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Salad Bagels

salad bagel recipe

Salad Bagels…I eat them every day for breakfast and I never get tired of them. I vary the spreads and greens and toppings, so that it’s like a new thing every day, but it’s still my tried and true Salad Bagel. This isn’t a recipe per se, but more of a “how-to” on how to put one together. This is what you’ll need: Toasted Bagels: Toast your bagels to desired doneness and…

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Travel/ Veganism

Istanbul: The best city in Southeast Europe to become vegetarian or vegan

You might think I am joking. You might once think of becoming vegetarian or vegan for tortured animals, healthier life or more sustainable environment and then give up like this: “But it is not possible in Turkey!” Hold on: Istanbul is not Turkey 🙂  I mean, it competes with other European cities not with Turkish cities when it comes to diversity of restaurants and shops. After the introduction of tofu,…

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