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Hi everybody!

We're Superbrands, a four-piece indie band from Zagreb, Croatia.

Never before have seals had their song. So far, they've had the support of animal rights groups and of millions of compassionate people around the world, but now the same compassion and anger have resulted in a full-blooded indie rock song about innocent blood spilt on Canadian ice floes - The Hand Strikes Hard.
We hope that you will take time to listen to this song of ours and spread the word to anyone else who might like it. Like PETA did! (blog.peta2.com/2010/03/superbrands_speak_out_for_seal.html) :-D
You can hear the song here: music.superbrandsmusic.com


Adi, Superbrands

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    Posted by emama at 04/21/10 08:51:33

    very very cool guys!!!!

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