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I am extremely bothered by animal experiments and testings. I go on for days and weeks, continue thinking about it. I just recently saw pictures of monkeys used on experiments for head transplants. I can't imagine, the extreme of suffering and death inflicted on these innocent beings. Why are we doing this? Its so senseless, and it doesn't help us humans solve anything. Has anyone had any experience in writing letters and who do you write letters to demand to stop this nightmarish acts?

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    Posted by Robinwomb at 02/10/16 02:30:02

    I have not personally written any letters, but you could choose to write popular cosmetic companies, or drug companies, or companies that make cleaning supplies. You could even start a petition. is an online petition site that is popular.

    Also, support organizations like the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine who fight on a large scale level to end animal testing in the medical field.

    The best thing you can do on an individual level is to avoid as much as possible buying and using products tested on animals. Look for labels that say free of animal testing and products. Research companies who are committed to not testing on animals and support them. And of course, embrace veganism!

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 02/10/16 06:02:06

    Some useful books addressing vivisection...

    "The Naked Empress"
    "1,000 Doctors Against Vivisection"
    "Slaughter of the Innocent"
    by Hans Reusch

    "Animal Liberation"
    by Peter Singer

    "Animal Experimentation"
    by Moneim Faladi

    "Laboratory Animal Husbandry"
    by Michael Fox

    "Specious Science"
    "What Will We Do if We Don't Experiment on Animals"
    "FAQ About the Use of Animals in Science"
    "Sacred Cows & Golden Geese"
    "Animal Models in the Light of Evolution"
    by Ray Greek

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    Posted by Woodoo at 02/10/16 09:07:26

    I've only written the petitions to stop the experiments.. I'm not sure if letters could change anything..

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    Posted by anahidscv at 02/16/16 12:09:10

    Thank you to all, very much aware of all of it. I have been vegan and use only cruelty free products, both cosmetics and household products. But even then, its still not enough and the industry still continues to test on animals. My message is that there needs to be a global effort to stop this, not just a few thousand caring individuals. We all need to step in, vegan or not.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 02/17/16 05:16:46


    The Mobilization For Animals held rallies in 1983 that involved hundreds of thousands world-wide.

    The vivisection industry responded with gag laws and parts of the Homeland Security Act that demonize environmentalists, animal rights activists and many others.

    The pharmaceutical, medical device, food and other industries continue to torture and kill millions of non-human animals every year. They do a better job hiding their atrocities than they used to.

    How many anti-vivisectionist speakers do you see on TV?

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    Posted by anahidscv at 02/18/16 09:07:46

    That is exactly what I am speaking of ahimsa. It is the big corporations that have been controling the industry, all hidden from the public. This is just like the tobacco industry, eventually the truth will come out. The government has to pass laws to protect the animals. From what I hear some of these tests done on animals are not conclusive, and just a waste of time and waste of innocent life. Animals are not an object, they are living beings, for crying out loud, this is the 21st century, we need to stop the old thinking and move away from that.

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    Posted by Bluecheese at 03/08/16 01:33:11

    Yes, I agree to the laws that protect animals. It must be approved immediately. Killing and experimenting of animals of all sorts are rampant nowadays. I think, we must be aware and do something about it. Let us show respect to animals. They must be treated correctly. Personally, I can't bear to see them to be there for testings just for a research.

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    Posted by Jaileen at 07/07/16 09:06:17

    In fact, just for testing many products scientist appeal to the different kind of animals. I want to teach this theme thanks to [][/url], but there is no sense. Of course it's cruel, but we must agree with that life. It's better, than conduct experiments on people now.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 10/21/16 12:27:20


    I'm confused by your comment. "It's cruel", but we must agree with "that life"?

    Please consider reading one or more of the books I mentioned above, especially those by Dr. Ray Greek.

    As I said in several of my own books, ""The history of animal research is a chronicle of illogical theories, distorted facts, ghastly errors and tragic waste."

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    Posted by KyleConn at 08/18/17 11:06:48

    There's no point discussing animal cruelty because there will always be the ones who are against it and the bandwagoners who really don't care but for the sake of social acceptance, go against it.
    It doesn't matter how many people oppose it, it won't stop unless the ones in the governing positions of power understand it. The world is cruel and the weak and voiceless are always in danger. That's the reality. Accept it and move on.
    Organizations like PETA solely focus on making money and the celebrities (hypocrites) use it as a modeling platform for photoshoots.

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 09/11/17 17:41:08

    Since you carry this will, please use your time as efficiently as possible.

    Its like a collective disease; people lose their empathy unable to choose differently, locked in a pattern of loss: It poisons their families and when it becomes their job, their excess locks them to a perceived need to keep the income, in their loss of empathy (their harmed systems) they are unable to choose to lay off their work. Expectations are also placed on them: Ego, duty and "having to be worth the investment society placed in them".

    My father is in a biotech company... They are not horrible people, they are damaged and in a way sacrificed for the furtherment of civilization.
    Not necessarily by anyones intention.

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    Posted by milkyaa at 09/13/17 17:37:18

    You can write a petition on

    You choose who the petition goes to and after each milestone, a message will be sent to the people who you have addressed as the people who you think can make the change. There are a lot of animal rights petitions on there - I sign a lot of them as will promote your petition via email to relevent people when you get signatures.

    Good luck! If you have Instagram or Twitter I am @xmilkyaa - give me a message and I am happy to sign and promote your petition if you make one - I have promoted a petition in the past on my Instagram to send the animals still held captive by SeaWorld to marine sanctuaries and on my previous account I promoted petitions to stop shark finning and the Running of the Bulls.

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