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Arizona Vegetarian Festival
Cow and friends are celebrating VEG in Arizona. Please enjoy our latest buzz, and share widely!
Eliminating animal flesh doesn’t automatically make you healthier--it’s important to eat the right balance of healthful foods.
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Our community is powered by caring people everywhere who are dedicated to promoting a compassionate, sustainable, healthy lifestyle. More than a guide to restaurants and health food stores, HappyCow is your one-stop resource for everything VEG.

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Web news and updates
Vegan Video Arizona
A Growing Movement

Veg*anism is catching on in America's Southwest. See what locals are saying and eating as we bring you coverage of the Arizona Veg Food Festival.

Veggie Blogs
More Bloggin'

Here are the latest veggie blog entries:
* Teenager becomes vegan culinary prodigy - Wendy
* 1834 vegan enthusiasm in Maine - John
* Meeting your nutrient needs as a vegan - Sharon
* What can teenagers do when they depend on their parents to feed them? - Shannon
* And a few heart-warming animal video:
- freedom is beautiful to this pig
- rescue elephant's reaction to seeing her favorite person
- bull dancing with joy after being rescued

Vegan Dessert
Eat Vegan Desserts

Try these recipes shared by our members:
* White chocolate and macadamia cookies
* Sugar cookies
* Cinnamon apple crumble
* Chocolate cookie dough ice cream poppers

V Series
V Series - Melbourne
Vegetarian cafe specializing in modern Asian fusion cuisine and vegan pastries. reviews >
 A Factoria Verde
A Factoria Verde - A Coruna
New vegan kitchen, juice bar, and grocery store in Spain's northern coast. reviews >
Velicious - Strasbourg
The first 100% vegan restaurant and bakery in this French city features an impressive array of pastries. reviews >
PuraVegan - St. Louis
Plant-based health food cafe, takeaway, and juice bar also offering yoga classes. reviews >
Ain Soph - Tokyo
Welcomes travelers & locals alike to enjoy delicious vegan fare at its 2 fine restaurants and 1 burger cafe. reviews >
Seed Kitchen
Seed Kitchen - Venice Beach
Beachside vegan cafe serving up tasty burgers and tacos, paninis and macrobiotic bowls. reviews >
Topiary - Hong Kong
A high-end lounge bar that features creative drinks and vegan-friendly bites like faux fish cakes. reviews >
The Origin Cafe
The Origin Cafe - Kuala Lumpur
Provides vegetarian and vegan Asian cuisine prepared using fresh organic vegetables. reviews >
Community bulletin
Our Members

* Stoke your passion for compassionate dining! Join our team of Ambassadors who make HappyCow's global guide the most comprehensive of its kind.
* Shout-out to Nils in Kiel, Amy in Amsterdam, Jon in Toulouse for being this month's SuperCow Ambassadors - Veg*ans traveling to your part of the world will be relieved to know that they'll find reliable dining options.
* A special thanks to Tigra for spreading Cow love in Arizona.
* Join teamCow at the upcoming Vegetarian Food Asia in Hong Kong, the Phoenix Vegan Food Festival, and also at Veggie World fairs across Germany.

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news headlines
Major U.S. health plan recommends the plant-based way and HappyCow
Empathy education program teaches kids about the experiences of animals
Vegetarianism on the rise in New Zealand
New York restaurateur to convert 15 bars and restaurants to vegan
Mock meat: the rise of the vegetarian butcher
Behind closed doors – the vulnerability of big meat
Taiwan bans GMOs in schools, mandates strict label laws
Finnish company creates a new plant-based product made from oats and beans and it looks like pulled pork
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- Eric, Diana, Shanti, and the Cows
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