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Mother’s Day Weekend Events With The Farm Animals!

Mother's Day Weekend Events With The Farm Animals!

What better way to celebrate Be Kind to Animals Week and Mother’s Day, then to spend it with our animal friends? In Northern California, two exciting events are happening on Mother’s Day weekend (May 10th and 11th). The first event is Farm Sanctuary’s California Hoe Down, held at their Orland, California shelter. The event starts on Saturday morning (May 10th) and runs through Sunday afternoon (May 11th). The event features…

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Animal Rights

Bruno: A New Perspective on Happy Cows

By Alisa Rutherford-Fortunati: Sitting in my office in downtown Boston I stared out the frosted glass and dreamt of Italy. A small farm filled with animals wandering in green pastures, clucking at my heels, waiting eagerly to have grain and hay thrown into their troughs. One more month, and I would be volunteering on a small organic dairy farm nestled in the pristine Italian countryside.   While I had been…

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Soybeans and the environment

It seems carnivores want to make us, vegetarians and vegans, out to be the environmental bad guys. As the Brazilian rainforest is being destroyed by illegal soybean plantations the finger is being pointed at us the biggest culprit. Except, of course, that according to Worldwatch Institute nearly 80 per cent of global soybean harvest is used to feed livestock.…

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