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It's too bad and sad.

Many people in Japan are arfraid of eating vegetables, even if they are safety. Because of "the rumor" or "misunderstanding".

One of my favorite restaurant,"J's kitchen" in Tokyo was colsed the other day. And Not only "Little Heaven" but also many this kind of restaurants fall into crisis.

I never hope "misunderstanding for vegitables" confuse the people and distress their managers.

If people who love vegetables on this site visit Japan, I want you to taste and enjoy Vegan&Vegetarian retaurants as much as possible.

Of course, residents in Japan,too.

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    Posted by Cindia at 07/06/11 01:18:22

    Hi, Yasu,

    I will actually visit Japan in late August and I'm planning to visit those vegeterian restaurants listed on the HappyCow website. Do you mean that some of the restaurants were closed now? So what are the restaurants that are still opened? Thank you.

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    Posted by YASU at 07/06/11 05:43:14


    Now only I know is J's kitchen in Tokyo. It was closed. (It's already gone from Happy cow)

    It was a one of the famous and greatest restaurant in Tokyo,even it...

    Another restaurant's owner told that most of restaurants are suffering from "Rumor".

    So I recomend you to check in advance if the restaurants you want to go is open or not.

    if you have already decided which one you will go, imean the its name, I can call there and check it.


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    Posted by Chuck at 07/07/11 17:57:33


    I had some great food while visiting Tokyo and Hokkaido. I hope the vegan and vegetarian restaurants remain resilient and bounce back soon!

    Best wishes.

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