eggs..(but it kind of disgust me knowing it's hen's periods)..I want to be happy. Just like everyone. But I don't want to be even more different from my friends and from others..I don't want this to be "a teenager thing"..I'm serious and it really pains me whent people only think that's I'm killing myself or think that I'm weird just because I don't eat or see the world like they do. Please help me staying in the right path, the one I chose. I want to feel that's I'm not ALONE.

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    Posted by Isabellabella at 05/04/13 05:15:19

    Hello everyone!!
    Isabel here and i'm 20. I'm new to this site. I've been vegetarian for 3 years and I'm glad to have found this site.Being vegetarian gave more meaning to my life.How i wish people in my city / country to be more aware of vegetarian lifestyle and be more accepting, especially in my city..vegetarianism is not that well known of. only few restaurants are available here. So my greatest dream is to Build my own vegetarian restaurant and be an advocate for vegetarianism!

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    Posted by chels2ocean at 05/07/13 21:09:43

    Hello all,

    I'm Chelsea, just joined this site. I'm a 20 year old college student and I am vegan. I've met a few vegans and vegetarians here and there...but I really want to meet more! I'm really starting to make an effort to meet others who I find are like-minded in this way :)

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    Posted by Nella at 05/11/13 01:22:56

    I was a vegetarian for 10 years and a vegan for 5 years. I stopped three years ago and have been getting back into it. Raising a young child and trying to get more ideas for raising vegan kids.

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    Posted by KianaJones at 05/15/13 18:33:27

    Hi everyone. I'm a new vegan.

    I've never tried being vege of any kind but I've been eating less and less dairy and meat over the past 14 years. I think my body just leans this way. I'm a housewife and am thrilled that my family has agreed to 'go with me' as I do this.

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    Posted by erika_veggieloner111 at 05/22/13 18:47:56

    Hi All!

    I have been a vegetarian for 20 years now. The early years I was a vegetarian for a "healthy lifestyle." But in the past few years I have changed. I can honestly say that I do it for the compassion of the animals. I got to the point that while I was preparing a meal for my family (they are not veg), I was literally thinking about the life (or lack 0f) that a animal was living...and in the end it would die without having a word to say about it. Thus, I have become an advocate for them!

    Hopefully someday the world will all be vegan or a vegetarian.

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    Posted by Sophia Pant at 05/24/13 03:08:53

    Hi veggies :)
    I'm a 14 year old girl who has just recently joined Happy Cow and I would love to have some vegetarian friends. I have been raised a vegetarian, and when I was 8 I became a vegan. I was a vegan for about four years when I decided to consume dairy. Six months ago I gave into my heart and became a vegan again and have not regretted my decision since. I do have an absolute sweet tooth, so if you would like to follow me on Instagram, you could see some of my sweet creations @sophiaelise . I would love to make some vegan friends because being a vegan as a high school student sometimes means I get a tough time from friends and family, who don't understand my choice. Also I love recipes for anything sweet!
    Would love to hear from you,
    Sophia :)

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    Posted by SeviNicoleRoesch at 05/25/13 04:58:59

    Hello everyone, I'm Sevi. I'm a 31 yr old vegan with a beautiful 3 yr old daughter who loves my vegan cooking!!!

    I just joined Happy Cow about a week ago and I love it. I'm always looking for excellent recipes, especially baking.

    I'm here to make acquaintances of like minds because I don't come across many vegans in my daily life.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 06/20/13 05:55:54


    My name is Don Lutz; friends call me "Donny".

    My background includes rather serious studies in Religion, Philosophy, Psychology, History, Cultural Anthropology, Natural Healing and Nutrition.

    I've been a factory worker, teacher, author, gardener, voracious reader, bowler and pool player.

    I'm an atheist and have been an advocate for all animals (including humans) for many years.

    Vegetarian since 1975, vegan since '85.
    Retired now, I still read a lot and write when inspired.

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    Posted by CandiceHill at 07/09/13 00:18:56

    Hello everyone my name is Candice and i am also new here.I am planning to be a vegan and hope that i can do it.

  • Report Abuse

    Posted by LaughingRoo at 07/09/13 02:33:56

    Hi, y'all. Being newly single and finally able to cook as I want, I've recently returned to being vegetarian and am happily going through websites and learning all about how to make interesting and nutritious meals. Because my brother and son have joined me in this commitment, I'm starting as ovo-lacto vegetarian but moving them, groaning and resisting, toward the vegan path. :-) Currently living in Israel but plan to return to the States as soon as I can.

