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"Heparin is derived from pig intestines, and China is the world's leading supplier. Tiny family-run workshops near slaughterhouses send batches of raw ingredients to larger middlemen before they reach factories."
Heparin, a highly-sulfated glycosaminoglycan, is widely used as an injectable anticoagulant and has the highest negative charge density of any known biological molecule. It can also be used to form an inner anticoagulant surface on various experimental and medical devices such as test tubes and renal dialysis machines. Pharmaceutical grade heparin is derived from mucosal tissues of slaughtered meat animals such as porcine (pig) intestine or bovine (cow) lung.
In addition to the bovine and porcine tissue from which pharmaceutical-grade heparin is commonly extracted, heparin has also been extracted and characterised from the following species:

Dromedary camel.
Fresh water mussel.
Mangrove crab.
Sand dollar.

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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 03/24/08 00:08:28

    Oops - just noticed that I somehow lost half of the post!
    Now I must search for it again.
    The news is full of articles about deaths from contaminated Heparin.
    "However, the majority of the crude heparin industry in China is based on a largely un-regulated cottage industry of small houses numbering into the thousands, where workers and sometimes entire families process crude heparin from the intestines of pigs in less-than-ideal conditions. An outbreak of blue ear pig disease last year may have contributed to the problem.

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    Posted by Tatiana at 03/27/08 18:44:28

    Another medication with animal parts:

    Preparation H is made with shark liver oil

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    Posted by Rafael at 03/28/08 01:13:17

    Gross - I am going to have to start to do some serious "Googling" every time that I need med's in future!

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