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Anatomy of a Wrap

I was wondering how to fix a healthy burrito that would satisfy my tastes as well as those of my vegan friends. “It would even be better”, I told my wife, “if I could make it without flour tortillas so my gluten-free friends could enjoy it too”. I had already decided to use a quinoa filling but needed something to replace the tortilla. My friend, Kris, shared his fresh collard…

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Environment/ General/ Organic

Ojai Center for Regenerative Agriculture

Ojai Center for Regenerative Agriculture by Randy Graham How do David White (Farmer Dave) and Katy Overstreet (Farmer Katy) have fun on  Wednesday mornings? This is not a trick question. If you know anything about the Ojai Center for Regenerative Agriculture (CRA) you know it is educating children at Rio Gozo Organic Farm in Ojai. The CRA was formed as a California Nonprofit Corporation in 2002 by David White…

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