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    Posted by Marinamum at 07/11/13 00:36:25

    Hi there,

    I am Shivangi, originally from Bombay, India but have been living in Dubai for past 7 years. I have always been a vegetarian by birth, dont really know what meat/fish tastes like.

    I bumped into this site from tripadvisor while planning a trip to Paris and Spain to look up vegetarian options in respective place.

    Must say it is a brilliant site with loads of info.

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    Posted by Marley1222 at 07/30/13 15:44:19

    Hi everyone I'm Emily.
    I have been Pescetarian and then I was a vegetarian for 2 years

    Now I'm vegan and I love it just wanted to meet some other people get other views

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    Posted by marycherriejane at 07/31/13 14:53:51

    Hi, everyone!
    This community is awesome.

    I am vegetarian, but for my whole life I have been lactose sensitive so I was raised and still only drink almond, hemp and sunflower milk.
    I do however indulge in organic locally farmed goat cheeses and some others.

    I am an old soul in a sense. A new-age hippie. I have an aptitude for being open-minded in every aspect and reflecting as much positivity in this world as I can.

    I love animals (sometimes more than humans - shh)
    I love my girlfriend (labels are silly but in the label world I am a lesbian) & I looooooove cooking I cook every day of the week and love to discover and create vegan and vegetarian meals.

    In a nutshell I love all things wholesome, holistic, organic and fulfilling.
    Glad to have found this website.


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    Posted by cali.skies at 08/03/13 00:16:16

    Hello everyone!
    I'm so glad I found happy cow! This is amazing!
    I'm 21 years old and I am very very new to this life style, although I'm not sure what I would label it. I am on a journey to transition into fully raw veganism but I'm not quite there yet. Throughout most of the day I eat fruits, vegetables and the occasional nuts and legumes, But I still enjoy seafood or eggs every once in a while.
    I definitely enjoy spending some quality time with my food in the kitchen, but I've always loved exploring the city and finding great places to eat. I've lived in Los Angeles my whole life but I'm just now seeing I'm looking for someone who shares my interests and passions to explore LA with me. I'd really like to find awesome vegitarian restaurants, but most importantly I'd like to find community. My family is not very supportive of this new lifestyle I've chosen and many of my friends just think I'm on a ridiculous I need to look elsewhere for support.
    I live in Woodland Hills, CA so if there is anyone nearby in search of the same thing I am, let me know! I'd love to meet you!
    Peace and love!

  • irenespringgreen's avatar
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    Posted by irenespringgreen at 08/23/13 15:13:31

    Hi everybody
    My name's Irene and I'm a lacto-vegetarian. I've been vegetarian since the age of 14 (more than half a lifetime ago!) Boy how time flies when you're having fun! I live in scotland, UK and am currently setting up my own vegetarian/vegan bistro in Perth (Scotland)which has been a lifelong dream for me (and it's finally coming true - woo hoo!)I decided it was time to educate Perth with regards to vegetarianism and its benefits so here goes! Watch this space! ...
    also wanted to say I love this website - it's been so useful over the years when I have been travelling around the UK and abroad and it's helped me to find many wonderful places which I wouldn't have otherwise found. A big thank you and well done happy cow!!!

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    Posted by CamilleSchreiner at 09/22/13 16:43:46

    My name is Camille and I'm a vegetarian (I plan on going vegan when I go off to college). A year ago I watched Food Inc. on Netflix and it's safe to say that it changed my entire view on the food industry. I used to think that the animals were given normal lives on small farms and then sent to the slaughterhouses after a normal timed life. I can't believe I thought that! I guess I didn't really think about it. Anyways, I was disgusted by the industry and quit eating meat. I didn't tell anyone at first, because I knew my friends would scoff at me and tell me I'm crazy. Which is what happened when they did find out, followed by the whole "Are you still doing that vegetarian thing?" question asked every three seconds. In the town I live in, hunting is a bigger sport than football, so I really don't have anyone to turn to when I want to talk about animal rights. It's incredibly frustrating, but thankfully my mom is supportive of me and she has also made an effort to cut back on her meat consumption. I am happy that this site is here! So if you ever want to talk, I am open! I could use a few friends who don't treat my diet like a joke.
    Have a wonderful day :)

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    Posted by AlisoniCarrot at 09/24/13 08:19:49

    Hello (or bonjour, since I now live in France!), Alison here. I'm the odd vegetarian in my family, and drifted into it in a vague way: never really a big fan of lumps of meat, I became less and less keen on the idea of eating something that had a) been alive, b) potentially spent its life in miserable conditions, essentially being born and then killed so that I could eat it and c) contributing to a use of resources that is increasingly out of control. I finally started calling myself vegetarian four years ago (although continued to eat fish until this summer, when I decided that I was equally not keen on the taste and worried about ocean stocks).
    Neither of my parents are vegetarian, and I spent the summer with rural French non-veggie families, before moving to Paris, so I've had to do a fair bit of explaining of why exactly I don't want to eat that steak...
    I found this website Googling and it looks like it could be seriously useful for a travelling vegetarian student!

