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From Munich Veggie Expo, we bring you the latest buzz from the VEG world. Please enjoy and share widely!

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A vegan meal should not be restricted to the narrow definition of "vegetable" but encompass variety from the plant kingdom--from the multitude of grains, legumes, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds available.
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Our community is powered by caring people everywhere who are dedicated to promoting a compassionate, sustainable, healthy lifestyle. More than a guide to restaurants and health food stores, HappyCow is your one-stop resource for everything VEG.

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Our global dining guide boasts over 100,000 reviews by trusted members. So follow the Cow to great veggie eats anytime! Also download our mobile apps for the road.

A Growing Movement

We chat with the locals attending Veg Food Fair Asia about what today's VEG scene is like in Hong Kong.

DYI Kitchen

Please enjoy easy home recipes shared by Cow members.
- Potato gnocchi and potato cheese from Ashley
- Ensalada de pallares and no-blend peanut sauce from Vicki
- Vegan French onion soup from Trisha
- Bok choy with shiitake from Cindy

- Plum jam with chia seeds and semi-raw lasagna from Maria

Veg Travel
ComBi Cafe - Singapore
New veggie cafe providing a delicious mix of western fare and Chinese meals. reviews >
The Gadarene Swine - Studio City
A chef-driven restaurant featuring casual dining with focus on creative plant food cuisine. reviews >
Loving Hut - Clarement
Los Angeles Inland Empire's go-to restaurant for tasty 100% vegan cuisine. reviews >
Pure & Whole - Shanghai
Serving western-style healthy vegetarian food and smoothies at 4 cafes in the city. reviews >
Rosti Tuscan Kitchen - Los Angeles
Hearty homestyle Italian cuisine with separate vegan menu available at all of its 3 locations. reviews >
Organic Express Juice Bar - Boca Raton
Grab a cold-pressed juice or superfood smoothie, a healthy sandwich or salad. reviews >
Italia - Nashville
American country music capital's vegan-friendly source for pizza and Mediterranean cuisine. reviews >
Un Monde Vegan - Paris
The ultimate vegan shop in all of France! Comprehensive vegan retail shop as well as online store. reviews >
Community bulletin

* Big shout-out to this month's top contributing members, aka SuperCow Ambassadors: Gudrun in Netherlands, Jon in France, and Stevie in Asia. Props also to Germany's James, Jule, and Daniel. And to all Cow Ambassadors, your dedication to the VEG movement energizes us!
* Join our team of elite Ambassadors and represent your city. We're always looking for a few more passionate veg*ns.

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New Zealand legally recognizes animals as 'sentient' beings; bans the use of animals for the testing of cosmetic products
Cattle rancher turns converts ranch to animal sanctuary
9 health benefits of cucumbers
Eat sauerkraut for digestive health and overall well-being
Restoring our soils by learning from history
TV show MasterChef's casting call to vegetarians
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