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The dolphins are dying and there is something we can do about it! We have to stop the pollution of the oceans, we have to control the fishing of dolphins and we have to stop using dolphins for our amusement.


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    Posted by Robinwomb at 09/25/16 14:00:48

    Thank you for sharing! The ocean is in turmoil in many ways due to humans overfishing with vast nets, and the demand for the body parts of various creatures such as dolphins and whales. We dump millions of gallons of toxic waste into the ocean as well (including runoff from factory farms and animal agriculture). The ocean is vital for all life on the planet, and it's slow demise will eventually wipe us all out. there are many organizations working to end the capture and/or slaughter of many of the creatures of the ocean, including dolphins. Have you ever heard of the organization called The Sea Shepherd? They have done some awesome work on the front lines!

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