  • NikNik9's avatar
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    Posted by NikNik9 at 10/03/13 21:09:14

    Hello. I'm Nik. I have been Vegan for a year now. Feel free to get to know me.

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    Posted by Jubileel at 10/08/13 15:08:40

    Hello! I'm actually neither. :-) I have a severe dairy allergy among many other food allergies. I'm hoping to learn more about dairy alternatives as I've only had this lovely allergy for about two years. In that time, I've become a huge fan of almond milk and just recently learned about Daiya cheese. I'm hoping to learn from vegans what they use in place of dairy in many recipes.

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    Posted by Unk at 10/10/13 15:20:12

    Just registered and popping into the Forum for the first time. Vegetarian since '78 and vegan almost as long. Spent a stint as a professional athlete in one of the most demanding sports, so don't let 'em tell you the meatless crew can't do it. (Ultimately gave up based on lack of talent/proper body proportions.)

    Also a HappyCow user since it started based on 365-day travel schedule. Join me in offering financial support.

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    Posted by BlondiesWeb at 10/11/13 18:29:49

    HI been vegan for almost 6 months and it was the best decision I ever made! Would love to meet other vegans across America to travel or just chat with!

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    Posted by eatbibek at 11/05/13 15:59:03

    Hello there!

    I'm an admin of the website,

    EatBibek is two words eat and bibek, what bibek means is literally discriminating from good and bad and making the right choice. In the Sikh faith bibek is an important aspect as it allows us to look at a situation and discriminate between what is good and what is bad and make the right choice. Sikhs believe the foundation of faith, spirituality and religion is compassion. This is the reason eating meat is considered a cardinal sin in the Sikh faith, because one must lose compassion in order to eat an animal that was killed just to be eaten. Having any sort of spirituality is extremely hard without having compassion. Treating others inhumanely leads to a loss of spirituality, and Sikhs avoid that at all costs.

    So We at investigate which foods have hidden meat and egg ingredients. As many of you are probably already aware when reading the ingredients on a candy rapper or on a box of cookies, there are a lot of ingredients that we have a hard time pronouncing let alone know what they are, sometimes these ingredients are animal based and so they aren't safe for Sikhs and other vegetarians to consume. On our website we have a growing community that regularly adds vegetarian and vegan recipes as well as listing which foods and ingredients are safe to consume.

    We hope that users on here can help contribute at and we can help contribute on here as well.

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    Posted by Happy wild horse at 11/29/13 07:58:07

    Hi I have been vegertarian since I was 3

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    Posted by veganmafia at 12/17/13 15:57:06

    Hi all,

    I am local Angelino (Los Angeles native) and been in the veg world off an on since highschool, made the commitment in college (took one year break to re-evaluate my decisions) so im quite familiar and rededicated to the veg lifestyle (9yr commitment).
    I really enjoy the creative and structured aspect of being a veg and now in raw (which is pretty awesome) It has brought new life to the journey, being raw (though not 100% all the time) is like being a Veg AllStar lol which is great.
    ~~~For anyone trying to switch and struggling to let go of cheese--->>try cashew cheese its awesome!

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    Posted by irmimari at 12/20/13 08:17:54

    Hi Guys, I'm Irmi. Today is my fourth vegetarian day and I'm doing well, not craving meet and not feeling tired.

    A little about me: I'm a 34-year old from South Africa. I have been intensively training with a Personal Trainer for 7 months now and tomorrow I'll go out to do my first outdoor 5km run. I decided to become vegetarian for two reasons:
    - health: my genetics predisposes me to high LDL cholesterol levels.
    - morals: I had a friend at university that always said you are only allowed to eat what you are willing to kill yourself. I agree. Just took me a long time to finally make the decision.

    Looking forward to meeting everybody!

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    Posted by webmaster at 01/06/14 11:58:47

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