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So I have tried to shun Earthlings for an entire year now because I know that it would emotionally scar myself to the point of where i will most likely perceive every omnivore as 'evil' (not the greatest mentality to have, but i'm working on it!) But anyways, my logic for not watching Earthlings was 'I'm already vegan, and doing everything I can to not support the meat & dairy industry, so why torture myself by watching it?'

But then recently it occurred to me that perhaps I'm being selfish in thinking that. A strong part of me believes that we all owe it to these animals to at least witness the pain they physically endure every single second of their lives.

Consequently, I am strongly considering forcing myself to watch Earthlings, in its entirety. No closing my eyes, or looking away, but to intently watch and process the exact torturous procedures these animals undergo.

I feel like the only con is that it will negatively affect me psychologically... and the pros are: it will definitely make my ethical stance even stronger, educate me on the practices of factory farms visually and possibly motivate me further to speak up to people.

Anyone else feel this way? Or maybe even the contradictory?

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    Posted by Tank242 at 05/10/15 09:33:31

    Hi Cathwaff,
    I know some people (vegan, animal activists etc.) who are refusing to watch earthlings, but recommend this documentary to others, mainly omnivores. Their explanation is that they already know everything about animal cruelty.

    I needed three years to be ready to watch it and do not regret it. Mentally and emotionally it took me two weeks to work on it and it helped me in developing a better understanding and increase tolerance towards other beings (yes, even omnis ;-).

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    Posted by TySavoy at 05/10/15 09:36:32

    My personal favorite Animal Rights Documentary film is 'Speciesism, the Movie'

    2nd is 'The Ghosts in Our Machine'

    Followed by 'Cowspiracy, the Sustainability Secret'

    Also Amazing ones:

    'Death on a Factory Farm' (HBO 2009)
    >-- Full Film is on Youtube

    'Bold Native' (2010) Incredible AR themed Feature Film - Not as scary as it may look. Explores the issues so darn well.
    >-- Full Film is on youtube:

    'They're Only Animals'
    >-- Full film on youtube:

    'A Cow At My Table'
    >-- Full film on youtube:

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    Posted by floydflyte99 at 06/05/15 07:27:21

    Your contributions are all inspiring. My way of adding to the discussion is a note of longevity: I have been vegetarian since 1983 and vegan since 2005. I saw the Animals Film (1981), one of the first movies to feature animal torture, and which pushed me into going vegetarian. I aimed at going vegan for a long time until in my 50s I felt driven to go all the way on this commitment. It's still hard sometimes, and reckon any film or web content which helps people go there younger is worth supporting. If you ever want a dated but classic take on this subject, watch Soylent Green (1975) which gives the scenario of humans reduced to eating recycled humans (Soylent Green) to survive. Mekes you think?

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    Posted by anahidscv at 06/05/15 12:04:00

    I myself have not seen Earthlings. Although I have some time ago watched Ghosts in the Machine, Forks over knives, glass walls, which is I think 30 minutes and a few others I can't remember. I have also watched Gary Yurovsky's speech, I hope I spelled his name right. But I also suffer a lot watching these movies or documentaries and only makes me angrier towards people that eat meat and dairy. I can't understand myself, how can anyone contribute to the suffering of these animals. I work around people that eat meat everyday and I have tried educating them, by opening their eyes with all the horrors that go on every second of the lives of these animals, but no hope, or they just don't want to talk about it. It only makes me angrier. I do read books a lot, and that also makes me cry. Even though I have been vegan over three years, I still feel hopeless knowing so many people eat meat in this world and feel like there is no end to the suffering of all the sentient beings that do not for any reason deserve the suffering they do.

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    Posted by anahidscv at 06/05/15 12:23:26

    For those who have seen earthlings, I am sure it was very hard to watch. My frustration is that, how can as a society, we continue with the nightmare of the slavery of the animals on this earth. Why can't this be stopped at once. It has already been determined scientifically that animals feel pain, joy and can suffer. They have their own lives, and families and every right to share this planet with us. Why aren't we demanding more rights for them....or just rights that they don't have. They need to have rights as well as we do. This is just slavery, and we all know slavery is wrong! Dead wrong!

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    Posted by clisacc at 06/05/15 14:38:23

    I've seen earthlings, it is hard to watch. BUT (assuming you're vegan) you'll be even more motivated to stay vegan, you feel better as a person because you know, that you're not a part of it and in no way responsible for this crap. For a while you are going to hate every omnivore for doing this to the animals, but you'll probably find hope that its hopefully going to change. (anyway, that's how I experienced it)hope it helped you:)

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 07/26/15 04:58:42


    In 1983 I presented "The Animals Film" to a college class of about 50. A few walked out early on, but the rest stayed, many thanking me for my bold move.

    At a 2002 Earth Day event, an AR group displayed a large pic of a cow's severed head at their table. They were excoriated in Letters to the Editor of the local rag.

    My response ("Thinking About Food") was not published in the paper, but it won the annual VegetarianSite Essay Contest.

    I included it in one of my books. You can read it at my website. Google "The First ISM" or "Thinkin' Foks Books".

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