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What Is Health?

What Is Health? Sometimes when you hear a word too many times it can lose its true meaning or power.  Words like LOVE or AWESOME are good examples of this but perhaps one of the most overused words is HEALTH, or to BE HEALTHY.  We all know inherently that to have it is a desirable goal but what are we really talking about when we refer to health?    To a…

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Nutrition/ Recipes/ Veganism

Vegans and Hot Weather Activity: A Nutrition Guide

    I live in the desert where the average temperature throughout the summer months is 105F.  I also train for sprint triathlons and running races but can’t stand gyms.  This leaves one option: figure out how to do it all outdoors without feeling terrible! There are three elements to successful warm weather activity that apply to all people: heat acclimation, proper hydration and wise fuel choices.  In addition to…

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