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Hola, amigos. From Tijuana, Mexico, it's Cow and friends with the latest news from the VEG world.

Veg Fact
Polyphenol levels--a major source of antioxidants in apples--are 5 times higher in the skin of the fruit than in the flesh.
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Our community is powered by caring people everywhere who are dedicated to promoting a compassionate, sustainable, healthy lifestyle. More than a guide to restaurants and health food stores, HappyCow is your one-stop resource for everything VEG.

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This 99-Year-Old Says

"I've been a vegan now for about half my life... I quit work when I was 95." - Retired surgeon, Dr. Wareham, reflects on his daily habits which contributed to a prosperous life so far.

in his own words >

The Doctor's In

Integrative health doctor, Alan Goldhamer, discusses diet, fasting, and getting over food addictions - very informative!

watch >
Veg History
Know Your History

Many before us have adopted the vegetarian/vegan way.
- Richard St. Barbe Baker, a 1950s English forester and environmental activist, contributed greatly to worldwide reforestation efforts.
- The early hippies/raw vegans/nature boys wore long hair and beards, and ate uncooked foods.

Vegan Recipes
Food to Live For

Enjoy these home recipes shared by Cow members:
- Roasted red pepper hummus
- Blueberry basics and vegan waffles
- Peruvian ceviche
- Summer tomato roasted garlic soup
- Cream of potato and lentil soup w/ cashew cheese
- Vegan Ironman and spicy noodle salad

more recipes >
Healthy living marketplace

boutique vegan
An EU lifestyle online shop offering vegan food and goods.

boutique vegan

Butiki Teas
High quality and rare specialty teas from around
the world.

Butiki Teas
Last Call for Thailand
Go on a guided tour in September. Visit cultural sites, go island-hopping, and eat with the locals.
restaurants and stores
Napfenyes Etterem
Napfenyes Etterem - Budapest
A local favorite for vegan meals and modern versions of Hungarian specialties. reviews >
Hank Restaurant Bio
Hank Restaurant Bio - Paris
Offers 100% vegan burgers which come with housemade veganaise and melted cheeze. reviews >
HanGawi - New York City

Menu is based on mountain roots, greens, and grains that have comprised the staple diet of ancient Koreans. reviews >

Annapurna World Cafe
Annapurna World Cafe - New Mexico
Serving veggie cuisine, baked goods, and specialty chai in Santa Fe and Albuquerque. reviews >
Thai Pot Cafe
Thai Pot Cafe - Denver
This Thai restaurant is accommodating to veg*n request; offers tofu and vegetable medleys. reviews >
Bert's Market
Bert's Market - Folly Beach
The rockingest natural grocery store on Carolina's Folly Island is open 24/7. reviews >
Avesu - Germany
Totally vegan shoes and accessories store with 2 outlets in Berlin, 1 in Hamburg, plus an online shop. reviews >
Community bulletin

* Shout-out to SuperCow Ambassadors Ricardo in Tokyo, Amy and Gudrun in Netherlands, Walter and Andy in Malaysia, and to all Cow ambassadors worldwide. Your updates makes our guide more comprehensive & up-to-date.
* Veg festivals and gatherings are happening everywhere. Check the veggie calendar to post or find an event near you.
* Michele the Trainer explains vegan food basics.
* Vicki C. shares this sweet potato cheweez recipe for dogs.
* "No one cares about your protein intake until they find out you're veg." - Here's how M.Read responds to that.

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news headlines
No employees, no problem: self–service coffee shop a testament to human trust
San Francisco city bans sale of single-use plastic bottled water
Just for laughs: 12 daily struggles only a vegan will understand
Students model their flash trash in event designed to encourage recycling
Registered dietitian dishes on what keeps her clients from going fully vegan
Who are the happiest commuters? Study examined how transit impacts our emotions
How GMO crops conquered the United States
Video: the big picture at the edible schoolyard
We appreciate you! Your participation makes our service possible.
- Eric, Diana, Shanti, and the Cows
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