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The Surprising Reason Why New York City Tap Water is Not Vegan (and Possibly Not Kosher)

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    Posted by Robinwomb at 10/22/15 02:08:03

    These types of articles do little to help our cause. It would be no different than the worms and other little creatures in our gardens that inadvertently get killed or even eaten if they burrow in raw fruits such as apples, or the animal matter often used to grow mass crops for the fruits and vegetables we get in the grocery store or at the farmers market. Lakes and streams where water is often taken from is filled with fish and other water creatures.

    Veganism is not about avoiding every possible scrap of animal contaminent. It is impossible. Veganism embraces the idea that animals are not here for us to exploit for food, entertainment, clothing, etc. We do the least harm we can where we have control over our choices. I have no control over whether there might be some microorganism in my drinking water, other than to use a filter. I DO have a choice to not buy leather or a steak.

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