The World’s 10 Best Vegan Ice Cream Shops

Every day, it’s ice cream season somewhere in the world! From soy, to coconut, to cashew cream based; we’ve got a mouth-watering rundown of the very best vegan ice cream shops in the world, with more within fingers reach on the HappyCow app. If summer hasn’t come to your location yet, let these 10 vegan ice cream shops get you planning ahead for the heat.

10. FoMu – Allston, USA

Vegan ice cream in a cup
Pictured: Apple cider donut flavored coconut ice cream at FoMu by kkatt27.

This vegan ice cream parlor will be celebrating its 10th anniversary next year! If offers non-dairy, nut-based and coconut-milk-based ice creams, served cup, cone, sundae or frappe style.

FoMu has a wonderful texture and consistency to all of their icecreams as well as a wide array of toppings to spice up your sundaes.


9. iceDate – Munich, Germany

Two vegan ice cream cones
Pictured: Vegan ice cream waffle cones at iceDate by SandraSlusna.

As its name suggests, this is the perfect place to take your date for a sweet summer treat – even for the health conscious, since these ice creams use all organic ingredients and no refined sugars.

It tastes amazing and you can have a big portion without any remorse.


8. Sticky Sweet – Portland, USA

A vegan ice cream cone
Pictured: Maple flavored ice cream at Sticky Sweet by NIBsmf.

Portland’s first official plant-based ice cream shop makes their ice cream from scratch, without dairy, eggs, gluten, cane sugar, refined sugars, or anything artificial. It’s truly sweet for your body and soul.

I’ve had MANY vegan ice creams, and this beats every one of them hands down! I’m gluten free, vegan, and refined sugar free…. Sticky Sweet effortlessly ticks ALL the boxes!


7. Nice Cream – Taipei, Taiwan

Vegan ice cream in a waffle cone
Pictured: Olive oil and soy milk ice cream at Nice Cream by Smolphi.

This plant-based Italian-style gelato shop is known especially for their vegan ‘egg’ waffles and milkshakes. Here you’ll certainly find something nice!

This place is incredible! Please just go there and try everything!!!


6. Olive Dolci – Rome, Italy

Vegan gelato in a cup
Pictured: Gelato at Olive Dolci by Plantpowerednom.

This vegan gelateria was founded in 2015, and boasts a solid five-stars rating on Happycow for their plant-based gelatos.

Vast selection of all-vegan ice-creams, super tasty, reasonable prices. There’s a place to sit inside. Friendly service, English-speaking. Just amazing.


5. Nicecream – Copenhagen, Denmark

A vegan ice cream sandwich
Pictured: Strawberry ice cream cookie sandwich at Nicecream by KerryElise.

There’s something nice here for everyone, including various flavors of scoops, shakes and sandwiches . Plus, there are multiple branches throughout the city!

The ice cream is so creamy and the flavours are amazing.


4. Plant+Love Ice Cream – St Petersburg, USA

Vegan ice cream in different flavors
Pictured: Cookies n Cream & Samo flavors at Plant+Love Ice Cream by lenzisofi.

This shop in the heart of St. Pete creates their small-batch ice creams from a coconut base, offering boats, cones, and sandwiches. Isn’t this true love?

Delicious and so creamy! Better than “regular” icecream.


3. Frankie & Jo’s – Seattle, USA

A cup of vegan ice cream
Pictured: California Cabin and mint chip flavors at Frankie & Jo’s by missmaryxjane.

Frankie & Jo’s creates ice cream from plants, with sprouted cashew milk and gum-free coconut milk. Pints are available for take-home as well, so you never have to go without your favorite flavors.

My favorite dessert spot in Seattle. The mainstay and monthly seasonal options are all creative, thoughtful, and delicious.


2. Vegestacja – Warsaw, Poland

A vegan ice cream cone
Pictured: Chocolate and Caramel ice cream at Vegestacja, by Simsimsims.

This popular ice cream parlour in Warsaw is only open for the summer months – so hurry there while you can! Take a stroll through the city while enjoying an ice cream made from natural, plant-based ingredients.

“It was great to find a vegan ice-cream parlour with a lot of choice, and the tastes were great!”


1. Veganista Ice Cream – Vienna, Austria

Vegan ice cream cones
Pictured: cherry, blueberry-lavender, Crumbledore, & matcha flavors at Veganista Ice Cream IV, by AlexiaFeles.

And the crème de la crème is Veganista Ice Cream, in Vienna, Austria, with 11 locations in the city. Established in 2017, it’s 4th branch boasts a 5-star rating with 43 rave reviews. Each of the parlours serve a variety of flavors in either a cup or waffle cone.

“The concept is amazing. Ice cream never tasted so full and natural to me. New flavors are being offered all the time. They’re seasonal, regional and taste amazing!”


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Cheers to a happy season of sampling the best vegan ice creams around the world!

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