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I just wanted to know what the position is from a vegan standpoint with regards to domestic animals. Suppose everyone went vegan tomorrow. What do you think would be the fate of domestic animals, such as cows. Would we let them wander the wild? Is it possible they'd be too far removed from the need to survive to actual make it in the wild? We've 'looked after them' for the last 10 000 years. It's possible it wouldn't be long for domestic animals, before wild animals ate them all. In other words, we'd be throwing them out into the world unprepared, and unequipped.
I'm concerned that a vegan approach essentially calls for the end of existence of domestic animals.
Sure, end factory farming, but would a vegan prefer a 'free-ranging' cow to have not existed, rather than to have had a life?
It seems from the environmental angle, we'd be better off if we didn't eat cows, so for the environment's sake, we should end the domestic cow.
I'm wondering what the vegan position is in this case, has it been considered? We're in this situation, how do we get out of it?
I understand that there is a moral obligation between two living, and, as is required, sentinet, beings. But what is the big picture vegan position?
ps I'm not trying to undermine people's ethical choices, I just want to know what people think

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