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Watch: London’s Vegan Scene at VegfestUK London 2017

TeamCow traveled to London, and HappyCow’s Ken Spector checked out the vegan scene, and attended VegFest UK and Trade Show in London, England October 20-22, 2017. Ken interviewed two London vegans – Camellia Dahrabi and Shana who. discussed highlights from the event and provided exclusive insider vegan tips. Vegan celebrities such as strongman Patrik Baboumian and James Aspey attended and spoke at the event. HappyCow was honored with the Best…

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Vegan Food Under A Bridge

As they say in real estate: Location, Location, Location. While touring around London, I passed by a vegan café in an unlikely place; right under a rail station. Quaintly placed below the station’s bridge, The Fields Beneath is a phenomenal little spot to enjoy a coffee or latte and watch the world pass by. I brought a non-vegan friend along with me to share in the experience (and so that…

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Where The Wild Foods Are: Wild Food Café

  Amidst the electric thrill, the noisy energy, and the traffic of eccentrically-styled humans buzzing through London’s Seven Dials streets, lies a respite of woodsy tranquility within Wild Food Café. Figure 1. Wild Food Café’s cheery exterior. This plant-based and organic restaurant has established itself as a leader in innovative taste and environmental sustainability. The menu is free of sugar, gluten, and excessively processed ingredients, but is instead replete with…

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Vantra Eden – The Healthiest Restaurant In London?

Very near the center of the city, 100 yards down the road after taking a left out of Goodge Street Station, lies some of the healthiest food in London. Vantra Eden’s fare, its sign proclaims, contains “No Dairy, No Gluten, No Sugar, No Fried Food, Non GMO, No Peanuts & Cashew, No Garlic, No Vinegar, No Artificial Chemicals, No Unhealthy Cooking Methods – Vegan, Raw & Steamed, Halal & Kosher…

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Three Exquisite Places In The World To Enjoy A Vegan Afternoon Tea

Being a lover of all things vegan, travel and afternoon tea has seen me seek out the world’s absolute top experiences for spoiling oneself while partaking in this very British tradition with a vegan twist. These are, in my opinion, the three most exquisite places in the world where you can enjoy an vegan afternoon tea in an elegant setting:   Fortnum & Mason, London This very British institution actually offers…

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A ‘pure’ culinary delight

Passion. If you were looking to describe London’s newest vegan and raw food restaurant, Saf, or the Director and Executive Chef at Saf, Chad Sarno, in one word – passion – would be that word. I sat down with Sarno just over a month after Saf (meaning ‘pure’ in Turkish) had opened its doors, a busy man, he sits down with a smile and a glass of water and within…

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