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Hey Guys,
the above link is to a topic that i find myself swaying back and forth on and thought it would be great to get others involved as well. Whales in do you feel about setting them free into a world in which they have never known and expect them to live.please whatch an tell me what you think.i would hate to see another one of these beautiful creatures vanish

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    Posted by shearwater at 03/03/10 19:03:34

    This is a tough decision because we ultimately are taking an impossible situation and trying to do right. It was wrong to take an orca from the wild, which Tilly was, and it would be wrong to just dump a captive orca back in the ocean without rehabilitation. Ric O'Barry has successfully rehabilitated and released captive dolphins back into the wild.

    Jean-Michel Cousteau who helped rehabilitate and free Keiko released a statement this week saying he still believes the same can be done for other captive orcas. Although Keiko eventually died of a pneumonia-like illness he did learn to catch and eat live fish and he spent his remaining time free in the oceans rather than in a swimming pool performing where, as with all orcas in captivity, his lifespan would have been considerably shortened anyway.

    Cousteau still believes it's worth the attempt but says if any are unable to be released they should be cared for in the best of conditions possible without any more performing or captive breeding. This is where large sea pens swimming with other captive orcas, much along the line of elephant sanctuaries like PAWS, might be the best option.

    These orcas have made a lot of money for marine mammal parks so when they point out all the reasons they want to keep orcas performing remember there's a lot of money involved. But it's time to make these parks do right by the orcas.

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    Posted by Albert P at 03/07/10 10:52:47

    This is such a shame, no wild animal should be kept captive in the first place. In order to correct this they need to stop breeding and collecting wild animals in Zoo's, circuses and marine parks. Problem with releasing these animals is that they have lost their ability to hunt on their own. If they could be taught and returned GREAT if not they need to be put in some sort of sanctuary, where they can be cared for with respect and allowed to finish out their lives as natural a way as can be provided. Problem is these Zoo's and parks use these animals to draw in so many people, and those people are contributing to the inhumane treatment with out even realizing it.

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    Posted by Lae at 03/26/10 13:44:12

    I really can't add anything more to the already good responses. Rehabilitation and release seems the only solution to me and if they can't be rehabilitated for whatever reason, health or otherwise, then they should be cared for. Cared for not put on a stage to perform. I really don't think that performing is what animals like to do and I consider it a form of animal cruelty. Animals should never be made captive. So here ere we are trying to right a wrong and make the best of a horrific situation we created in the first place. We took orcas from the wild for scientific purposes (not a good excuse) and there is evidence that ''in captivity their behaviour becomes abnormal - even pathological,'' says Cousteau, which is no surprise. Wouldn't you become odd if you were used to swim for hundred of miles a day and suddenly there's no where for you to swim to? I think talking about the issue is fine, but talking should be swiftly followed by action, positive action for all the animals kept captive and who would unquestionably prefer to be free.

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    Posted by CandyKisses at 09/27/10 22:38:43

    I agree with all well written posts.
    I wonder how it would feel to the capturers to be in captivity? To be forced to breed with some ugly human being that maybe looks like a space ship still in orbit.........

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