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Very upset and displeased from the lack of care and compassion the local Akron Humane society shows for the well being of animals. The home next to mine was vacated by the residents who left their little girl cat behind. She was in the empty house without food or water and I would see her come out onto the roof through a broken window I had been putting food out for her. After some days workers came into the house to clean or look it over, at which time I witnessed one worker trying to kick and harm the cat outside. I have called the Humane society who states "We rescue and rehabilitate sick, injured, abused and abandoned animals, and find new homes for them" on their site. However after making a phone call to them on Saturday and explaining the situation I was only told there was nothing they can do and refereed to call another number, at which time I did so only to find out it was a service to remove animals from your home with a fee of $150.
Again today Wednesday the 29th I call the Humane society of Akron to speak with them about this problem. Only to talk to a supervisor who ONLY seems to have an excuse for everything I say as to why they can't do anything, then she hangs the phone up on me when I recite their statement posted above. I call back only to be very rudely spoke to and pawned off to Animal Control who in turn gives me the run around and has every excuse in the book as to why they can't do anything.
I am OUTRAGED as an animal lover and parent to FIVE rescue animals of my own. I want to know if they are not in the business of caring for animals as they say then what do they do? And tell me who can do anything for a situation like this to save the life of an animal who was clearly abandoned and left behind and then abused? something needs to be done about this kind of situation because I am sure it is not the only time this has happened. People need to be accountable for their actions as well their lack of actions in some cases. Speak up and let me know who to turn to.

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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 09/29/10 19:33:17

    + ......I witnessed one worker trying to kick and harm the cat outside. +

    + People need to be accountable for their actions as well their lack of actions in some cases. +

    You have answered your own question Ramone.

    You were (and still probably can be) the solution to the little cat's problem.

    Act sanely!

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    Posted by CandyKisses at 10/07/10 22:25:01

    I tried the same thing with many humane societies.I cannot walk well with out a walker,but I spotted these beautiful cats in an old half fallen barn,I went to feed them every day & such loving little kitties,I asked the animal officer in New Hampshire if he would collect up these many feral cats in an old barn in his area,he said feral? I said yes that only means they are considered wild but they are the sweetest.......I never got to finish my words when he said I would have to wear gloves?then go home after collecting them up and take a shower? etc.I said the cats clean them selves well;this conversation went on for quite some time,he finally said he would check into it & have some one right on it.Every day I still went & fed them & no one showed up to see about the situation,so I did my very best to collect all the cats & brought them home with me,of course most of them died after a year or two but the short time to them in my home & yard was worth a million words no one can ever express the gratitude in the eyes of these helpless kitties so dependant on humans,so far & few inbetween.Here is a wonderful web site full of poems especially about animals.Be sure to read a great story written by Jim Willis....five stars,html

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