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I was astounded to find out that (according to Oprah's vegan for a week episode yesterday) 10 BILLION animals a year are killed for food and 33 million cows are killed for food. wow I simply don't have words.

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    Posted by sunshine7 at 02/13/11 17:11:12

    Sadly, some people don't care how farm animals are tortured to death as long as they can satisfy their taste buds.
    I watched documentary of 'Last cowboy' on television.
    Those cow boys leave cows and their new born calves in outdoor without any shelter in subzero weather of thick ice and snow.
    Needless to say calves were freezing to death and I saw at least several dead frozen newborn calves on the ground.
    Can you imagine when brutal wind is blowing on their ice covered bodies and slowly freeze to death!
    Why there isn't penality for cruel live stock farmers who let newborn calves to freeze to death?
    We need much stricter legislations to protect farm animals knowing farm animals are nothing but crops, money making machines, production unit, etc to most livestock farmers.

    As long as people are consuming animal products like these things are growing on tree, horrible death of farm animals will continue.
    I hate this cruel world with cold blooded barbarians.
    I know, I need to focus on bright side before I lose my sanity right?

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    Posted by Rooibos at 02/14/11 16:22:54

    Unfortunately, sad but true.

    What really annoys me is when people will emphatically insist they "love animals!" while shoving a ham sandwich up their face and chasing it with a glass of milk. Or worse, they become irrate because "Koreans" are killing and eating cats and dogs, but they seem to have little compassion for the chicken or cow that lived a short, miserable life and endured an agonizing death so they can have KFC or a burger. Disgusting.

    Here's some sobering math to do sometime: if there are roughly only 345 million Americans, and we are murdering 10 BILLION animals annual to stuff our collective faces, how many animals will a global population of 7 BILLION flesh-slavering demanding humans massacre to appease their growing demand for flesh?

    We'll be eating each other before you know if we don't come clean and admit that flesh consumption is and always has been a status symbol of conspicuous consumption, it is ecologically hazardous to the planet because it promotes clearcutting and inordinate water consumption, is grossly inhumane, but most of all?


    There's some food for thought.

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    Posted by WickedGame at 02/14/11 19:08:07

    I agree with you Rooibos. I don't understand why people don't have equal compassion for chickens and cows as they do for cats and dogs. Eating dogs or cats is the same as eating a cow, deer, pig or any other animal.

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