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I turned vegan just after Christmas and since then have watched so many documentaries and videos, read so many horror stories, seen pictures, read tweets and facebook updates of animals being abused etc...basically I feel like my heart weighs a tonne and not a second goes by without an image flashing in my mind. I literally can't get over how some people treat animals, I feel physically sick all the time now. The final straw came yesterday when I read about Hanako, the poor elephant who has been locked in a concrete cell (zoo) in Japan for over 60 years. I couldn't stop crying. Basically, does anyone else feel the same or I am a freak!? Does it get any easier to deal with as time goes on? I will continue to donate, speak out and volunteer for animals but I feel it might be at the sake of my sanity!

Sorry for the long post I really needed to vent!!

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 01/23/16 05:03:18

    It saddens me that human culture has evolved to the point where compassionate people can have reservations about caring too much.

    You're not alone! There are millions of us who share unlimited compassion for others!

    For a detailed explanation of how and why people have such varying degrees of compassion for others, please visit my "Thinkin' Folks Books" website, and read the essay, "Circles" ("Expanding the Circles of Compassion").

    You can also find a link to my site in my Profile here on Happy Cow.

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    Posted by anahidscv at 01/25/16 12:34:04

    Hello Hippy-Han, yes, I have felt the same, and there was a time in my life, I didn't know where to turn to and what to do. I was so sickened, depressed and it felt like I was screaming but no one could hear me. I feel a little better now, but I can no longer watch slaughterhouse or animal abuse, neglect torture documentaries anymore. I have been vegan for four years now, and hope that one day we will wake up and realize what we are doing to animals, and that they are living beings just like us and deserve to live free from all sufferings. To me eating animals is becoming so old fashioned, as to compared to cannibalism, which I see it that way since it is eating the flesh of a living being who has emotions and can suffer.

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    Posted by La_diavolo at 01/29/16 02:53:53

    Hi Hippy-Han. Welcome to our world. You are not a freak, you are human being with feelings, and it is totally ok to feel like than. I have the same feeling years ago , when I watched YouTube video how they torture cows and chicken before they kill them. So be active and support the communities that help animals.

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    Posted by elaine383 at 01/29/16 23:28:15

    Hey there! Well I am actually going through and feeling the EXACT same stuff right now. I had just had chicken for dinner when I first watched just a 5 minute YouTube clip of farmed animals. I physically felt sick and could not stop tossing and turning that whole night. Since then I have become a vegetarian, yet I REALLY want to become a vegan! However, while I still live with my parents who constantly tease and bully me about this decision, I know that I'll have to wait until I leave home in just a few years to do this.

    If you want to talk about it (because I know exactly what you are going through!) then just PM me if you want :) I feel very detached from the world, and every time I look at my omnivore friends I find it very hard to even smile :( You are not crazy and alone in this! And I hope to one day be as strong as you and become vegan...

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    Posted by Vegan Stickers at 02/04/16 12:58:24

    I had same feeling after turning vegan... it was nightmare, plus overwhelming guilt feeling after i realized that i was supporting murder whole my life and stuffing my face with corpses :( And since i'm vegan i see world from different view,i see all those zombie humans living empty lives,destroying everything they encounter on their way just for their own convenience. It makes me feel little better to do something, spread the word,hoping more people will open their eyes,thats why im making those vegan stickers- to spread the word .

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    Posted by JohnWilliamNortham at 02/05/16 03:21:02

    I know how you feel
    I watched a video on facebook where a cow was shredded
    then went to PETA and read stories and stuff
    I seen a little piglet being castrated the poor babie
    Why would anyone treat an animal this way
    I want to becone vegan cause i am tired of suppoeting the abuse

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    Posted by Vegan_Belle at 03/08/16 05:56:38

    I've been vegan for just over 5 years and I know exactly how you feel. It saddens me that animals are mistreated in so many ways and that so many people don't care.

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    Posted by gmr24 at 07/12/16 06:34:22

    I know how that feels I have recently become a vegan and the more I learn the sicker I feel. In a perfect world no animal would suffer

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    Posted by labtech468 at 03/15/17 02:55:52

    I'm going through the same thing. I hope it gets better, but I don't know that it will :( Hang in there

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    Posted by anna_stripes at 04/08/17 17:14:27

    I have been going through the same thing for awhile. I think many new vegans want to educate themselves, and therefore watch lots of videos and read lots of books and articles. While this isn't a bad thing at all, it can certainly lead to negative feelings.
    Some advice that I read said to avoid really graphic footage and things like that. You know what's happening; you know how bad it is for the animals. Then, you can focus on the good things veganism is doing. The advice I saw explained how the author started to follow vegan accounts that posted happy or cute animals and vegan messages as opposed to graphic ones. Hope this helps! I wish you the best.

