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Hello, everyone,

I am fostering 2 all-over-you affectionate, brilliantly intelligent and sweet all-black kittens for a no-kill rescue group. I have hand-raised them for the past 6 weeks, since they were 3 weeks of age, and now I am looking all over for good, healthy permanent homes for them. To be honest, they are not eating completely vegan. I give them vegan dry food from Evolution brand, which they love, and raw fish. I am advertising them here because I want their people to be people who would feed them vegan, or feed them raw, or feed them from brands of cat food found in health food stores. I have been advertising them (with photos!) on; i you might be interested in them, please take a look at the ad, which describes their behavior and looks and ways. Do a websearch on that site for the phrase "Barnacle Bill" in the Pets section and the ad ought to come up for you to see. Thank you!!

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    Posted by Chase Morgan at 03/12/11 08:28:06

    What part of NJ you in? I cant promise theyll be fed a vegan diet but i could put the word out and find them a good home.

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