Top 10 Black-Owned Vegan Restaurants in America

Within the HappyCow community, we have the choice not only to eat vegan, but also to choose who we support by visiting their businesses. Today we are highlighting the Top 10 Black-owned vegan restaurants in America, because we believe that they deserve more attention than they have previously gotten. Many of these establishments specialize in veganised Southern food classics, from fried chick’n to mac n cheeze,  Jambalaya to bread pudding, bringing the powerful flavours of the South to life for vegans. Some of them also serve up international cuisine, baked goods, or raw foods.

As with all of our feature list articles, these rankings are based off of ratings and reviews from HappyCow users. We hope that by bringing attention to these beloved establishments within our community, we may increase positivity and awareness for their integral role in our food culture.

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10. Shandal’s Vegetarian Cafe – Bridgeport, Connecticut

On the Menu: Cafeteria-style Jamaican cuisine: Rasta Pasta, stew, various other veggie options.

Open: Tuesday – Saturday.

Diners Say: “I was so happy to stop here. The Chef was super friendly and the food was out of this world!! The portions were amazing!! And I eat a lot!! A must try for anyone in the area. This is the type of place that I would drive 2 hours for just to eat it again.” – @Vegcake90

Shandal's Vegetarian Cafe in Bridgeport Connecticut #10 Black-owned vegan business in USA

Lima beans, brown stew, corn, Rasta Pasta, okra, and plantains with stewed peppers on top at Shandal’s Vegetarian Cafe in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Photo by @lulu.tina

9. The New Vegan – Delray Beach, Florida

On the Menu: Diverse vegan cuisine: mushroom sandwiches, falafel burgers, carrot cake, curry rice, vegan ice cream, chocolate brownies.

Open: Wednesday – Sunday.

Diners Say: “Fresh and homemade food with unbelievable taste! A very friendly, family-like environment!” – Stamatia4

Sampler Plate at The New Vegan in Delray Beach #9 Black-owned vegan business in USA

Sampler Plate at The New Vegan in Delray Beach. Photo by @BrookeBotko

8. The Reizod Vegan Experience – Columbia, South Carolina

On the Menu: Plant-based international cuisine: burgers, spring rolls, pasta, fish and grits,  teriyai chick’n, salads.

Open: Monday – Sunday.

Diners Say: “The decor is amazing, the music is fantastic, the food is better than I imagined it would be, even with all of the great reviews, and the people are everything!” – @CandieBobick

The Reizod Vegan Experience in Columbia South Carolina #8 Black-owned vegan business in USA

Eggplant pasta, 3 bean salad and cheesy bread at The Reizod Vegan Experience in Columbia, South Carolina. Photo by @Tellitlikeitis

7. DaJen Eats – Eatonville, Florida

On the Menu: Vegan food with a Jamaican flair: chicken and waffles, buffalo po boy sandwiches, non-dairy icecream.

Open: Tuesday – Sunday.

Diners Say: “Had the buffalo chicken sandwich and I literally can’t stop thinking about how good it was. These guys are amazing, fast, and friendly service too!” – @spacetag

DaJen Eats in Eatonville Florida #7 Black-owned vegan business in USA

Manley-Castro Salad at DaJen Eats in Eatonville, Florida. Photo by @AniStavrou

6. Wisdom’s Vegan Bakery & Cafe – Spring, Texas

On the Menu: Mouse-made baked goods and plant-based dishes: cakes, cupcakes, brownies, tofu scramble, stuffed savory croissants, sandwiches.

Open: Tuesday – Sunday.

Diners Say: “I highly recommend this place especially for those new to the vegan world and looking for a tasty start in the right direction!” – @JacoreaTaylor

Wisdom's Vegan Bakery & Cafe Spring Texas #6 Black-owned vegan business in USA

Chocolate Cupcake at Wisdom’s Vegan Bakery & Cafe in Spring, Texas. Photo by @RoseliRinaldo

5. Binge Kitchen – San Antonio, Texas

On the Menu: Vegan soul food classics: meatloaf, southern fried chick’n, smothered chick’n, bbq chick’n, corn dogs, various sides.

Open: Monday – Sunday.

Diners Say: “Authentic and delicious soul food. Spacious restaurant and the owners were very nice and made sure the food was perfect. There is a limited menu but everything is good. The sweet tea is great too!” – @HotPot

Binge Kitchen San Antonio #5 Black-owned vegan business in USA

Vegan Soul Food at Binge Kitchen in San Antonio. Photo by @HotPot

4. Sweet Soulfood – New Orleans, Louisiana

On the Menu: Vegan soul food classics: Jambalaya, yams and greens, vegan mac n’ cheese, baked beans, potato salad, bbq cauliflower, bread pudding.

Open: Monday – Saturday.

Diners Say: “The rotating menu is always delicious and everyone who works there is friendly. We had them cater a large party of mostly non-vegetarians and everyone loved the food. Don’t miss out if you’re visiting town.” – @LaurenC

Sweet Soulfood New Orleans #4 Black-owned vegan business in USA

Creamed corn, BBQ cauliflower wings ,and Jambalaya collards at Sweet Soulfood in New Orleans. Photo by @blacksun

3. The Southern V – Nashville Tennessee

On the Menu: Veganized Southern comfort foods: fried chickn, waffles, mac n’ cheese, biscuits, hot chickn.

Open: Wednesday – Sunday.

Diners say:  “Let me just say – if you grew up in the South eating biscuits made by a top-notch home cook, you will cry tears of joy eating this biscuit. The spicy sausage patty was terrific, as well.” – @bettywouldgo

The Southern V Nashville #3 Black-owned vegan business in USA

BBQ jackfruit sliders at The Southern V in Nashville. Photo by @VeganCookieLover

2. Stuff I Eat – Los Angeles, California

On the Menu: Home-cooked vegan cuisine: soul food, sandwiches, tofu and wild rice tacos, burritos, quesadillas, salads, smoothies, desserts, and raw pies.

Open: Tuesday – Sunday.

Diners say:  “I can’t even begin to tell you how good the food was. I didn’t want to finish the last bite.” – cheddabrown

Stuff I Eat Los Angeles #2 Black-owned vegan business in USA

Lunch at Stuff I Eat in Los Angeles. Photo by @ArtieRios

1. Vege-Licious Cafe – Nashville, Tennessee

On the Menu: Homestyle vegan cuisine and comfort food: bbq burgers, vegan lasagna, chickn sandwiches, peaches n cream pancakes, brunch on Saturdays.

Open: Tuesday – Saturday.

Diners Say: “The food was amazing! All of it was every bit as delicious as we thought it would be.” – Biblionerd

Vege-Licious Cafe Nashville #1 Black-owned vegan business in USA

Mac, chicken, greens at Vege-Licious Cafe in Nashville. Photo by @CoreyS

Runners-Up (11-20)

11. NuVegan – Washington, DC

12. Belmont Vegetarian Restaurant – Worcester, Massachusetts

13. NuVegan – College Park, Maryland

14. Ninth Square Market Caribbean Style – New Haven, Connecticut

15. Ganster Vegan – NorrisTown, Pennsylvania

16. The Veg Hub – Oakland, California

17. Well Fed Louisiana – Shreveport, Louisiana

18. Vegetarian East and The Eternity Juice Bar – Chicago, Illinois

19. Green Seed Vegan – Houston, Texas

20. Soul Vegetarian – Tallahassee, Florida


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