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Very Impressive Films on the Future of Society

The following 4 films, taken together, whether you agree or disagree with any of the details, make an incredibly strong overall argument for immediate present-time action. They provide the “detailed proof” of the potentially hard times ahead and what we can possibly do about them. Here are the links: 1. A Delicate Balance This documentary basically advocates a vegan diet and describes how the health of our bodies and…

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Climate Change and Meat Consumption

Eat less meat to fight climate change: UN expert LONDON (AFP) – People should cut their consumption of meat to help combat climate change, a top United Nations expert told a British Sunday newspaper. Rajendra Pachauri, chair of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), told The Observer that people should start by having one meat-free day per week then cut back further. The 68-year-old Indian economist, who is…

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Animal Rights/ Environment/ Health

F.D.A. – easing their confusion!

  Angry Doctors Use 1,000 Tomatoes To Spell Out Salmonella Source For FDA: “It’s The Meat, Stupid!” Demonstration July 8 at U.S. Health and Human Services Seeks FDA Focus on Animal Agriculture’s Key Role in Foodborne Illnesses Linked to Tomatoes WASHINGTON—As the Food and Drug Administration enters the 13th week of its struggle to identify the source of the salmonella outbreak that has reached 38 states and the District of…

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Dining/ Environment/ General

Farmers’ Markets Galore!

As the spring season swings towards longer days and shorter nights, so too arrives the incoming summer weather! Summer weather means burgeoning gardens and fields, ready to deliver tasty produce for the picking! Enter veggie-licious local farmers’ market or markets! What a wonderful way to connect with one’s community! Of course, all of the bountiful offerings will vary by climate and soil in one’s respective region of the country and…

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Animal Rights/ Dining/ Environment/ General

Ice Cream?!

Today is the FARM-founded Meatout Celebration, the national day to convince everyone you know to kick the meat habit! I hope everyone can celebrate the joys of not eating meat with friends, loved ones, family members, companion animals and the world on this joyous day! Especially since it’s the first day of spring too! The best way to celebrate in my mind would be with some vegan ice cream, because,…

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Environment/ General

Container Composting

The benefits of creating your own compost and the advantages it can bring to your garden are well worth the effort. As well as providing your plants with a wonderful rich source of nutrients it is a great way to recycle household waste. Recycling the organic waste of a household into compost allows us to return badly needed organic matter to the soil and in doing so we participate in…

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Environment/ Politics

Do you know where your food comes from?

The planet was in trouble, our lifestyle – unsustainable, our climate – changing. Solutions were needed. And when it came to food people started looking for the local option. For a sustainable future it seemed that the locavore or 100-Mile Diet were the best options for ensuring that the future generations, the food supply and the current population could all survive. Now supposing the terms locavore and 100-Mile Diet are…

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Animal Rights/ Environment

“Wildlife” overpopulation

Who came first, the wildlife or the suburban human community? It may seem like a simple enough question with the obvious answer: “the wildlife.” However, more and more, one cannot help but wonder who really came first, but more importantly, where to draw the boundary line defining “wildlife overpopulation” in suburban environments. What is “wildlife” in a suburban environment? What is overpopulation? Allow this author to first warn that this…

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