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Valentine’s Day Taza Chocolate Factory Tour

chocolate factory taza tour

February 14th, Valentine’s Day. It is said that this romantic holiday is named after Saint Valentine, who was a priest in 3rd century Rome. Marriage was outlawed by Emperor Claudius II, as he believed that men who were single made better soldiers than married men with families. Valentine broke this law and married, eventually being discovered, thrown in jail and sentenced to death. He then fell in love with his…

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Top 5 Spots to Take Your Valentine

It’s that time of the year to shower your loved ones with kisses, roses, chocolates, and fancy dinners. Even if you aren’t in a relationship you can take your best friend or yourself out for a night on the town and a lovely meal at one of these restaurants. We polled our Facebook fans and asked if you could take your sweetheart anywhere in the world for Valentine’s Day where…

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Chico Sheep + Dorothy Goat = True Love

Hello, I Love You by Farm Sanctuary National Shelter Director Susie Coston It’s that magical moment. You’re at a gathering, the same old scene. You’re hanging out, maybe munching on some food, not expecting to be noticed. Then you look up, and there she is. You’ve seen her before, in passing, but something has changed. Your eyes lock across the room. You walk toward each other through the crowd. You…

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