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Has anyone here been to one of the Farm Sanctuary sites?

I got on their mailing list through one of their marches that I attended about a year ago, and ever since I've been getting requests for money from them on a very regular basis.

I can't say quite why---I know fundraising is tough, especially on an issue like this. It's not like cancer research, which everyone supports. But I just wanted to see what other people's impression of this organization is. Is it well run? Are they doing what they claim to do?


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    Posted by Sonja and Dirk at 06/16/10 20:14:59

    I have been a member of Farm Sanctuary for years. I have visited their Orland, CA location. They were the first farm animal sanctuary in the country I believe. It was founded by Gene Baur and Lorri Houston. They have since divorced with Gene running Farm Sanctuary now. Lorri started Animal Acres in LA and she runs it very similar to Farm Sanctuary. I was just at their Hoe Down last Saturday in fact. They both do rescues, vegan education, and other forms of advocacy, including tours of the farms. Yes, they fundraise and have various events to do so. I try to participate in these when possible. I generally only get letters requesting money for my annual membership and for the renewal of my sponsored animals. They are funded by private donations and fundraising only. I highly recommend both organizations and they have devoted their lives to the animals. Many people have been influenced through their good work and visiting the farms to see all the rescued animals. Go see for yourself. :-)

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    Posted by Beankyu at 06/21/10 20:25:36

    That's interesting story that I wish I had a chance like that.

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