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Hi everyone !

Do you know Universities in Animal Law ? I'm a law student in Geneva, Switzerland and I would like to be a lawyer in animal rights, but there is no opportunity to study it in Switzerland.

Thank you !

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    Posted by VeganD! at 02/26/17 17:00:54

    I can't imagine there being any universities specialising in animal rights law, especially when animals have so few rights in the first place. Most changes occur on a political level and are often poorly enforced.

    It would seem to me that those heroic individuals who need to break the law in order to expose those who are mistreating animals are in need of legal support and advice.

    Maybe you should contact some of the larger organisations such as PETA, Greenpeace, Anima (Dutch organisation), Dyrebeskyttelsen Norge and see if they can put you in touch with qualified lawyers who work with them for some advice on the best path to take. Good luck.

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    Posted by happah10 at 02/28/17 01:08:42

    I don't know about Switzerland but i would imagine that like the US, animals are property; not citizens with rights. It is not likely that livestock animals will stop in to your office when their rights have been violated however there may be animal welfare laws dealing with agriculture. To enforce those laws you might go to work for the Swiss equivalent of the department of agriculture and if that interests you,I would ask them what kind of lawyers or prosecutors would be ideal for that agency.

    As the other poster said, you might make a bigger impact going the political route and run for political office to create animal welfare laws or make them stronger.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 02/28/17 13:04:44

    Have you tried searches such as "Animal Welfare at American Universities", "Animal Rights classes at American Universities", or "Animal Rights courses in America"?

    I taught a Philosophy course on animal issues at an American University in 1983, and there have been many since then. You might try Gary Francione as a source for such info.

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    Posted by KyleConn at 08/18/17 11:10:41

    Animal testing happens legally and there's nothing much being done against it.

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    Posted by Mountainmystic at 08/18/17 20:34:44

    I think the best way to advance animal rights and better treatment is to be a vegan or vegetarian. We are educating others through the example of the way we live and think.

    Laws and punishment should be taught to those who absolutely can't or won't change. Education and awareness should be shared universally in a "we are all part of the Earth and share this sacred land with all beings." There's enough food, if we eat as vegetarians or vegans. Food is a basic need and right for humans and animals. Share the resources of the earth.

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