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I know someone who has a pet-a cat to be exact; all this person has left in this world is the cat. Anyway, the cat needs medical care, and the person (I'll call her Lacie), has called every veterinarian she possibly could, begging for someone to please take a look at the poor thing, and at least stabilize it, and Lacie will make a payment in a couple of days. Every single vet completely refused to consider helping this woman out, demanding payment upfront. Now I am shocked at this, especially because I thought that people became vets to help animals in need of attention. As it turns out, it does appear that vets only care because they get paid to. Lacie did try to apply for a CareCredit card, was denied, asked friends and family, nope; tried taking out a loan, denied. This post may do absolutely nothing to change the system or how people think, but my opinion is this: I think it should be illegal for vets to refuse emergency medical care; just as it is illegal for an emergency room to refuse emergency medical care to humans. Yes, vets have a business to run, but so do hospitals for people. It definitely shouldn't be only about money.

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    Posted by ameliarose15 at 12/18/17 23:39:03

    This is an update to my post yesterday: Lacie's beloved cat passed away this morning, 3 hours before a life-saving vet appointment. It turns out that help came too late. There are way too many people in this world that value money over life and honestly, all of the veterinarians that told Lacie that money comes first, should be ashamed of themselves and what they've done not only to someone already suffering, but to a family with so much love and compassion.

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