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 04/12/17 01:44:21

    The person who is on high can only see what is low.
    The person who is everything sees what is nothing.
    The person who is light sees into the darkness.

    Vegans witness all the ignorance, cruelty, vanity, greed and anger of the humans.

    This is because we try to attain what is enlightening, compassionate, selfless and kind hearted.

    It only gets more intense over the years.

    This is why most vegans study Buddhism and practice meditation, to free ourselves from suffering this endless witnessing.

    Most people think of it as a chair. Vegans see the dead tree, the destroyed forest, the dead animal skin from a loved member of the herd turned to leather, and the corrupt social values that would mass produce such painfulness and call it good.

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    Posted by Mary77 at 04/12/17 06:53:16

    Hello Hippy_Han,

    At least you made the right decision. Being vegan is not just for morality, it is also for health reasons. There are many things wrong with this world, but ultimately, there are far more good people than bad people, therefore we can all change for the better, we just need to unite.

    I try to unite people on my blog, not only for veganism, but also logic, and to protect our children from being S.C.A.M.-ed in the schools.

    I recommend for you to come try my Vegan Abundance Soup (all of my soups are delicious, but especially this one!). It can be found under November 2016.

    My logic book is free and for everyone, but especially the cool people who were not educated enough to have the arguments they need to support their logical claims. It might cheer you up and give you hope, knowing you are not alone! But always remember, the good greatly outnumber the few bad, sometimes people just need extra help to stop being brainwashed.

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 04/13/17 15:39:28

    After re-reading the comments above, I realized a serious character flaw with this vegan community. In my previous statement above, it is explained why this phenomenon of viewing reality in it's most terse terms occurs to those whom are vegan. The character flaw I now see is that every other comment above and indeed the opening comment of 'Hippie-Han" all reflect such dismal maladjustment to reality. What is wrong with seeing things the way they are?

    It appears that vegans think somehow it is wrong or bad to have emotional reactions to truth in it's most brutal realizations concerning food and other methods of consumption in general. The Saturnine reality of life is an acquired status and should not be dismayed. Everyone thinks somehow it is bad or wrong if they see a commercial on T.V. for burgers, and yet, they want meat eaters to wake up to the horrors of their diets; such hypocrisy. Why would vegans want meat eaters to see what they want to avoid?

    If you are spiritual enough to be vegan, then you must be strong enough to help transform and end hell. All of this passive, wishy washy, hurt feelings about what photos and videos you may view on your computers in your cozy homes is beneath my dignity. Reality is not to be shirked nor should it be upsetting because plain truth and reality are the fundamental medium that we must work with to initiate change.

    The mind is a mirror. If you place a mirror in a field of flowers, it does not become a sweeter mirror. If you place a mirror in a battle field it does not become a violent mirror. Clean your mirrors and stop complaining. Your consciousness is not created by the reality your mind reflects. Do not be fooled by your egos and your reflective mind. Vegans need to be strong, not psychological messes upset because their preferences are not being met. We are not a community of spoiled princesses.

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    Posted by Enchanted at 03/30/18 19:26:10

    It is terrible to see what goes on, but never forget your voice. Your voice is a voice for those who can not speak. I try to educate people to the facts as much as possible they can either choose to ignore them or act. The conscience will play a part in an individual reaction. I wish you well

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    Posted by betterMonica at 04/19/18 14:41:43

    I totally feel what you do as well. It kills me when I think of who people eat. It's who, not what

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    Posted by NatalieJayne at 04/20/18 07:29:57

    The one thing I've noticed in life is if we look too much at the horror going on, we can't move forward helping the cause we belive in .. I think that is true for all life's issues .. we need to stop looking at the bad things that happen as that time can be used figuring out ways of helping .. if Florence nightingale spent her time worringing about the sickness she would never be able to concerntrate on healing .. loads of love to everyone you have big hearts . X

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    Posted by betterMonica at 04/20/18 21:52:52

    Do some of you feel the same grief after few years being vegetarian?

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    Posted by marlicious at 04/21/18 15:33:27

    Praise Natalie Jayne's comment!

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