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Well worth watching - open - http://www.sonnyradio.com/herodog.html - then play the video.
This may be the most amazing animal video we have ever seen. It is truly heartwarming. The video is from a traffic camera overlooking the busy Costanera Norte freeway in Santiago, Chile. It shows a dog that has been hit by a car on a busy highway. Under these conditions, such an animal would not have a chance of being saved. Enter our
compassionate hero...

A truly amazing video captured from highway cameras shows a brave dog doing his best to save his pal.
Originally posted by Kim Bartlett, President of Animal People, Inc. on aapn - http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/aapn/message/15375

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    Posted by Roseanna at 02/03/09 23:44:34

    Wow, just wow. That really is an amazing story!Ive grown up with dogs my whole life, and am already convinced dogs have a big heart and don't always act out of instinct. Animals too feel compassion. Thank you for sharing, I had not seen this.

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    Posted by pet at 04/27/09 06:37:12

    Aw thats so sweet. Thats just like the mother cat who kept going back into a burning building to save all her kittens :) How can people say animals dont feel love and compassion?

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    Posted by Koi at 09/23/09 02:16:58

    The dog that was hit died, so I don't find it very heartwarming.

    I'm also not convinced the dog acted to save the other dog. Dogs usually aren't cannibals, but just like humans they might turn to cannibalism when starved (eg. www.straitstimes.com/Breaking%2BNews/SE%2BAsia/Story/STIStory_373529.html)

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