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    Posted by liliamoreverde at 11/03/12 13:22:22

    Vegetarian/Vegan Pet Food:

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    Posted by Longdrive at 01/15/13 12:50:23

    This question strikes at the very heart of the question: Are dogs carnivores or omnivores?" Some authorities say one, some the other. Some even say "carnivores but opportunist omnivores," whilst others "omnivores but opportunist carnivores." Physiologically speaking their teeth possibly suggest carnivores, and indeed from their short digestive tract one might assume that most dogs would encounter difficulty in digesting vegetables. Yet, some dogs go crazy for veg. Some dog owners categorically state that a dog can only thrive if fed meat, but one must always be conscious of the fact that many dog owners keenly want their pet to essentially eat a form of what they themselves eat. It's interesting that a case could be made out for a healthy vegan dog, but almost certainly not for a cat. Whatever the answer my three dogs (Gt. Dane, German Shepherd, and Labrador - all kept at once) thrived on a vegetarian dog diet. Or did they? They had three cruciate tendon operations between them for knee injuries sustained during play when they crashed into each other. Perhaps, in hind sight, I did not give them enough protein? It's a difficult one, because it naturally makes vegans squirm if potentially they are buying meat unnecessarily. Most dogs LOVE meat and very likely, given the choice, would choose to buy it. Is it right for us to impose our beliefs onto them? I pass no opinion on this.

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    Posted by DuncanDixon at 02/10/13 05:00:28

    A very interesting response by longdrive. I hate giving Nala (cat) food that has animal products in them, and have that thought looming in the back of my mind, does she need this? But as I don't know much on cat diet, I think I have to give it to her.

    The biscuits I give her though, are not directly meat, they have meat products in them, but also has flour and veggies in there.....but wait....I thought they were carnivores, so why does it have veggies in it?

    There is no denying that a human does not have the genetic makeup of a herbivore, but we can still survive on meat (im not saying to eat it, as a vegan, that would make no sense), but it is unhealthy. So maybe the same goes for cats, they can survive on veggies, but it is unhealthy. But can't you get everything from plants that you can from meat and dairy besides cholesterol?

    How confusing. And maybe I am wrong (hence why Nala will keep eating her regular food at the moment at least).

    Sorry, I knew this was about dogs, but if a dog is delectably a carnivore, then this should also apply.

    Any thoughts? or think I am wrong and need to correct me? please.

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    Posted by DuncanDixon at 02/10/13 05:04:41

    *If a dog is DEBATELY a carnivore*

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    Posted by PrincessLuna at 02/12/13 08:48:38

    Dogs are Carnivores, as a Animal Management, Distinction certificate holder, i can say that dogs need meat to survive, its in there make up.
    i also work as a dog groomer and seeing a dog that haven't been fed the right food the animal suffers both in coat health and general health of the dog.

    I have owned both Dogs And Cats, and have always fed them both meat and biscuits, being a vegetarian myself i dislike it but it comes with owning a carnivore!

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