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Every year hundreds of thousands of mice die worldwide in archaic tests for botulinum toxin products - commonly known as 'botox'. Each batch of botox has been tested on hundreds of mice with the controversial Lethal Dose (LD50) poisoning test. The test is called LD50 because the researchers are looking for the dose that will kill 50% of the mice...

Help save thousands of mice from a life of suffering and send a protest letter to Ipsen and Merz Pharma today!

More info + protest letter at:

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    Posted by AConferenceOfPears at 10/07/12 01:16:20

    With the great moves forward in animal-free testing of everything, and the huge number of cruelty-free cosmetics on the market, it is baffling that this kind of thing still goes on. A sad indictment on a society which finds looking good (if you call the permanently surprised look "good") more important than welfare.

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