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For the information of those living in or traveling to France...

Le Petit Marseillais is a haircare, skincare and soap brand prominently available in supermarkets in France, and while they may profess that they do not test on animals... (direct quote from an email I received from them)

"Nous vous confirmons que nous ne pratiquons pas de tests sur les animaux conformément à la réglementation en vigueur.
Nous avons mis au point un programme complet de méthodes substitutives permettant de valider la parfaite tolérance et l'efficacité de nos produits.
Nos produits sont testés sur des personnes consentantes et poly sensibilisés.
Nous ne sommes pas sur la liste de la Coalition européenne des marques qui sont opposées aux tests car nous ne souhaitons pas nous prononcer sur ce sujet polémique encore délicat. Soyez assuré que nous sommes totalement contre la vivisection et que nous ne la pratiquons en aucun cas."

... this brand is owned by Johnson & Johnson, a company well known for testing on animals.
There is a previous post on this forum stating that Le Petit Marseillais is a vegan brand, and while that may well be technically true, J&J, the company to whom the profits of purchasing these products ultimately goes, are far from a vegan company.

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    Posted by alexandra_vegan at 04/26/17 11:44:53

    The company doesn't have any official statement on their webpage regarding animal testing and has no certification whatsoever (Leaping Bunny is a free certification!).
    There is no info available about which products are vegan and which not.
    This is the same practice all major companies that test on animal have: don't say anything about the topic.
    Therefore the company is not trustworthy .

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