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It's teamCow with the latest updates from the VEG food scene. Please enjoy, and forward to all your friends who might also like be part of our amazing community!

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Our community is powered by caring people from around the world who are dedicated to promoting a healthy, compassionate, and sustainable lifestyle. More than a guide to restaurants and health food stores, HappyCow is your one-stop resource for everything VEG.
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Al Gore gets it

Al Gore's Finally Gets It

The former vice president of the U.S., an advocate for climate change action, has finally made the connection between global meat consumption and its destructive impact on our planet, and he's become VEGAN.

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Vegetarian pioneers

They Were Pioneers

Cow friends at Ernest Bell Library keeps historical articles on pioneers of the vegetarian and animal rights movement. Among them:
Asenath Nicholson - missionary, philanthropist, and traveler active in the 1830s
Dugald Semple - a founding member of The Vegan Society from 108 years ago
Henry S. Salt - the first western writer to consider the issue of animal rights explicitly

Best Prank Ever

Supermarket shoppers in Brazil are about to get first-hand knowledge (and shock) on sausage making from live piglets.

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vegan recipes
DIY Kitchen

Please enjoy these easy home recipes:
- Date energy balls
- Malty maca mango coconut smoothie
- And for furry pals, vegan dog cookies

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restaurants and stores
Lettuce Love Cafe
Lettuce Love Cafe - Burlington
Canada Ontario's premier vegan and gluten-free restaurant; formerly Kindfood. info >
Global Green
Global Green Veg Food Market - Melbourne
Stocks a wide range of retail and wholesale products, from cooking supplies to snacks. info >
AinSoph.Journey - Tokyo

Enjoy organic veg cuisine and seasonal desserts, in the Shinjuku-ku district. info >

Hermitage - Stockholm
Vegetarian restaurant in Old Town offering global flavors in a relaxed setting. info >
Cafe Blossom
Cafe Blossom West Village - New York City
Part of the Blossom family of vegan restaurants, its creative cuisine is sure to tantalize your taste buds. info >
The Vegan Joint
The Vegan Joint - Los Angeles
Cooking up big flavors with delicious Thai food and American classics at 3 L.A. locations. info >
Healthenut - Ontario
Raw food cafe and fresh juice bar with 2 locations, in Milton and Georgetown. info >
Healthy living marketplace
Once Again Nut Butter Fair trade, organic, and all-natural.
Once Again Nut Butter
Pure Vegan Visit ShopNHR.com for all your vegan nutrition.
Pure Vegan
The HappyCow Cookbook is now available to ship in USA (and coming soon worldwide). With a forward from vegan actress Emily Deschanel, this collector's item features original recipes from the world's top-rated vegan restaurants. Read Q&A with restaurateurs and see the mouthwatering recipes with full color photos.
The HappyCow Cookbook
Community bulletin
Momos cafe

* Cow member James, aka J-Veg, celebrated the 1st anniversary of Berlin's Momos veg cafe & shares his photos.
* Cheryl R. tells about lunching with her husband at a veggie cafe in small town Massachusetts.
* Liz, aka futurefossils, invites you to expand your vegan library with these books.
* Our global restaurant & store guide is updated daily by dedicated members everywhere. Big shout-out to y'all with extra thanks to this month's SuperCows: Kristy in Florida, Trinity in England, Joanna in Bulgaria - about ambassadors.
* Join other Cow fans on our facebook group.

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news headlines
The more fruit and vegetables you eat, the less likely you are to die at any age
Survey shows ten percent of Swedes are vegetarian
Vegan menus becoming more mainstream
10 ways to teach your child to eat well
How the meat industry killed the free market in the U.S.
Vegan arm wrestler competes
Eating to get well - foods that heal
Video: It's his walk
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