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We are undertaking a project to address the feral dog problem in Madagascar's rainforests. We are undertaking a capture, spay/neuter, vaccinate, and relocation program to find new homes for feral dogs and improve biodiversity conservation in Madagascar.
We are trying to raise funds for this via crowdsourcing (Here is our Indiegogo )
Or just go to Indiegogo and type in "Mad Dog Initiative"

If you know of any other possible sources of funding from Animal Rights organizations or something similar we would greatly appreciate the feedback.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 04/09/14 11:17:32

    My best friend Jacob sired a litter of pups when he was still a pup back in 1973. I've never been a fan of castration, so I found a vet to do a vasectomy. I've never regretted the choice to prevent unwanted litters, while not denying my boy the pleasure of sex for his fourteen years.

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    Posted by The Hammer at 04/29/14 02:02:18

    a feral dog problem in a rainforest? That is odd, usely a dog problem exusts around human habitations where they live off what people give them..
    Also, In Gods Noble Name, how ever are you going to find Loving Homes for feral dogs in a country like Madagascar? Not to mention the FACT that feral dogs are not pet dogs and cant live in homes.
    I say let them roam free they will control themsleves, no need for humans to label them as problem, castrate them, and lock them up until eternity.

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