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Hello fellow vegans and animal rights advocates. Let me borrow your attention please. This is the vegan movie I'm filming now. And I need your financial aid.

Mesmerised. Flying slaves. Documentary about cruelty.

Mesmerise (verb) – to hold the attention of someone entirely: to interest or amaze someone so much that nothing else is seen or noticed: to hypnotize.

Why do we call our movie “Mesmerised. Flying slaves.”? At first it’s hard to find the connection between hypnosis and swiftlet farming. But if we look closer, an incredible cruelty arises. Digital audio hypnotizes are used to hack bird's communication system and send false messages to the birds to force them behave as a farm’s owner wants. Artificially created audio mixes trick birds to settle in a certain place or even make them reproduce. Cruel enough? What about artificially created hormones and pheromones sprayed to reinforce desirable behavior of swiftlets? What do they farm them for? Nests. Seriously, swiftlets nests. Hundreds tons per year with a retail price up to $10000 per kg. And a single nest weights about 10 gram. Do the math yourself. They call it “the caviar of the East”. Hypnotized birds with falsely induced mating behavior build nests over and over again. That's why we call it Mesmerised. Flying slaves.

Please give me a hand to make it happen. Back the campaing or share please. Together we're changing the world right now.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 03/12/16 05:10:31

    There is virtually no limit to the atrocities that humans perpetuate against the other inhabitants of this planet...and yet virtually all humans cling to the comfort of believing in their (god-given?) superiority over all the other animals.

    This hierarchical, me-first thinking has given us racism, sexism and all other negative ISMS, including the giant in the room, - speciesism.

    Things will never really change until our species abandons its illusion of superiority and all the horror that such self-adoration entails.

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 03/15/16 02:49:18

    Shasha Krot- I hope I will enjoy seeing your film. Just hearing about it is an educational experience. To use the same techniques applied towards the social control of humans on animals is not surprising.

    Ahimsa32fa- The atheists and the atheist communists claim just as much superiority over animals as theists. Just look at China, Cuba and Vietnam. It has nothing to do with beliefs. Wrong view justifies itself in many ways.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 03/15/16 05:38:20


    I hope someday you can overcome your fear of atheists, and perhaps stop trying to divide people who care about non-human animals.

    Isn't labeling another's viewpoint as "wrong" a bit judgmental and intolerant?

    It's rather simplistic to lump all atheists into one homogenous group, just as it is to lump all "believers" into one mindset. I'm an atheist who does not believe in the superiority of men over women, "white" over people of color, one religion over another, or one species over another. I go into some detail about this in my books.

    By the way, the nations you consider "communist" and atheistic are in reality neither. If China is communist how do you explain the huge amount of capitalist trading they do with the US? China is made up of millions of Buddhists, Taoists and Christians, as well as atheists and agnostics.

    You might be surprised to learn how many full-time animal rights activists and award-winning authors are not believers. They work with Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Muslims, etc. to fight against cruelty to sentient beings.

    Let's work together rather than create divisiveness among the compassionate.

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 03/15/16 22:13:39


    Since you do not seem to accept responsibility for what you have written, let me quote you:

    " ...yet virtually all humans cling to the comfort of believing in their (god-given?) superiority over all the other animals."

    This is what you wrote! And in the next paragraph you show disdain for "speciesism." Yet it is apparent you would like a purge of all who believes in "god."

    Can you not see through your own hypocrisy?

    Then you misinterpret, insult and attack me as you espouse pseudo tolerance.

    You claim China is diverse and attack me for lumping the Chinese under a flag of Communist atheism, but their national flag is Communist and their national creed is atheism. I did not mention the Chinese people, I only mentioned China which is a place.

    As far as their current economic affairs and religious demographics are concerned, one really should read a bit of their history before making so many ridiculous assumptions. As many as 60 million Taoists, Buddhists, Confucianists, Muslims, Ancestor Worshipers and Christians were killed under Mao and purges continue to this day in regions such as Tibet. The People's Republic of China may permit limited capitalism under state control for now, but that is a small aspect of their centralized authority apparatus.

    I have told you in the past I am not upset by your obvious atheism, it is your problem not mine.
    I do not appreciate your bigotry against people of faith, however, and I find it very distasteful. But then you state:

    "Isn't labeling "ANOTHER'S" viewpoint as "wrong" a bit judgmental and intolerant?"

    As you attack my viewpoint as wrong showing your gross intolerance.

    I never said anything about "another" person. Read more carefully, I was talking about views only. You assume a lot in order to attack so as to steal the higher moral ground in a power grab that you use to tower above others. It truly is laughable. It also is hypocrisy when one considers your argument against speciesism and pro pseudo tolerance.

    I wrote 4 sentences and received a 6 paragraph attack. Do you really want the viewing audience to believe that you and all atheists are good with this tactic?

    As far as working together is concerned, I thought we always had. Perhaps your lack of integrity has blinded you to this reality.

    If you want me to accept you are not a speciesist, you might try to tone down your wanton, carnal desire to destroy other people's faith and belief systems and viewing them as defective or inadequate for sustaining such feelings. For most people, all they truly have left in life is their beliefs and faith. And you would step on that?

    As far as award winning non believers are concerned, I have seen plenty of corruption amid the famous and successful class of mutual back patters who give each other awards. The last thing we need is another trophy for people that profit off of the suffering of animals. This is one of the reasons I do not read your tired books.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 03/16/16 08:53:51


    I guess all the positive reviews I've received of my books are just from stupid people.

    May I suggest that you read my comments more slowly before responding with a barrage of insults.

    Have a nice day.

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 03/17/16 11:40:22


    Still self promoting those books? Maybe this undeserved victim shill will pay off. Good luck with that.

    It is very amusing how you feel insulted. I wrote four short sentences. You then tried to correct me with an insulting tone calling me fearful, divisive, judgemental, intolerant and simple minded. Then you rush to the higher ground of pseudo tolerance and self adulation to tower above me in judgement.

    All I did in my last comment was to defend myself, countering each of the wrongful things you wrote. I did not create any new concepts, I simply responded to your 6 paragraph attack.

    And what is your response? To call me insulting and to use this opportunity to cast yourself as a victim to further promote your book. And let us not forget, you also refer to some of your reading audience as dummies which might be accurate.

    We have engaged in this outflow of conflict many times in this forum. Each time you side swipe or attack faith, belief, religion or theism and I disagree. You then attack me as I defend.

    The only thing you have accomplished is to show how deceptive, belligerent and lacking in compassion you and, probably, atheists in general are. To then write a book about speciesism as though you are the appointed one to determine what is life and what are exploitable resources is more than odd, it is playing the role of God; a most peculiar role for a disrespectful atheist.

    Will you please stay with the topic of Vegan lifestyles for this forum?

    Please promote your false critiques of other people's cultures and beliefs in the privacy of your own home.

    And please, try to sell your ridiculous books on Amazon and not in this forum. You look so cheesy selling a book on speciesism when you have already appeared as such an arrogant atheist elitist.

    May I suggest you read my comments.

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 03/17/16 11:51:13


    You have cleverly edited your most recent post to exclude your insults to make my response look bad.

    I will let my response stand as a testimony to your deception.

    You are not a good person.

    This is the second time you have engaged in this manner in this topic forum.

    You obviously lack integrity or you would have left your posts as originally written.

    I did not make a mistake of tactics, I do not need tactics.

    What you have done is tactical and low minded.

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