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A lot of people know that cats can't live with out meat. If you are not comfotable feeding your cat cat food, once in a while feed your cat vegetarian cat food. It is healthier and it will help your cat live longer.

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    Posted by Sonja and Dirk at 09/28/09 16:54:26

    For several years, we have fed our cats vegan cat food by Evolution. They are very healthy and playful cats (who have annual exams with no problems). Cats need taurine which is easily added to vegan food and it's added to commercial meat brands anyways. However, the commercial brands contain nasty by-products as well. Please check out this link for Evolution pet food:

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    Posted by Sonja and Dirk at 09/28/09 18:20:00

    As an additional comment, I know some people have had issues with Evolution, but I've read some good things about Ami Cat, an Italian brand. I'd like to try that as well. In any case, I know it's a controversial issue, but personally, I've had no problems. :-)

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