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Hello people. :)

As an animal lover and (now ex-)fan of Janet Jackson, I have been shocked about her decision to launch a fur line with Blackglama. She was always believed to be an animal lover, grew up around all types of animals, fed and loved them. According to PETA, she even spoke out against the wearing of fur in the past, so her decision has lead to a lot of questions among fans and animal lovers... questions she has never answered. At least not yet.

This petition is still open, and there have been no recent reports about the launching of her fur line. Recently, few people have signed, but I would love to see the goal of 10,000 people reached.

Please sign the petition for the sake of animals, whether you care about Ms. Jackson or not. It only takes a few seconds. Maybe she will think it over or give an explanation.

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    Posted by TarawrasaurusRex at 01/20/12 23:18:37

    I just signed it, thanks for sharing the link!

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    Posted by knightofalbion at 01/24/12 14:45:22

    Shameful. You'd have thought the Jackson clan has enough money without Janet having to sell her soul to the fur traders.

    No woman looks beautiful in fur. On the contrary, it demeans her and presents her at best as ignorant and thoughtless, and at worst as downright cold-hearted.

    One positive though is that for such a high-profile figure to condone fur gives us AR people the chance to use it to promote the AR & anti-fur message in the media.

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    Posted by 3dayz at 04/13/12 15:48:48

    Great initiative and at this moment less than 400 signatures to go!

    Did you know that, besides participate in email actions, you can also submit your own (local) actions to Check it out at

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