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Hi All,

I'm a pesetarian, wannabe vegetarian, who recently decided (after reading Safran's Eating Animal) that I am going to try (yet again) to align my taste buds with my values. I really want to be conscious of the choices before me, especially knowing all the negative impact eating meat has on the environment, the planet, I feel really guilty even when I have fish, bc I don't feel like I do what I preach :/ Yet, when I look at back at the times I have failed (or the reason why I have evolved into a pesetarian) its because I am a big foodie, and love the dining experience. Its just so difficult to find these type of restaurants, and dish selections seem to be so few and far between.

I just wanted to know if anyone else encounters the same issue- of not knowing what restaurants offer the most vegetarian friendly options? What do you do? Do you eat out less bc of it? I read an earlier review that said "when in doubt, bring your own". But when you're not a good cook like me, with a busy schedule and living in an awesome foodie city like San Francisco, that's really hard-- especially if you're single :/

If you're a fellow lover of restaurant dining, perhaps some suggestions here? What do you go through in the search process? Or am i the only one with this frustration of feeling like restaurant/dish selection becomes limited?

I really am committed to wanting to be a vegetarian and would love to get any feedback/suggestion so I can finally say, with confidence that I can do it!


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    Posted by Chuck at 07/17/11 07:00:15

    Hey Tiffany,

    You're in luck living in San Francisco! I'm living in Los Angeles and I thought I had it made, but after doing a little research for you I found that USA Today ranks San Fran as more veg friendly!

    Since you're busy, single, and not a huge fan of cooking, I'd recommend a few options for you.

    First, a weekly meal plan from these guys or (No I don't work for them or get any commission, but I have read good things about both.) It might actually save you money from eating out all the time, and you could head home at the end of the day looking forward to some great food with no hassle.

    Second, check out HappyCow's San Francisco guide (ranked by popularity) here: I take my friends to veggie restaurants all the time and they're fans.

    Last, whip up a big batch of a good veggie dish, and it'll last you for four lunches or so. Here's one of my favorites that's simple and tasty:


    1 tablespoon olive oil
    2 cloves garlic (crushed/chopped)
    1 medium onion (diced)
    1- 2 tablespoons curry powder, to taste
    Salt, to taste
    1 cup small red lentils
    3 cups water
    2-3 bay leaves, to taste
    1 cinnamon stick
    1 tin tomatoes, (chopped)
    1/4 cup coconut milk
    2 tablespoons lemon juice

    In a large saucepan, saute garlic til fragrant.
    Add onions and cook until they begin to soften.
    Add curry powder and salt, to taste, and cook over medium heat til mixture begins to brown.
    Add lentils and stir for a minute or so before adding water, the bay leaves and cinnamon stick. Bring to boil, then turn heat down very low and simmer for 20minutes, stirring occasionally.
    Add chopped tomatoes, and simmer a further 10minutes, until thick. The lentils should be soft and the consistency just liquid enough to pour.
    Add coconut milk and lemon juice. Stir through, and remove from heat.

    Serve over rice with lime pickle and mango chutney.

    Hope this helps, life is a lot more fun without battling yourself to get in line with your ethics! I commend you for taking a step in the right direction, keep up the great work!

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    Posted by Tatiana at 07/17/11 09:21:41

    Chuck, Thanks for sharing that awesome looking recipe! I make red lentils at home all the time but have never thought to make them like that, yum!

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    Posted by Chuck at 07/17/11 20:50:05

    My pleasure, let me know how it turns out =)

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