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I recently went to a birthday party and they were giving out turtles as party favors. I took one because if there were left overs they would release them and they aren't indigenous to California. They would either die or cause problems in the ecosystem they inhabit.... I thought maybe I can keep this little guy but then I saw his diet and in their early life they are carnivorous. As a vegan I run into the dilemma of contributing to animal cruelty/ slavery in the farm industry.... I can't take it to a pet shop or pound because if he doesn't get bought or sold they will euthanize him. :( I have no idea what to do!

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    Posted by Mountainmystic at 09/11/17 15:16:08

    I look at this from a whole life perspective. The problem is that the turtles were bred for profit. They were given out as party favors. I know some people think that's a cute idea, but they did not think beyond themselves.

    So now, we have you, Rosa who is vegan, socially conscious, compassionate, and thinking about the turtle and it's life. One person's cute idea is now thrust on you to figure out how to do the right thing. They have given The problem to you. The turtle is not a vegan. It can be fed mealworms, crickets, grubs. You are right in not releasing it to California environment. Also, always wash your hands after handling. Turtles are known for carrying salmonella.

    You can turn this turtle into a teacher for everyone you meet, and how people shouldn't give turtles away for party favors and should not release non indigenous creatures or pets into the wild. Look at the python population in the Florida Everglades. People buy them as pets, then outgrow them literally like the snake outgrows them. Then cast them out to make others deal with them. You are trying to do the right thing, while others are living a self centered life. Not fair, but I know how you feel. It gets frustrating, but you have more awareness. So that is good and will help you grow as a person. One way to look at it. Think about it and do right by the turtle and your vegan life which is yours to ponder.

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 09/11/17 17:35:13

    Thank you!

    I think you are very right in indicating that it would be wrong to turn the turtle situation into a teacher for everyone you meet; the result would be incitement for this to happen again: Sacrificing turtles to promote a way of thinking.

    Yet worse is of course the notion you present with people forcing the problem on you. Resulting in your enslavement you to calculate and evaluate what to do - sometimes blaming "the devil" for trying to tempt you into doing wrong, keeping you pondering how to do right.

    Be provocative and take the trip to where to release the turtle. Yet would this not create a structure of using such methods to send people to specific places?

    I guess the old "if you do something, do it right" applies =} The "easily earned money go fast".

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 09/12/17 13:01:58

    I think the best you can do is that you should not place yourself in a situation like that in the future, thank you for sharing thus I do not do the same.

    I had a similar experience with being "tempted" with saving a kitten that was made very clear would likely end up in one of those cat facilities and sterilized, provoking me to want to save it: Making me think for days, milking me, as to how I could do something about it. Its a cultural thing.

    I'd say pay for transport to a place of natural habitat or to a rescue farm. Possibly bring it to such a place yourself and suddenly my guess is it turns out to be a miracle and blessing for having saved the animal (even though such situations make it increasingly acceptable for such things to take place).

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    Posted by ShinitaHiou at 09/21/17 10:00:49

    At least you made a great decision. God bless you!


    Book is a precious source. Keep reading.

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    Posted by happah10 at 10/14/17 01:45:34

    What a conundrum.
    I would have not taken the turtle,. But that's just me. It wouldn't have had any better of a life at my house with a JRT who has a thing for turtles and by that i mean he will stand there barking at it and nipping at it trying to drive it out of its shell.

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